Leisurely Day

We relaxed most of the day yesterday. I spent the morning finishing up the fifth block for the Snow Globes quilt. These are so pretty.

And now...yay! I get to start on my new project. This one is by Bird Brain Designs, called "Friendship's Garden." You might recall that I tried to start on this last week and then realized my background fabric was unacceptably busy. This new fabric I picked up here in Beaumont is working a lot better.

It's fairly densely stitched, but it's traced and hooped up and ready for stitching now. I'm starting in the southeast corner where there will be lots of color.

These are my floss colors. The thing about embroidery is that scrap and extra skeins of floss accumulate in the same way fabric scraps do.

This project could have been worked all in redwork, but the colorful version is pretty straight-forward. Not much gradation of colors. It's either the color it is or some other color..."blue" and "dark blue" being the two exceptions.

With that in mind, I didn't pay any attention to the numbers of the colors...I'm just using the colors I had in my stash of floss.

That was pretty much the only productive thing I did yesterday, although I did get through two loads of laundry. Mike really wanted to spend some time at the pool.

I'm not quite ready to get in the pool yet. The bite on my hand is looking pretty good at this point, but I was afraid immersing it in the pool would soak off the scab and allow bacteria into the healing wound. I'll wait a couple of days. Mike enjoyed a dip in the comfortably warm water, however.

Walking back, we spied this guy. He was doing some push-ups there. Maybe he was trying to buff up for the ladies. Or maybe he is a lady, I can't really tell. Can you?

We've found a vegetable stand down the road a ways where we're told there are avocados to be had. Yahoo! So we're off to do that and we'll stop off at a quilt shop along the way. Should be a nice outing.

5 comments from clever and witty friends:


I believe your decision to not go in the pool just yet is a very good--soon you will be all healed up and then you can go in the pool and have some fun!!
Do love that last snowglobe and will be waiting to see how your garden stitchery comes along--and now I will be waiting to see how your trip to a quilt shop went--!!
Did you see that I got to visit 2 quilts over on the west coast of FL last week end--the second one had 20,000 bolts of fabric by their ad!! and I believe it!!
enjoy, di

Quilting Tangent said...

You have to do colors with all those flowers.

quiltzyx said...

I want to know who gets to name colors anyway? Like car colors for example. Seems like there a half-a-zillion whites and blacks, at least in the GM line. My HHR is "Daytona Blue Metallic". I think all those flowers are begging to be different colors and not just redwork. :)

I can understand your not wanting to chance germs getting into your hand wound. Hopefully you will be healed up & can have your chance to do a bit of splashing around in the pool.

Hope the veggie stand had some ready-to-eat avocados for you! Sometimes I like to have a 1/2 avocado with tuna salad on top. Mmmmmm.

piecefulwendy said...

Lounging by the pool, some stitching, a quilt shop, and maybe guacamole? Who can argue with that? Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Brown Family said...

It sounds like a great day. Interesting new friend or neighbor.