Jubilee Greens

When you read that title, you probably thought I was going to say something about kale, didn't you? So sorry to disappoint you. But here's an image if it makes you feel better.

No, I'm going to talk about yesterday's sewing room stint. But first, I know some of you are waiting on tenterhooks to know whether I set free the bird at the doctor's office yesterday. As I've mentioned to a few of you via our comments, she walked into the room and said, "What's new?" And I said, "Well, I lost 20 pounds." And she said, "Great!" And that's all there was to it. Pretty anti-climactic, huh? But in case you want to know what that would look like, here's a picture of me doing it without even thinking about it. It just comes so naturally for me.

When I left the doctor's office, I had homework to do, and that will require more appointments for routine stuff I didn't do before we left on our trip. Mainly, getting the big squash, which I should have done last September. And here's the thing: Don't we get different health news every time we open the newspaper? Or if you're like me, you open it via email, but whatever. Anyway...last I checked, we were only supposed to have to get the big squash every two years if risk factors were low. But when I checked with her yesterday, she said, "It depends on who you ask." So...whatever. Maybe I'll split the difference from here on out. And I had some other homework too, but you know...HIPAA regulations...not that it has any bearing here, but it makes me sound smart, doesn't it? Or maybe it just makes me sound like a smart aleck. You'll have to let me know.

It was late in the day by the time I got into the sewing room yesterday. As I mentioned, my next move is to get caught up on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I'm making this quilt I'm calling Rainbow Jubilee. The pattern calls it a Jubilee Lap Quilt, and it's from this book.

There are several great projects in this book, but this one seemed especially well suited to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. It's had me pawing through my scraps and finding old friends from the first quilts I ever made. Here's what I have so far.

Yesterday, I cut the strips for March's green blocks.

And then I moved on to June's teal strips.

Teal always makes me second guess myself. Is it blue? Is it green? Is it aquamarine? And I can never tell, but this is what I'm going with. Teal on the left, green on the right, in case I haven't made myself perfectly clear.

I'm hoping to get well along with this today. My goal is to get the colored blocks made, and at least get started on the black and white ones. I need 16 of those, but the strips are already cut, thank goodness.

From there it was time to get ready for our dinner guest. We had our neighbor over last night. He lost his wife of 63 years while we were on our trip. He seems to be doing very well, but some people are so stoic, it's hard to tell for sure. Anyway, it was good to see him. He wanted to see all the places we'd been on a map, and that led to lots of story-telling on both sides. Also, I took a picture of the Lemon Cheesecake Mousse, all dressed up, and ready for eating. I give it a little bit of whipped cream, a mint leaf and a couple of fresh blueberries.

So yummy. I'll link to the recipe again right here. It makes enough for eight, but I only make half the recipe. I sent our neighbor home with the fourth one...a little bonus for him. And that meant one and done for the two of us. It's the best kind of dessert...a teaser without temptation.

Today is going to be a terrible day for kitties. They're going to the vet en masse. I could have taken them one at a time, but why not get it over with? They both need vaccines of various kinds, and I suspect Smitty will be returning to have his teeth cleaned at some point. Mike is going with me just to make sure things don't get out of hand. After that, it's back to the sewing room for me. 

13 comments from clever and witty friends:

Barbara said...

My favorite color is jungle green. At least, that's what it said on the side of my favorite crayon in first grade. I don't know if it's an official color. ~ Mike Posner

CJ Smith said...

Thanks for posting the book info. I have been admiring your rainbow challenge every time you post a photo of it and was wondering where you found the pattern. I might sit down and have a chat with my best friend Mr. Amazon later today.

I have a similar lemon cheese pie recipe. I think it, just like your minis, is the epitome of a summer dessert. YUM!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I made my yearly appt and mamogram just before I read this blogpost.

Lyndsey said...

I really must make that dessert again, it's so yummy. Help taking kitties to the vet is always good. I need to take Scamp for his vaccinations and MOT but he actually likes the vet.

Sandra W said...

So it's check-up time for the hoomans and the kitties! It's amazing how cats don't like going to the vet. Our cat (deceased) used to jump into the sink in the examining room--he could smell the water (chlorine I suspect). He used to lose a lot of fur--the cat, not the vet.
The black and rainbow quilt looks good. I think I would have to buy the book if I decided to make it because I can't get my head around the right/left thing with the black and white stripes that you mentioned. Nice to have your neighbor over. Those things mean a lot to those who lose someone. Many times they feel abandoned. Friends have told me the invitations stop fast and furiously when you don't have a spouse in tow. Sad, really. I guess people feel uncomfortable. And he got a dessert to take home--especially nice. And one less for you to eat.

Quilting Tangent said...

Congratulations on losing 20 pounds, keep walking. ;)

piecefulwendy said...

I wasn't thinking of kale, but thanks for the picture anyway. Haha. Kale in pictures is fine; you know how I feel about it otherwise. The picture of you had me giggling, but you look just great! Hope the kitties do well at their vet visit. Yay for you on the weight loss! How nice to have your neighbor over, and make delightful eats and share good stories. I'm sure a good time was had by all.

Jayne Jacobson said...

I always enjoy your posts. Great picture and great job at loosing the extra 20 pounds. Keep on walking!

Charlotte M. said...

Another wonderful post. You are just the busiest woman I know. I have tried your spicy dill carrots. I don't really do canning, so I did the cold pack method. We will open them tonight to see how they turned out. I will let you know. I also printed out the recipe for the muesli toasting bread. It just cam out of the oven and I cannot wait to try that!!
With regard to mammograms, I had no risk factors at all, and get the big squash as you call it, every year. I still got breast cancer. I am 4 years past it now, but I just want to say, you never know. I am the first woman in my family to ever have this. Just something to think about. Off to sew.

Quilting Babcia said...

I would never think of kale right off, or perhaps ever, but that's the way it goes around here. I'm loving that rainbow strippy quilt you're building. Wish I could convince our quilt ministry group to get interested in strips and scraps. I hope everyone came out of the kitty/vet ordeal unscathed!

ckrut said...

Love your blog! I'm really bad about letting the bird fly also. Once I did it at a trivia night when I worked at a bank. I flipped off the loan officer right in front of the bank president without even thinking. Luckily everyone laughed. I'm glad your doctor was so thrilled that you lost those 20 pesky pounds. Sometimes it's just hard to tell how excited they are.

Kate said...

Hope you got in lots of stitching and finished your RSC blocks.

quiltzyx said...

No, I did NOT think of Kale when I read "Jubilee Greens". Maybe dollar bills would make a jubilee for me. Ha!
Great photo of you & Mae - bird or no bird!! :)