On the Trail with a Tail and a Half

Well, my furriends, it's the blog post you've been waiting for. I had to wait fur my mom to set the computer up fur me. Cats do not have thumbs. Furtunately, thumbs are not a purrequisite for typing.

So here's what happened. Furrst, my mom and dad put us in kitty purrgatory in the form of these here boxes just on the other side of the gates of hell. They tried to soften the blow with quilts, but it didn't help. Not one little bit.

I told my furriend, Sadie, "Sadie, let's purr we're in a furtune cookie factory. We could send out one of those messages inside a cookie that says, 'Help! We're being held purrisoner in a furtune cookie factory!" Yeah, if only it were that simple. When they furrnally let us out of those infurrnal contraptions. Whoa.

Whoa, Smitty! Where are we?

I don't know, Sadie, but I think it's safe to say we're not in Kansas any more.

Wait a minute, Smitty...let me see. Whooooooaaaaaa...

You have more expurrience in these situations. What should we do, Smitty?

I don't know, Sadie. Let me sit here on this chair fur just a minute and think.

Or maybe I can see things more clearly from this table.

Okay, Smitty, but while you're figuring it out, I'm just gonna slip into this hidey hole at the end of the bed. Let me know when you've worked out a strategy.

Okay, well, I do my best thinking on a quilt. This one should do.

Hm...nothing's coming to me. I might need to turn on my lasers in order to furmulate any conclusions about this purrplexing purrsition in which we find ourselves.

Or, maybe I just need a bigger quilt. Yes, this should do nicely. Thank goodness they brought some quilts.

Okay, well, here's the thing, Sadie. Furst things furst. We need to know where the potty box is, and I found in in here.

Oh, let me see, Smitty. Let's just look it over. 

This is my area of expurrtise, so just let me purrform a complete inspection. It seems to be sturdily constructed.

As with all things, the purroof is in the pudding.

By that, I mean, the pudding of something in the box to see if it leaks.

It's okay, Smitty. It seems to be functioning purrfectly.

Oh, and lookie here. I found where they store the kitty treats! 

Look over here, Sadie. I found the closet!

Oh, wow. This requires my purrsonal inspection.

Hey, Smitty. Did you ever notice how our dad's wardrobe consists of 50 shades of gray, but our mom's is red hot! Weird, huh?

And here's something else, Smitty. It's our launch pad! We can go charging through here at 4:30 a.m. and launch ourselves off this ledge. That oughta wake 'em up.

Thankfully, they've installed a ballet barre. I can purractice my plies here.

And there are plenty of quilts for excellent napping.

Yes, Sadie, and thank goodness they brought their laps along. A quilt without a lap is not worth much.

And leashes, because a cat's gotta get outside and clear the area of squirrels, bunnies, and chipmunks.

Purrsonally, I purrfur clearing away the birds.

Wait, did someone mention birds? I see some out there right now.

Well, I think we have our work cut out for us, Sadie. It's time to get down to cat business...smelling the air for woofies,

ridding the area of kitty treats,

and our ongoing punctuating of the area with cat fuzz. Here, notice our excellent demonstration of kitty purrentheses.

Sometimes, though, all you need in the way of punctuation is a purriod. With that in mind, let me say this:

The End.

23 comments from clever and witty friends:

works4me said...

Purrfect post, kitties. It's good to see you seem to be adapting.
And thanks, Barbara, for setting up the compurrter for your little buddies.

I didn't realize what a big boy Smitty is until seeing the pic of the two felines together. Or is Sadie small? Or a combination of both? Either way, Smitty is a handsome devil and Sadie is adorable.

Quilting Tangent said...

I'm sure the cats enjoy checking out the campground and hanging out in their screened porch.

CJ Smith said...

Smitty, you are purrsatively eloquent! You and Sadie have a wonderful time!

LeShawn said...

It looks like they are thoroughly exploring every inch of the camper. So cute are those kitties. Happy Camping and quilting.

Lyndsey said...

Smitty what a purrfect post and a great tour of your home from home. It looks like your mom packed enough quilts to keep you both cosy whilst you're away.

allthingzsewn said...

It seems everyone is staying busy, and adjusting just fine. You all have a great time in your beautiful traveling home.

Ioleen said...

Super cute post!!!! I didn't know that kitties would be such great typist. Love the post thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

Thanks for a great tour of the new camper. Hope both Smitty and Sadie have gotten in your fair share of walks and naps.

claudia said...

Kitties, You both seem to be having the time of your nine lives!

WoolenSails said...

I can see the kitties love the new trailer, lots of space for their things and to explore.


Dana Gaffney said...

I hope you didn't find any woofies, I worry about Sadie's reaction to wolves in the wild.

piecefulwendy said...

It looks like the two are adapting pretty well! Has Sadie decided her harness is okay now? The only time my cat goes in the carrier is when he's off to the vet; needless to say, he hates it. Great post! Enjoy your day!

Kathe Gardner said...

WOW!! Couldn't stop laughing - thanks for the update while your 'people' are entertaining themselves.

SkiWheel said...

What a purrfectly lovely tail of two tails on the trail!! 😊😊😊🐱🐺

Lori said...

HAHAHAHA this was a great post. You are a fun story teller. Hope you all had a great time in the out of doors.
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Nita said...

Nice to hear from the kitties...and woah! Is that the inside of your camper? It's huge! :)

Sally Trude said...

Dear Smutty,

I think you should save naughty photos for text messages.



Brown Family said...

Smitty, you are very good at this blog thing!. You covered all the important things and shared with Sadie!WE always enjoy your posts.

Angel, Kirby and Max

suzanprincess said...

I am in love with Smitty and Sadie! Their Mom is pretty special, too.

Cathy said...

Wow! You guys are good camping cats and bloggers. My sister Darla and I prefer the indoors to the outdoors. And I like to wake my mom at 6am instead of 4:30. Cat's purrogative, you know. Best, Alfalfa.

quiltzyx said...

Hi Sadie & Smitty!
Thanks for the terrific tour of the new campurr. You did it with just the right touch of hummmmorr!

ckrut said...

Love the adventures of Smitty and his sidekick Sadie!

Dar said...

Such a good post from the kitties. They seemed to cover just about every nook and cranny in their new traveling home nicely. They are so well spoken too. Nice job. Looking forward to future travelogues from the "Smitty and Sadie the Touring Felines".