Barn Again

You thought I was kidding with the "Barn Again" title, didn't you? Actually, I did work on the barn again, and all the pieces are in place now.

Did you notice the cat? Every barn needs a cat, right?

So the next task will be to stitch down all the pieces. Keep your fingers crossed for me, because I may have shot myself in the foot by using spray baste rather than fusing them down. It occurs to me that this is a good use for the lightweight Invisafil set I acquired recently via Massdrop. If you've been following along, you know I've been experimenting with different threads recently. The Massdrop sets are a bargain for someone who's wanting to try something new. These are 100 weight polyester threads.

Some of the barn pieces are tiny, and so I'm going to want to use a 60/8 microtex needle and fine thread to keep them from fraying as I stitch around the edges. The set I purchased comes with many colors to choose from.

The barn is trimmed now and basted to a batting. I'll stitch down the pieces and then add the details before giving it a quilt back and quilting it. There is still much to do, but I have another free day today. I'm hoping to get well along.

Also, I finished quilting the background of the Poinsettia Sampler yesterday. There were four sections left. In one section, I was trying to copy Lori Kennedy's "Happy Flowers" motif, which didn't work out at all. I ended up doing a motif of my own creation. If I've learned anything from these samplers it is that free motion quilting is very forgiving. As long as you have your tension adjusted correctly, you can pretty much do what you want. Trying to copy without success? No problem. Just do whatever you're doing and it'll be fine.

In another section, I did what our Sit Down FMQ group called "tucking in the baby". These wedge shapes are hard to gauge when it comes to the sizes of things, and so I added that "string of pearls" in the middle.

The next design was my adaptation of what Leah Day calls "Star Flower Flow". Again, the wedge shapes made it difficult to do just the way Leah Day did it, but it works.

Finally, this divided loop de loop thing.

Here's how the piece is looking so far.

The barn is my top priority today, but I'm still hoping I'll have time to work on this some more. I'll be switching back to the white thread now and stitching two wavy borders around the outside edges. Inside the two lines, I'll fill in with holly leaves and berries. When that's finished, it'll be ready for binding. Kind of a fun little project.

As I'm writing this, the loaf of Crusty Cranberry Walnut Bread is in the oven. It's a little scary to bake. When I got up this morning, I pretty much doused it in flour and then enfolded it in a tea towel for a second rise. After about two hours, I was supposed to heat the oven and the Dutch oven to 475°F...so HOT! When the oven was ready, I was supposed to use the towel to "flip" the bread dough into the hot Dutch oven. Since I was trying mightily not to burn myself in the process, I managed to throw flour all over the room. Nevertheless, the bread is in the oven now. Possibly all the flour has had a chance to settle while I've been writing to you. Between vanilla and flour, there's never a dull moment in my kitchen, nor a clean moment either. Perhaps I need a sous chef...or a housekeeper. As if.

10 comments from clever and witty friends:

Charlotte M. said...

Well messy or not, I bet that bread will be delicious. Love the cat by the barn.

Quilting Babcia said...

A messy kitchen is the best kitchen - my motto and I'm sticking to it. Have you tried the new 80 wt. Aurifil applique thread, super fine and might be just the ticket for the tiny applique pieces you seem to work with a lot? I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but hope to sometime soon.

Sher S. said...

I have a recipe for Cranberry Orange bread that used fresh cranberries that get chopped up and added to the bread dough. It's really quite tasty. Let me know if you'd like it.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Of course a barn needs a cat! Hope things went well. I would make a messy cook - can smell the bread on the other coast.

claudia said...

So why should your kitchen be less messy than everyone elses??? Be sure and let us know how it tastes!
Yes, a barn definitely needs a cat. So cute!!! I am excited to see how this progresses.
Love love love the poinsettia so far!

quiltzyx said...

I was going to ask, about the Barn Quilt, when you mentioned that you hadn't fused them, if you were going to do the tulle overlay on it, like the Happy Village quilt. Too late now I suspect! And the cat is perfect-o. :)
Your sampler is FABOOLOUS! You are a wonderful doodler.

WoolenSails said...

Love those colors and fabric prints. I have been collecting some batiks and specialty prints, guess I need to try an art piece, maybe use one of my photos and give it my own touch.


Anonymous said...

Lov your Barn! It's going to be fabulous! I enjoy you blogging too.....you always make me laugh. I can see all that flour going everywhere! Would love a slice of that bread! Helen

Barb H said...

The day I saw Julia Child throwing flour around on television was the day I realized it was okay to be a good, although messy, cook!

Kate said...

The Barn quilt is looking very charming, I like the little kitty. Breads are so yummy, but many make quite the mess. Thankfully My Guy cleans up after wards when he bakes.