Smitty, Mom's taking pictures of us again.

I know, Sadie. It happens whenever she doesn't have anything else to purrattle on about on her blog.

It's gotten so bad, a guy can't even enjoy his morning cup of pawffee.

I know, Smitty. That's just plain barbaric.

And, furrankly, nothing is sacred.

It's impawssible to even take care of your purrsonal hygiene without her snip-snapping away.

And she's just like Santa Paws. She knows when you've been sleeping.

She knows when you're awake.

You can even shield your face to purrtect your purrivacy, but it doesn't matter.

Yes, I know, Smitty. And then she posts this stuff online and shares our purrsonal infurmation with the whole world. 

And have you read that stuff about Cambridge Pawnalytica on Facebook? We should lodge a purrtest!

I even tried turning on my lasers...thinking I could scare her with my she-devil purrsona...but no dice.

And don't you hate it when she gets all up-close and purrsonal?

Do you mind? I haven't even had a chance to brush my teeth or comb my whiskers.

And have you noticed, Smitty? You can run, but you can't hide.

I know, Sadie. I wonder if it would help to join the Screen Actors Guild or something like that.

Pawssibly, we could at least get some compurrnsation for our screen time.

Because, to tell you the truth, I'm just here for the kitty treats. I didn't sign up for the rest of this invasion into my purrivacy.

I think there's only one thing we can do about this, Sadie. Just turn tail and walk away.

Let's put an end to this.

15 comments from clever and witty friends:

works4me said...


Danette Stankovich said...

Your kitties are so purrfect to put up with this!

liniecat said...

Priceless lolol


Ahhh-how sweet--I needed some sweetness just now-so thanks--
I love Sadie in that bee quilt--those are near to perfect photos--
enjoy, di

Quilting Babcia said...

Ah, coffee drinking kitties, they would probably be more amenable to this invasion of their purrivacy if you served Irish cream lattes.

crazy quilter said...

Oh kitties I love seeing your pictures. No protesting allowed. How is that kitty next door? Still there?

Kate said...

The Smitty doth protest too much, methinks.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, sweet furs - it's because we all love keeping up to date on you.

Tilly said...

O dear kitties, what an invasion of viewers into your purrivacy.
They deserve a treat.

piecefulwendy said...

A purrfect post! Thank you for the fun, Sadie and Smitty!

VickiT said...

Too funny! Thanks for the laugh.
Cats are funny. At least it appears yours behave fairly well, unless you aren't giving up any naughty secrets.

This morning I got up and left my sewing room and almost stepped on my cats latest 'catch'. No! It was not a mouse or anything one would think is normal for a cat to catch. There I found in the middle of the hallway was the brand new box (never opened) of coconut extract. It had little kitty teeth marks all over it. I still say our cat was dropped on her head before we spent WAY too much for her. LOL

Brown Family said...

Smitty, We feel for you! Our Mom is always catching us with her camera! We like your closing photos! It says it all!

Angel, Kirby and Max

Val Spiers said...

I just love getting my kitty fix at your blog.

kc said...

ROF!! especially the lasers and the end(s)!!!

quiltzyx said...

Oh my! My sides are aching....