Cardinal Reboot

Yesterday was spent redoing most of what I'd done the previous day. When I made my way into the sewing room, I had the pieces for the third section laid out ready for sewing, and so I started there. This is where I'd left it the day before.

Since I was now using different fabrics from when I laid it out, I switched out the ones I didn't like for the new mottled fabrics. The blues were all changed except the ones that were already sewn into half square triangles. That little bit of fabric will not offend mine eyes. Most of the reds were also switched out or rearranged, taking on different values than previously.

When it was sewn together, I had the topknot of the bird.

I was still on the fence about redoing the sections I'd done the previous day. When I laid it beside the old sections, it was obvious they weren't going to look good with the rest of the quilt.

Moving backward, I started with the section adjacent to the bird, and took it all apart. All but the darkest of blues were switched out.

When it was all sewn back together, it looked much better.

Then I sewed the two sections together...

And laid them next to the first section. It was mostly dark blue.

For that section, I only partially took it apart and switched out the easiest to reach lighter blues.

Then sewed it back together.

And then sewed the three sections together. Okay...now I was making some progress.

Moving back to the right of the bird, I laid out the pieces for the fourth section.

At this point, I thought it was time for dinner, but Mike was still outside limbing trees. The row of trees lining our driveway has grown so large that it's hard to get up the driveway (especially with the fifth wheel) without taking the paint off of things. He was on a roll with his limbing, and so I ended up spending more time sewing. I sewed the fourth section together...

And then sewed it to the rest. This is looking so much better to me now. I slept much better last night.

Speaking of sleeping...with cooler temperatures, the kitties are more inclined to stay inside. Sadie has claimed the back of the chair for her napping place.

Smitty has claimed the most comfy bed in the house atop the quilts-to-be-quilted pile. A while back I laid a free motion quilting practice piece over the pile to keep kitty furs from sticking to things. At some point I'll probably put a binding on it so that I can wash it. For now, Smitty is practicing for his lead role in The Prince and the Pea.

There's just a little housework to do today. (I've done no housework all week, so it's all good.) Mainly, I'll stick to my sewing. Now that I'm moving forward instead of backward, I'm hoping I'll get a good amount done by day's end.

11 comments from clever and witty friends:

works4me said...

It's looking great. So sorry you felt the need to pretty much start over but it appears to have been worth it.

If we can't find one of our kitties these days, we look at the bed. That lump is Dainty, all nice and toasty under the covers.


I agree with the kitties--warmth--is all one needs--( and a little catnip!!)
the Cardinal is looking really pretty and the do-overs are looking really good--good thing you figured out the problem before you got any further--
nice save--
enjoy, di

Tilly said...

Much better these fabrics,what a work to do it all over again.
Have fun. And the prince lies on his bed,clever kitty.

Sally Trude said...

Cardinal's are so spicy! May I suggest a cat-sized bite in the cardinal's forehead?



piecefulwendy said...

You are making great progress with your cardinal. I like the switch outs you made with the reds, they are much brighter now. You'll have this done in no time! I need to do a little cleaning today too. I can see dust on our bedroom floor, so it needs a little attention! Then I'm going to sew.

Debbie said...

Thumbs up on the re-dos! Now you can see the mosaic or pixels and know what is going on. What a difference a new mix makes.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

This is a fun project to watch come together! You have a good eye. =)

Kate said...

It's amazing the affect fabric can have on a project. Your changes all look great. And now that they are made, you can forge on ahead without debating the stay and go question. Have a great weekend.

kc said...

Oh, he looks awesome now! The lighter, brighter fabrics make him look backlit, as if he was in front of the spotlight. As he should be. And Prince looks good and regal atop his pile. It's getting cooler here too, was downright chilly last night!

quiltzyx said...

I agree, the new choices are making a big, interesting difference. Way to go!
I'm cat sitting this weekend, but haven't seen one of the cats yet. We had rain with lots of lightning & thunder last night, so they were in hiding. But Ries was laying on the clubhouse looking out the window when I got up this morning. And SOMEone had eaten most of the food after I went to bed, so all is well. Maybe I will see Possum later today, when I get home.

Brown Family said...

THat gives the sky so much more depth! My kitties are claiming their winter spots, too!