You Say Tomato

As it turns out, we've rescheduled our family dinner from Saturday to Sunday, and that meant I had more time than expected for sewing yesterday. Wasting no time, I got right to it. There was quite a bit accomplished, and in my wounded left paw state, it was good to have lots of help.

Sadie used this stool to launch herself over onto the table with the sewing machine.

From there she gave it a good going over.

Hey, I could stand right here and watch you work! Would that be helpful?

Smitty's just there for the catnip, Man. Mmm, mmm, mmm...catnip. My favorite!

My first task was to finish off the January and April blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Here are the blues from January.

Here are the yellows of April.

Just for grins, I laid them out in the pattern of the quilt. Of course, before this is finished, I'll have lots more colors in the mix.

And now I'm ready to link up at the party tomorrow.

From there...and for no other reason than it was lying on my work table, I decided to get to work on this quick little project. You might recall that I picked this up at the Quilter's Cottage in Fallbrook, California. The pattern and preprinted blocks are from the Olde America Antiques website. I encourage you to click on that link because there is a wealth of choices for pre-printed fabric quilt blocks. I selected this one.

The quilt blocks are pre-printed onto fabric, and the printing is of high quality. They're very sharp, and the colors are vibrant.

All you have to do it peel the fabric away from the paper backing, which was easy to do.

Then, you trim the block 1/4-inch from the edge of the printing.

When I had mine ready for sewing, I laid them out in this configuration.

When I quit for the day, I had them sashed with this green fabric. I forget when I purchased this green, but it's been in my stash for a long time.

When I finish it up, I'll be putting borders on using this tomato fabric. I love this fabric. It's been in my stash practically from when I first started quilting. I don't know why, but I purchased 3 yards of it, and I've already used it in one quilt. There's still a lot left. This fabric was just one reason I selected the tomato seed packet blocks.

So I'm hoping to get the top finished today. It's another reminder that it's way past time to get my tomato starts. I have a trip to the farmer's market planned with Erik and Mae on Saturday. I'm hoping to get some starts then.

Before I was ready to quit for the day, the Retired Resident Engineer (RRE) wandered into the sewing room, and saw this sitting on my sewing table. "Oh!" says he. "You have a Corvette pattern!"

Feeling magnanimous I said, "Would you like a Corvette mug rug?"

"Oh yes," says he.

So, I guess that's what's happening next. I think I downloaded this from Craftsy. Sher Hastings has quite a few cute designs listed for sale on Craftsy.

You'll notice it has the words, "Let's Go!" on the pattern. I have a different idea for what to do there. Stay tuned.

So, I'm hoping I'll have some time to sew today. We need to go into town and pick up some wine shipments the wineries were kind enough to hold for us while we were traveling, and we have a couple of other little errands to run too. Time's a wastin'. Better get going.

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I really got out of 'jail' today and another tenant and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch and then to Hobby Lobby--where I found the board I needed for a display background for my Stitcher's ABC's I have been doing--and it didn't cost me nearly what I thought it would--I also needed cotton yarn for baby sweaters I knit--6 skeins there and then they had their fabrics on for 30% off--so 5-6 of those came home with me--I was really surprised though when the clerk told me the total--like what did I buy that came up to that 'much'--I will learn to add things up as I go--(which I usually do--it's just I really didn't think I had put that much in my wagon!!!)
then we spent some time a Library--so no sewing for me today!!
Love how all your projects are coming along--and be sure to keep a good stock of catnip on hand by the sounds of things with the fur gang!!!
enjoy, di

Brown Family said...

I hope the wrist is feeling better. You are just whipping out the projects!

WoolenSails said...

The blue and yellow really look nice together.
Those are nice blocks, like how easy they are to put together and the tomato print is perfect.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the little tomato project, too cute! Helpful felines are a must. Perfect mug rug for Mike - at least he takes notice.

gpc said...

You were not kidding when you said there were lots of choices of those little preprinted blocks -- my mind is reeling. And of course what I needed most this morning was an idea of what projects to add to my queue.

Ivani said...

The Yellow and blue strips with black and white string blocks look fantastic, Barbara.

Katie said...

My Emma agrees with your Sadie about the best place to help... I love the tomato labels - I've never seen anything like those before. And the strip RSC blocks are fantastic! I love the way the brights are set off by the black and white. It's going to be a stunning quilt.

Cathy said...

That is going to be such a great RSC quilt. And I’m so glad the fur kids approve. Do you think they’ll come to associate it with catnip?

Rosemary Rivas said...

Do you have a link for Cher Hastings Designs? I tried to "Google" both Cher Hastings Designs and Craftsy with no luck.



Violet Withey said...

The first time I saw your Sadie, I wondered how you got a photo of my Gizmo. Sadly she has passed. I lost her four years ago. She was 14.

PaulaB quilts said...

That red tomato fabric is so luscious that it makes my mouth water. Electric tomatoes. Are they shockingly good?

Kate said...

I clicked on the link for those printed fabric panels and had to quickly back out. I could spend all day looking at those fun panels! You've gotten a great start on your fabric tomatoes. Have fun with your corvette project. I'll be curious to see what color car you create.

Olka said...

Hah! your cats are also helping you while you're sewing! I have the same at home haha! :) They have to take part in everything I make!
I really love your patchworks! It was a lot of to do with them, am I right?
I'm thinking about making patchwork squared blanket, but I still haven't found the fabrics I like.

Cathy said...

Now that's a wonderful string block variation. I'll have to keep it in mind since I'm always looking for different ways to use strings.

I'm off to visit the link where you got those tomato prints. Love 'em.

Cathy Tomm said...

Great blue and yellow string blocks. Cute tomato labels

Sally Trude said...

Molly loves the juxtaposition of a sewing machine called Ambition with a cat without any, supervised by a drug fiend (Smitty). I, on the other hand, favor your string blocks with the crazy amount of variation in the fabrics (even if it came at a cost!)

quiltzyx said...

Watch your 'nip intake Smitty! We wouldn't like to hear that you'd fallen off the table due to overindulgence.

The RSC is so happy looking! Be nice to yourself on your next round of stripping though, OK?

It is a cute little quilt, even if it does feature poisonous wolf peaches! Looking forward to seeing Mike's mug rug too.

scraphappy said...

The blue and yellow blocks look great together. Such a classic color combination. Fun design with the food fabrics. Such a nice way to put the printed fabrics to use.