Color Calamity

There was no sewing yesterday. I plum wore myself out running around. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, there were five planned stops, and then I added one more unplanned stop at Joann's. It was the only fabric store close to where my travels would take me. Add to that the fact that I had to resist killing a woman at the post office (long story), and it made for one tiring day. When I got home, I took a long nap. Okay, so here's my sad tale...or if you're a cat (Molly), it's a sad tail.

Just now I tracked the fabric I'm expecting for the elephant applique on the Mommy & Me quilt,

and it's expected to arrive tomorrow. Since purchasing it, I've had second thoughts about how well it will work because of the light background fabric. So, anyway...you know how impatient quilters are...and so I stopped off at Joann. I'd really love to find something floral like the one in the picture, but so far, no dice. Nevertheless, I did find something I liked at Joann, but I'm looking for "aqua." And here's my gripe about aqua again...what the heck does it look like? And I looked at the end of the bolt and the color was described as "turquoise". Oh, sh*t. Because you know my mantra about aqua, to-wit: Is it blue? Is it green? Is it aquamarine? Only now, I had to add a whole new question, which doesn't work at all with my rhyme...Could it possibly be turquoise?

Well. No stranger to the modern age...I said to my phone, "Hey, Siri, are turquoise and aqua the same thing?" Then I looked around to see if anybody had seen me talking to myself. And Siri helpfully shouted out her answer. I nearly dropped the phone trying to turn down the volume. Her answers were actually no help whatsoever. Take a look (to use Siri's words):

And I don't know about you, but that didn't help me at all. So then there was this:

Oh boy...more color names to muddy the waters. And then there was this nauseatingly long diatribe at DifferenceBetween.net.

Well, that gave me a bad case of the cough syrup syndrome, which is a disease Mike and I made up. Have you ever walked into a pharmacy for some cough syrup? There are so many kinds! Plain cough syrup in 15 different brands. Cough syrup with decongestant in another 15 different brands. Cough syrups with expectorants in another dozen brands. Cough syrups with decongestants AND expectorants in twenty brands. Throat lozenges and cough drops. What's a coughing person to do? I'll tell you what we do. We usually leave without buying anything. We can't make up our minds.

And that's what happened to me yesterday at Joann. I got so confused and overwhelmed by my choices of "aqua" and my attempt to distinguish it from "turquoise" that I left without buying anything. Thus, the need for a two-hour nap yesterday afternoon. Actually, the nap probably had something to do with sleeping in the same room with two cats, but I can't bear to lock them out.

Speaking of cats, we had a lot of excitement here at the Three Cats Ranch yesterday. Fresh off my nap, I risked life and limb getting a harness on Sadie and voila! The cat got to go outside. Does she look excited or what?

It's kind of important to us that she learn to be on a leash because when we're traveling, we try to get the kitties outside for some exercise and to combat the boredom of living in a small space. It will be especially important when we're traveling in the camper.

She did surprisingly well. She stuck out her tongue at Mike who was holding the leash, but mostly, she stayed respectful and avoided using bad language.

Smitty was trying not to be noticed by the humans. 

Whoa. Bummer, Sadie. I'm just going to stroll on by and hope nobody sees me because I hate wearing a harness.

She kept trying to leap over and under things, which didn't work out well for her. Eventually, she settled into the limits of her current life situation.

So, we'll keep working on this. It would be nice if the weather would be a little more cooperative. We had periods of sunshine yesterday. Today we're back to our typical Oregon gloom.

Remember my bread from yesterday? Look how pretty that is inside.

It makes a great breakfast bread. There is a full cup of walnuts and half a cup of dried cranberries in it, and no added sugar or fat. It's surprisingly filling. It's a little like eating coffee cake, only without the sin. Today I'm going to bake another loaf of sandwich bread. Mike and I both really like the sandwich bread, and we've actually made sandwiches from it. I think it's a keeper.

