Much Sewing

It was a day at home yesterday, and I was able to get quite a bit done in the sewing room. This first piece wasn't a part of the day's plan. 

Remember when I was practicing to quilt Stars and Stripes? Those practice pieces didn't turn out half bad, and I've had this one sitting in a chair where Smitty likes to nap. It keeps the fuzz off the chair, dontcha know. Today I decided I would finish the quilting in the upper right-hand corner and then bind it. So, I did the quilting, and then I was going to put it aside in the quilts-to-finish pile. Only then, I decided to look in my leftover binding strips scrap bag, and I pulled out enough leftover binding strips to make a binding. Only then, I decided I might as well sew those strips together. And then, I decided I might as well sew those on...and that's how an idea turns into a quilt. So, now I just have the hand-stitching to do, and I'll have a little kitty bed.

With that done, I cut the one dozen 3-1/2 inch squares I needed for the latest clue in the Welcome Home small quilt mystery challenge. That was simple enough.

After that, I was ready to make Block 18 for the Solstice Challenge. This week's block is called "On the Go." Now, take a look at this block. Here I am at Block 18, and this quilt started bugging me long ago. What is it with all the half square triangles? Every single block has been unnecessarily loaded with half square triangles, and I'm way more than worn out on them.

Besides, I had this rather large scale Easter print I wanted to use, and that just wasn't going to work at all. I decided to make my block using flying geese and square-in-a-square blocks, and that made a whole lot more sense to me. So here's my block to celebrate Easter.

I'm too far along with this quilt to quit now, and so I'll finish it. I like the fact that my blocks have all represented things that happened during the week. It seems there's always something to celebrate if one looks hard enough. Nevertheless, I'm going to be very happy when all the blocks have been released and the challenge is over.

Moving on, it was time to sew the rickrack to the gray strips for the Mommy & Me quilt. I'll admit I had my doubts about using rickrack on a baby quilt. It only made sense if both edges were sewn down, and that's what I decided to do. Also, I want to point out that the rickrack color was labeled as "aqua." So, there you have it.

It's a little more on the green side than blue. Just don't stray too far or you'll be into "mint" territory.
My stitch choices were blanket stitch or straight stitch. I decided to use a straight stitch. It was pinned every inch or so, and then stitched down both sides. There are two width-of-fabric strips, and this took much longer than anticipated. Still, I'm happy with the result.

The pattern specified 2 1/2 yards of rickrack, and I used all but about four inches.

Smitty was helpfully holding down the fabric while I sewed the rickrack.

Sadie was practicing for her upcoming audition to become a Lipizzan Stallion. She wants to move to Vienna and tour the world with her horsey friends.

I think she's got that high step mastered, don't you?

Today is my monthly pedicure day and I need to pick up some more peanuts and suet for the birds. Aside from that, it'll be a sewing day. Hopefully the fabric I have on order for the elephant applique will be suitable, and I can finish sewing together the Mommy & Me quilt top. Also, I'll spend some time sewing on the binding for the little kitty bed, and make some more progress on the hand quilting. It's still gray and gloomy outside, but we're expecting sunshine tomorrow. Yay!

13 comments from clever and witty friends:

Julierose said...

So on that "Aqua"/Turquoise/teal etc" thingey--my hubby, when he was in the Army Band, said they wore what was termed "Aqua Blue" scarfs when on parade...We had quite a conversation about this (heh heh) during cocktail hour--so it stayed very reasonable. {He cannot tell blue from green anyway, as I well know ;000} . Anyway just thought I'd throw that into your
color-mix-masher...lol hugs, Julierose

Ray and Jeanne said...

You did get lots done! I love when an idea turns into a quilt. Too many times I stop somewhere along the line and the idea ends up in a to-finish pile. I've never used rick-rack on a baby quilt but I might try it after seeing you sew it on both sides. Hope you sun shines today! ~Jeanne

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Everything I make is a special kitty quilt. Sadie, those are big horsies - you might want to reconsider. Maybe use a dark thread to help with the elephant applique to stand out? I have a baby quilt ready to go under the machine for some quilting.

gpc said...

I am SO far behind on the solstice blocks -- 7 or 8 weeks in arrears, I think. I am also kind of done with the unnecessary triangles and also with the different sizes; I guess I am too new and boring a sewer to want to try to make a quilt where every freaking thing is different and it's been worthwhile to learn that about myself, I guess. Sadie is a high stepper for sure, and seeing how far she's come nothing would surprise me! I'd buy tickets, for sure.

Junebug613 said...

Sometimes those unplanned, tangent projects are a nice break from your itinerary. Love the Smitty boy and Miss Sadie is such a beauty! I'm reading in reverse again, to see what I've missed. I really need to get back to reading at least once a week. Some kind of schedule might be a nice change in my life!

Quilting Babcia said...

Every kitty deserves at least one quilty bed in each chair or sofa in the house, don't you thonk? That's what became of most of my fmq sampler pieces too. Sadie has big plans for her future! That was a perfect shot of her.

WoolenSails said...

Love how that rick rack looks, can't wait to see how it looks together.


Wendy Tuma said...

Well, you know my feelings about the Solstice. Hehe. Smitty has a lovely bed, and Sadie is getting that high steppin' down pretty well! Can't wait to see the elephant quilt and the aqua/whatever color. I have a piece of fabric for a baby quilt that I thought was going to be turquoise but I think is more mint green. It was difficult to tell the actual color when I ordered it online. Uffda.

Brown Family said...

That is a nice kitty bed. And an easy finish since they were already using it! Nice colors for the Welcome home challenge! I did not get involved in that one! I like what you did with the Easter fabrics. It shows off the fabric and reduces a lot of bias seams! The large rick rack is fun on the baby quilt. I have used it before and it is a pain to sew down.

Smitty, are you pressing wrinkles in or out of the fabric? Mine press them in!

Sadie, that is a very nice high step prance!

Dar said...

I like the look of that large rick rack. You did the wise thing to stitch down both sides. I think your Momma and Me quit will turn out so cute. Sadie is so pretty regardless of whether she makes it in with the horses or not. It almost looks like she is reaching for something with her left paw instead of stepping into thin air. It's darn cute whichever it is.:)

Lyndsey said...

Love the big rick rack and stitching both sides makes it much safer for a baby. Hope the rest of your fabric arrives soon. Oophs it probably already has. I keep forgetting I'm playing catch up with my reading.

quiltzyx said...

The jumbo rick-rack looks great. I wouldn't have the patience to stitch it on both sides. Would've just gone straight down the center.

Sadie definitely has the Lipizzaner high-step down for sure!

Lynette said...

:D (Sadie) - That's huge rick-rack! I would sew both sides, too. Did you use the regular foot, or free-motion work it? And great work on the block - I don't like it when good fabric spots are split all up like that, either.