Seventh of Seven Sections!

Yesterday I was thrilled to finish up the seventh of seven sections for Wind in the Whiskers. Yahoo!!! When I left off on Saturday, I'd taken it this far.

Yesterday, I finished up the front of the pond, 

and then the pond water, and then fused it all down, and Ta-Da!

The first section of this quilt was started over three years ago, and so I'm pretty happy to have it this far. I'll start sewing the sections together in a couple of months.

Today I'm moving on to the last project on my September to-do list, the rose red block for the Wheel Estate quilt. We'll be into October by the time the next linky party posts, but nobody will mind if I'm still in September, right?


For now, I have some more pictures to show you from the Northwest Quilting Expo. The next day or so I'll be showing you the "regular" quilts from "regular" quilters who entered quilts to be shown. So here we go.

This next quilt looks familiar. Who did this? When I approached my quilt, there were two women standing in deep discussion, pointing, indicating, and gesticulating. I moved closer, trying to hear what they were saying. I couldn't make it out, except that it was about color. Another woman was searching for the cat in each block.

This next quilt won first place in the intermediate quilt category.

This next quilt won the "Founder's Choice" award.

This next quilt won Best of Show. The judging always makes me curious. While this is certainly a beautiful quilt with fabulous quilting, it was not my favorite in the show by any means. And so I always find myself asking, why this one and not that one? It will forever remain a mystery, I'm afraid.

That's it for today. There are still more, so stay tuned.

7 comments from clever and witty friends:

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing all the quilts at the quilt show. Your best of show quilt was at the Paducah show. It must be making a tour of the shows. It did not win best of show in Paducah.

Summer said...

You are so talented! The two kitties are so beautiful♥


Lana Ku said...

Yay for your quilt showing! Still love those adorable snow ladies.

beaquilter said...

more great quilts and quilting

Kate said...

Congrats on getting that last panel assembled. It looks great. Lots of fun entries. I have the same question at some fairs, why one and not another?

quiltzyx said...

The red & white Vortex quilt is very striking. All of them are so cool and inspiring. Thanks for sharing them all with us.
I know what you mean about the judging too. Oh to be a fly on the wall...

Brown Family said...

I have wondered many times what the judges look for! I do not think I would want to take on that role!