Innocence Lost

Hey, watcha doing, Smitty?

Don't even ask, Sadie. I'm imbibing in some catnip, and this stuff isn't for kittens.

Wait...did he just tell me I was too young fur this? Well, Step aside, Big Fella. Let a girl show you what's what.

Hm...smells pretty good. What's it fur?

Believe me, Sadie. You don't even want to go there...that stuff will rot your brain. Just take a look at these cats behind me on this wall.

What about your brain, Smitty? You seem purrfectly okay. Hmph...let me just give this a try.

I'm not kidding around, Sadie. Go easy on that stuff.

Oh, hey, I'm liking this...it makes me feel so...so...so...

so serene. That's it. Serene.

Be careful with that stuff, Sadie. I'm not kidding around.

Yes, calm. Tranquil. So...yawn...snzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

These youngsters never listen.

I suppose I should be a better role model. But then....nahhhhh.


  1. LOLLLLLLLLLLLL....is Sadie drooling?

  2. Now Molly is researching feline drug legislation for Virginia. So far Molly and Buddy have been indifferent to both fresh and dried catnip. But under the influence of peer pressure, they may change their ways.

  3. Smitty is right about it being foe adult kitties. Our Max is only 2 and he does not like the stuff, even the fresh from the garden!

  4. Too cute. I definitely see some glazed cat eyes, ready for a good catnap.


  5. I love it when Smitty posts. Our newest baby Snickerdoodle is still without catnip. Olive and Henry love it. Olive goes absolutely berserk over the stuff. Snickerdoodle is only 5 months old. We're going to wait a while before he gets any.

  6. So cute, Smitty is a wise young boy.

  7. Serene eh, I would have said gnarly from the first couple photos of her with those glazed eyes, but then blissful unconsciousness!

  8. Years ago when I was single, I had a new kitten at my apartment. I had a new fresh catnip plant. When I left for an overnight, I put the plant on top of the refrigerator, thinking that a teensy kitten wouldn't be able to get up there. I came home to chaos. The planter was on the floor, dirt spilling out. The catnip was gone, not a trace. Hehe. Enjoy the bliss, Sadie! Wendy at piecefulthoughts@gmail.com

  9. Too cute! I remember a young Smitty that didn't listen too well either.

  10. Love this post! Those two kitties are so entertaining!!

  11. Well Smitty, the youngsters just don't listen, do they? I think Sadie may be embarrassed when these photos show up later on...

  12. Smitty you tried. Sometimes one just has to try for oneself and find out the downside.