I'll get back to my sewing today. There is a new Solstice block out, and there are a few little blocks to make for the Welcome Home small quilt mystery. Then, I'll get busy putting the jumbo rickrack on the Mommy & Me quilt. Finally, there's always hand quilting to do on Mumm's the Word. I've made a little progress, but there are still miles to go before it's finished.

Mike is down to single digits today. Nine days to go.

11 comments from clever and witty friends:

Denise :) said...

Whoop, whoop on 9 days!!! Aqua and turquoise have always confused me. Ugh. A two-hour nap with cats sounds good to me! Joc just purchased a harness/leash for Evey. She's a runner. And with a newborn, mama can't afford to not keep baby girl in check. Sadie did a lot better with hers. ;)

Sally Trude said...

Oh dear Sadie. I am so sorry to see you degraded in such a sad, humiliating way. I would never let someone put a harness on me and lead me around.



claudia said...

Oh my! Only nine days left until absolute freedom?!? Hooray!
I've been working on my procrastination skills. I have to say I am acing them! I wish I could get over this funk. There's been a few changes going on here and I am NOT good with change! I need to clear off a shelving unit so I can move it and put a cupboard in it's place, so I have more room for my odds and ends of the sewing type. Maybe then I can really get on my sewing!
I have been working on one of my online sew alongs, but the other has gone by the wayside for a minute. Not forgotten all together which is a big deal with me. I will get back on it as soon as I get the first project done.
Look at me going on and on again...sorry!

WoolenSails said...

I know that feeling, so many choices that I just get confused.
Great that you can leash train her and she did so well.


Quilting Babcia said...

Aww,you should have just gone to Boersmas and the perfect fabric would have been right there staring at you! How I wish they were in Olean. Sadie will get the hang of things, she's going to love being able to go outside again.

Brown Family said...

Sadie, we feel for you! We do not like a harness either. at least it looks like you were able to stand up in yours. all we can do is crouch and drag our bellies on the ground!

The bread does look good. I understand the frustration of color. Helping a friend sort her fabric by color, I just held up pieces and ask her "what color is this", because I was always wrong!

Dana Gaffney said...

I've always thought of aqua as a light turquoise, but this whole thing is the reason I dye so much of my own fabric, without a quilt store it's so hard to find the right shade, as for a print it's almost impossible and computer monitors lie. Don't even bring teal into it, which in my mind is turquoise that went to the green side.

Wendy Tuma said...

Oh my gosh, glad I wasn't slurping coffee when I read your Siri experience. Hahaha. The whole aqua thing is so frustrating. I'm pretty convinced each person sees it differently. I need to match things pretty well or it drives me nuts. Sadie seems to have done pretty well. We have a harness for Max (not like yours); I had him out on the deck with it one day, looked down and the little houdini and squirmed out of it and was walking off! Your harness looks a bit tougher to wriggle out of. That bread looks absolutely yummy! And I just realized that you will be celebrating Mike's retirement while we are gone on our trip -- I'll be watching for your post!

Quilter said...

Love reading your blog each morning and all the Happenings where you
live... Quick question - where would I find the recipe for the
sandwich bread?? On line or in a book - see it comes out good
and you can even make sandwiches with it.. plus looks pretty
easy to make... In no hurry so just respond when you have time..
Great job on all of your quilting adventures - you do really nice work..
Thanks for any help.

ckrut said...

I've had your cough syrup syndrome. Walked out with just a bag of Ludens cough drops which are basically just cherry candy. Good luck with your aqua/turquoise/aquamarine saga, and happy 9 days and counting down!

quiltzyx said...

I always think of aqua as a pastel turquoise. You may have already moved on from this conundrum, but that's my 2 cents worth.

Good girl Sadie, learning to walk with the the harness! I tried zzyzx with one once. First she laid flat down & wouldn't move, then she FLEW around at the end of the leash like an I-don't-know-what!