Home Stretch

There isn't much to tell today because we spent most of the day at the RV show. As I mentioned yesterday, we really aren't shopping for an RV, but it's fun to look. Yesterday we saw a fifth wheel that had us drooling. Sorry, no sale, but we sure liked it. See that door to the left of Mike? It's a pantry with lots of shelves.

Ordinarily, I don't like these island set-ups in RV's because there is so little space between the island and the opposite "wall" that it's impossible to get into the cupboards there without getting into some impossible gymnastics position. Here, they eliminated most of the cupboards on the island and moved them to other walls. One cupboard had a slide out that contained the waste basket. A very handy feature. Also, check out that full-sized refrigerator.

These features are available in many RV's these days, but usually, one has to go for the 40-foot or longer rigs. We want our fifth wheel length to be around what we have now, at 34 feet. We looked at this one a long time, but we're saving our pennies for that larger truck camper. Looking is still free.

We had some lunch after that and were alarmed to hear that protesters were moving to the Interstate Bridge just north of where we were eating. Fortunately, we were nearly finished and so paid our bill and left, hoping we could get home without delay. We were delayed, but only because of usual rush-hour traffic, and so it was fairly late in the day when we finally got home. Because of that, this is the sum total of what I quilted yesterday.

This morning I made my way to the bottom of Hocuspocusville once again and then moved my hoop to the right. All that's left now is to finish up the tree there on the right, and this one will be complete.

As for the protests, I'm really hopeful they'll wrap it up soon. I have a dental appointment on Monday right in the area where much of the trouble has been. You can be assured I'll be calling first to check on the status. Definitely, I don't want to get in the middle of that. It's sad, really. It's hard to know what the protesters hope to accomplish, but they're really only hurting ordinary citizens at this point. And this isn't the Portland I know and love, which makes me even more sad for the city and my country. With that, here's a picture of Portland on a better day, and fingers crossed for a brighter tomorrow.

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Lee said...

Wow, that RV has a better kitchen than I have in my house! My sis & I looked at all ranges of RVs, campers & trailers on one of my visits to McMinnville - I was stunned at what's available in the mid-ranges and upward. Glad you didn't get stuck in the fray of protesters. I respect their rights, up until they interfere with others' rights, as they did here by choking the 101 freeway for hours and hours - that hurts ALL people on ALL sides, and in my opinion, doesn't help their cause at all. In the early 70s, I lived in NE Portland but worked across the river at a printing company on Couch (pronounced cooch for those not in the know). I imagine Portland has changed a lot in 40+ years. That's a nice picture of Portland. AND...your quilting on your pumpkin is looking mighty fine too! Enjoy your weekend.

QuiltShopGal said...

I'm impressed with the kitchen in that RV too. I honestly had no idea any had kitchens that big. I've only seen those like you, where the walkaround counter was too close to the cabinets, making it not a very easy walk around. This one looked super roomy and usable.

Sorry about the protesters. I too am hoping it will all end soon. Very bothered when I hear many are paid protesters. While I'm glad we have free speech in our country, it doesn't seem right that they can disturb traffic, or businesses that may get a loss of customers during such events.

Your pumpkin project is coming along and going to be stunning.


claudia said...

I like to watch the TV program where people are looking at RV's to buy. Oh my gosh I can't believe what you can get in an RV these days! They are absolutely beautiful! Way out of my price range!!!
I'm sure the protesters feel that they need to be heard, but I sure wish they would use their words and not break everything in sight. That is only hurting business owners and regular citizens. I think maybe the media shouldn't give them as much air time as they are getting. The media should just inform us as to where the protests are being held, so we can avoid those spots.
Portland is such a beautiful city, I hate to see it marred by the people who aren't thinking straight!
You are just flying right along with Hocuspocusville! And your pumpkins are looking great!

WoolenSails said...

That looks like a beautiful RV and they do have some nice ones, but I will wish they would think of being practical, lots of storage space for me, lol. I also see a lot of wall space that never gets used, for me it is the weight so we got the largest we could handle which isn't enough for long trips.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I see more people buying the large RVs as homes - not sure I could live in one.

Dorothy Finley said...

I love the look of the "kitchen" floor--what is it made of ??
At the Block Party quilt show in Issaquah WA this weekend, there was a "Gingerbread Square" done with Christmas fabric for the 9-patches.
I like your's MUCH better. Just so happy the dots are. I love your blog, you make me smile & giggle every day

Dana Gaffney said...

That kitchen is gorgeous, it looks almost like a small apartment. Hopefully the anger and frustration playing out in Portland will calm down, I remember marches from my youth when it all felt hopeless.

quiltzyx said...

Wow, that is a beautiful kitchen in that RV. I must say, Mike looks a bit dumbfounded by it! LOL
You are zooming along with Hocuspocusville! I am gearing myself up for the Fat Quarter Bag Ladies.
Love your pumpkin quilting too.

Brown Family said...

That is a good looking setup in the kitchen of that RV. I joined the Bag Ladies of the Fat Quarter club! Did you have a list of the threads or did you have to wait for the patterns to arrive?

There are protests in Dallas, too! I do not understand them, either. What is done is done and we have to move on! Give Trump a chance, just like we have every other president!

Angie in SoCal said...

It is sad what is happening now when we need to be united more. I am amazed at what you found in that RV.

Kate said...

That is quite an RV. Wow they really are almost like home now aren't they.