An Outing and a Quilt Shop

We had a nice and leisurely day yesterday. Mike found a roadside stand that looked pretty promising for scoring some avocados, and so we took off in the morning to find it. Honestly, I don't think the kitties even want us here disturbing their morning naps. Sadie was purring loudly when we left.

We drove south to Fallbrook. When we got off the freeway, we could see avocado trees growing on the hillside across the intersection, and we knew we were in the right place.

This stand is open year-round, we think, and 7 days per week. I expect we'll be back here again before we head home for Oregon.

Here's how it looks from the outside.

Inside...be still my beating heart. They had both Hass and Pinkerton, which was a variety unfamiliar to us. After talking with the storekeeper about it, we decided to give them a try. They were bagged up in both ripe and unripe packages, and so we got one of each. Also, we picked up some tangerines and some red grapefruit. Our diet menu is set up to accommodate all of it over the next few days. Yum.

After that, I wanted to find this quilt shop. I read the Temecula Quilt Co. blog, and I've participated in some of her challenges, and so it was fun to see her shop.

Here's how it looks from the outside.

Walking through the front door, it looks like this.

I'll tell you what...that bed looked so cozy, I considered flopping down for a nap right then and there. And look at this quilt at the end of the bed. Do you see the cat in the middle? Well...let's just say I knew I was going to like it here.

This is a shop for traditional quilters.

The walls were adorned with traditional quilts, and there were traditional quilt patterns for sale.

The fabrics were small scale traditional and civil war style prints.

It's not a large store, but the fabric was beautifully displayed and of high quality.

There was much to like here.

I met the proprietor, Sheryl, who was soft-spoken and friendly. Sheryl must be the queen of the mini block, and her quilts were on display here. Absolutely amazing. I actually brought Mike inside to show him.

There were plenty of small quilts on display, but the ones above and below were full sized quilts made from itsy-bitsy blocks. Wow. Fantastic precision work here.

Look at these tiny hexies and hand quilting.

And I loved this signboard behind the cash register. She had a some wooden yardsticks labeled with the name of the store.

And I knew you'd want to see this little featherweight.

So I ended up with a yard of this one...it kind of reminded me of woven Navajo rugs. Could be a pretty binding.

For my regional print, I picked up this one. It was so representative of this particular shop. The scale there is about nickel-sized hexies. This one came in two colors.

Also, I've had a yen to improve on my accuracy and make some quilts from itty bitty blocks, and so I picked up her "Mini a Month" postcard collection. Each postcard has a quilt pattern on the back, and most of them make up to be a quilt about 12 inches square.

This is the postcard for March. I might actually break out the sewing machine and work with some of the scraps I have to make up a mini before we head for home. It's been a hassle machine sewing in the RV because I have so little space. This might be something I could tackle. Besides, the Irish Chain is one of my favorite traditional patterns.

Also...when in Rome...she had about a half dozen of these little booklets with mini quilt patterns and doll quilt patterns. I settled on this one for inspiration.

So, thank you, Sheryl. I really enjoyed meeting you and seeing your shop. For the rest of you, do stop in if you find yourself in Temecula.

After that, we had some lunch at Great Harvest Bread Company in Temecula. This picture was hanging on the wall.

Who sees a quilt there?

Today Mike's sister is coming over from Fullerton. She always comes over when we're in town. We'll have lunch here in the RV and then we'll probably eat dinner at a new Mexican place that's appeared down the street since our last visit. It has some pretty good reviews, so what the heck?

8 comments from clever and witty friends:

Synthia said...

I had the good fortune to visit Temecula Quilt Co. a few years ago when we were wintering in Palm Springs. I wanted everything I saw in the shop! It's fantastic. :-) She has a good blog and a very responsive mail order service. I love the little boxes she sells made out of her yard sticks. Cute and handy. The fabrics you chose from TQC are great. Stirs my quilting juices!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I am so jealous! I love TQC and do alot of their QALs and Summer Series. I'm surprised you didn't pick up one of her little ruler boxes, but the mini postcard patterns are very sweet.

QuiltShopGal said...

What a purrfect day. I'll definitely check out that produce stand, the next time I'm in Fallbrook. Glad you found some fresh avocados and were able to visit Temecula Quilt Company. Did you make it to Quilter's Cottage when you were in Fallbrook?


Well-here is a funny story for you--as you are showing us the photos of the shop I am 'shopping' by picking out some I would like to purchase--and then you actually bought one of 'mine'!! the hexie one!! I too follow that site and have done quilts from them--and now am trying to build up my collection of civil war prints--I am finding border prints hard to find though!!
and Sadie does look sooo comfy in that quilt!!
enjoy, di

Brown Family said...

I love her mini quilts. I think your newest kitty quilt is her patterns.

piecefulwendy said...

I've followed the Temecula blog for quite awhile. Although I'm currently in a bright modern-ish quilting mode, my home and my first love were traditional. Her little quilts are so lovely. I think I want those postcards! And the avocados - yum! I'm curious how the Pinkerton is different from the Hass. Sadie looks so sweet in that photo!

quiltzyx said...

You had some nice places to shop - the fruit stand AND TMC! I had to go & look at their ruler boxes - I think I would have had to buy one of those I if saw them. So many tiny little pieces in those quilts, my fingers feel HUGE just looking at them!! lol

Sarah said...

What a FABULOUS hexie fabric!!! Haven’t seen that one around me yet. Could you tell me the selvage info, please? TIA