Turning the Corner

Home & Heart is on the home stretch now. Yesterday, I machine sewed the binding.

And now only the hand-stitching is left. When I quit for the day yesterday, I'd turned the first corner, and I was only inches from turning the second.

This quilt is a kitty favorite. Many a cats-on-quilts picture has been taken of it.

See what I mean?

The only other thing accomplished in the sewing room yesterday was to make up the latest Tiny Tuesday block. My friend Sally has some unruly cats that squashed hers. The cats of the Three Cats Ranch know better.

They are ever-present in the sewing room these days though. When they aren't willing the house doors to open, they're willing the doors of the Clubhouse to open.

When I finished up in the sewing room, I needed to do a few things outside. While there, I noticed this hydrangea showing the first of its color.

Also, this echinacea is just beginning to show its petals.

The daylilies are ready to pop open.

This next one is our surprise calla lily. It's one Mike brought home from the grocery store. We planted it last year, and then I forgot all about it until its unfurling leaves began to poke their heads above the soil. It's been doing very well, and unless I'm mistaken, I think the first flowers are beginning to show themselves.

The lavender is in full bloom. We've already made our first batch of Bees Knees, and I expect this will be our weekend libation.

Also, the sage is blooming away. These flowers look so pretty added to a green salad.

Sadie was on the catio yesterday afternoon. The kitties have been boycotting the catio purrtesting in solidarity about their temporary indoor-only-kitty status.

This morning I went out to take a few pictures of things seen only in blur from yesterday's batch. As I passed by the dappled willow, I took this shot. It seems all tree and no trunk.

It's pinky-peachy tendrils keep getting longer and longer, and it's very pretty right now.

Really, I went out to get some better pictures of the apples on the apple tree. There are a surprising number of apples on the tree right now...I'm guessing about 30 on this spindly little thing.

Also, I tried unsuccessfully to get a better picture of the plums on the plum tree. The ones in the foreground are blurry, but if you look all around in the picture below, you'll see more. It's loaded with plums this year.

Sadly, we are planning to travel in September. If I know this plum tree, it will hold off ripening its plums until we are gone and miss them. It happens most years, and it always makes me sad because I have so many yummy things to make with these.

While I was out, I noticed both kitties on the catio. I think they've given up their purrtest.

Although me being out was kind of a cruel joke. They thought for sure I was going to open the door and set them free.

We're still waiting on Coyote Man. He texted he would be out to "pre-bait" this week, which sounds as if there won't be any traps until next week. Sigh. The wheels of progress sometimes turn impossibly slowly.

In other words of slow, I'm making progress on the latest stitch sampler. Yesterday I stitched a new-to-me stitch in the "open chain fill" stitch. It isn't difficult, but it made me feel as if I needed about four more hands to do it. 

When I'd made my way about halfway across the section you see here, I was starting to feel a little more coordinated. I've linked to a video here. Her method of tightening the stitch around the needle is a good tip.

It's going to be another easy-going day today. I thought I might go to the grocery store, but it looks like I can put it off until Friday. Procrastination is always a good idea when it comes to grocery shopping, if you want my opinion.

6 comments from clever and witty friends:


Ahh those poor kitties--can you take Smitty out on his lease each day for a walk??? I think coyote man is being too slow!!!
Your quilt is coming along very nicely and I bet those 'fur' children can't wait until it is finished so they can claim another soft sleeping mat!!!
your flowers and fruit trees are growing nicely--
luv, di

Teresa said...

Nice that you have a patio for the cats. I think they must enjoy getting outside. I followed your link to the embroidery stitch video and it was so interesting. Going to have to remember that site for stitch demos. I had not heard of the open chain stitch before.

Gretchen Weaver said...

Your embroidery is so nice, your stitches are wonderful! I try to NEVER go to the grocery store on Friday, too many people unless you go at 7 am. I never knew calla's were winter hardy. Happy Stitching!

piecefulwendy said...

I enjoy seeing what embroidery stitches you are working on. Note that I didn't say I'm doing them with you. I just don't do embroidery well, maybe because I don't do it enough - ha! Good to see the kitties on the catio; that has to help them a little? You have so many beautiful plants in your yard. It must be delightful to stroll through and see all of them!

Auntiepatch said...

Poor piddies - they look so sad!

quiltzyx said...

I'm glad to see the kitties out in the catio at last. I hope they realize that they were only torturing themselves by their purrtest.
The flowers & fruits are looking good! Nice apples! Could Erik & Mae pick the plums while you're gone & stick 'em in the fridge? I'm taking some vacation time in September too - my great-nephew Max is getting married, so I'm taking a bit over a week off. So looking forward to that!