OMG: Finished!

As you might have guessed, I finished the Pumpkin Patch quilt yesterday. When I last wrote, I had just a little bit of binding left to hand stitch.

This is my November project for:

Now it's fulfilling its life-long ambition of adorning our breakfast bar. The maple leaf candle likes it too.

Here's what I want to know: Do these pumpkins make my Spanish coffee look fat?

Yeah...so no wineries for us this whole weekend. We were slugs, which seems appropriate during the rainy season in Oregon. The rest of our friends are arriving in droves.

Just now I wondered if there was a collective noun for slugs. This is what I learned:

Would the internet lie? I think not.

So after that, I did a little stitching on Hocuspocusville...seriously a slow stitching Sunday...but later in the day, I decided I was ready to get started on the next block for Chicken Buffet. I'm just going through the book and making the blocks in order, but I think this next one is my favorite of the whole quilt. This one is Chicken a la King. Here's the image from the book.

These always start by making the four-patch background block.

When I quit for the day yesterday, I had all the fusing finished.

This morning I have a dental appointment, although at this writing, I don't know what the situation is with the protests in downtown Portland. I am NOT going to get into the middle of that. Depending on how the day goes, I'm hopeful I'll be able to finish the top-stitching, embroidery, and embellishments on this block and call it finished.


  1. Oh, your pumpkin runner looks fabulous all set up with the pretty candle. Bring on the turkey, dressing, and pumpkin pie! Those chickens just crack me up - hope your day goes well.

  2. Your chicken a la King block is just too funny!!!! Love it!

  3. I hope you made it to your appointment with out any problems! I love all of the interesting facts on the internet. I am always looking up something when a group of us ladies get together. They started calling misinformation. I was not sure if it was Miss Information of misinformation!

  4. The pumpkin patch quilt looks amazing and the candle matches nicely to the vivid colors.

  5. Your pumpkin patch table topper turned out great. And I am so happy to see the chickens make a re-appearance. This one is particularly adorable.

  6. Congratulations on finishing your OMG.

  7. Your pumpkins make your Spanish Coffee look delicious!
    Congrats on the finish! I know that feels good!
    Chicken a la King is adorable!
    Yesterday I made a pillow case for one nephew and a thread catcher, pin cushion organizer for my sewing table. This morning I started the pillow case for my niece, but somehow got the main fabric upside down and had to pull out my seam ripper. I decided it was time for lunch and here I am! I am getting ready to go back in and get the fabric right this time!

  8. The pumpkin patch is so cute!
    Seriously, I don't get the protesters. They are all protesting in cities that heavily favored Clinton. So they are having temper tantrums while hurting the businesses and citizens that support them the most. Now that's the way to build a coalition of support! Idiots.

  9. Love the pumpkin patch topper. When you get tired of it you can send it my way. ;) I totally cracked up when I saw the chicken sitting on the pot. LOL Too freaking funny.

  10. You're going to call the dentist first, right? I just read the comment above mine, LOL, I guess you could go to India instead of Portland. I think it's very appropriate that you found out slugs are a cornucopia just before Thanksgiving, of course I'm seeing a bunch of slugs in a horn as a centerpiece, lovely.

  11. Oh thanks Dana, for that slug visual! Ewww.
    The Pumpkin Patch looks fabulous, as I knew it would.
    Chicken a la King on the throne - hilarious!!!
    Well, it's supposed to be cooling off down here today. It was 90 yesterday. Today only in the low 80s. Hope your dentist visit was uneventful.

  12. OMG--I thought that stood for "Oh My Gosh" as in Oh my gosh, I finished the quilt.;-).
    Chicken ala King is too cute. The fabric for the body, especially where his eyes will be, makes him look like he is looking to the left.

  13. I am more than fed up with the protestors. They have messed up my commute home for way too long.
    I am very envious of your relaxed weekend. Wish mine had been the same.

  14. I just have to say the pumpkins look awesome! And your embroidery is perfect as usual! I think those protestors need to get a life! Especially the middle school and high school kids who cannot even vote! What are they thinking, oh wait they are kids no thinking going on there! Hope you find a remedy for those awful slugs!!! Ewwwe . Smitty is in rare form huh! Love him. Keep on sewing, and blogging... I enjoy reading about your adventures...

  15. The Pumpkin Patch table topper turned out beautifully! It's perfect for the breakfast bar (no the Spanish coffee doesn't look fat at all). A very fun chicken block, love the throne room on that one!

  16. What a fun mini quilt! Congrats on finishing your goal and linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal.

  17. Yea for finishing your OMG. I like your Pumpkins! Slugs, YUCK!