Two Days, Two Finishes

As expected, I was able to get the binding sewn onto my FMQ Sampler this morning. I like the way that candy stripe fabric blends in with the variegated quilting thread. While I chose the fabric from my stash to match the quilt, it was just a happy accident that I bought it somewhere along the dusty trail.

Miss Sadie seems to be able to hear a quilt hit the floor from ten miles away because she's always there to pose for her picture.

It sets off my eyes nicely, wouldn't you say? Can we have this one in the RV?

Today I have more quilts from the Northwest Quilting Expo. For now, I'm continuing on with the special exhibits, with today's quilts being from Helen Remick who has some interesting ways with yoyos.

This next one was done with CD's.

The only other quilt I have to show you today is this one that was unmarked except for being included in the "Men's Quilt Exhibit". My friend Claire observed, as I did, that many of the quilts in the show were unmarked. We both wondered why. I'd like to be able to give credit to the man who made this quilt, but I'm unable to.

As a follow-up to yesterday's pictures from the show and these circle quilts created by Lisa Jenni, my friend Robin came up with a tutorial showing how this is done.

While I'm not completely sure I understand this from the tutorial, sometimes these things become clear when I try to do it myself. Wouldn't this be a fun technique for the 365 quilt I'm planning? Here's a tutorial from Mary & Patch.

There are still lots more pictures of quilts from the show, but that's it for today. Check back tomorrow and I'll have some more for you.

4 comments from clever and witty friends:

QuiltShopGal said...

Congratulations on your finishes. Miss Sadie sure looks pretty on your lovely FMQ Sampler. Interesting quilts in the Expo.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Congrats on the FMQ sampler finish. I am currently stitching mine (not according to the original plan) -- will be sharing it in the next week or so.

Brown Family said...

I have noticed quilts with out names or info in shows before. Around here they are non judged filler quilts because they did not have enough entered to fill up the space.

quiltzyx said...

The stripe was a perfect choice for the sampler - Yay for having it in your stash! And yes Sadie, it does bring out your eyes. :)
I, amazingly enough, get the tutorial, but I did have to read it 2X. She "faced" the openings I think you would call it. I may have to try that one of these days.
Having made a ton of yoyos for our very first Opportunity quilt for my guild, I am not much of a fan of them. Helen R. does have cool shaped ones though. The oval-ish ones remind me of the Pez fabric that is/was out.