Northwest Quilting Expo, Day 4

In my sleepless fog this morning, I realized I didn't include any quilts from the quilt show when I wrote my earlier post. Now I've had a little more sleep, it's time to remedy that. So here goes. There are still a few more from Joyce Becker's special exhibit that were left out yesterday. When I was making my way through the quilts, I was looking at one side of each long row and then going back up the other side of the row. It meant that the special exhibits got split up in the order of my pictures, and so they are a little out of order. Not that you care, but I thought I'd explain it anyway.

There was another special exhibit by Leotie Richards who has done a number of portraits of American Folk Heroes. There were quite a few of these, and I included my own heroes in this grouping.

Finally, there was a special exhibit from the Cover to Cover Book Club Quilters. Their website explains:

Cover to Cover Book Club Quilters is a book club for quilters organized in the Portland, Oregon area. In an effort to make more interesting quilts and be motivated to get them finished, this unique group of artists decided to challenge itself to make artwork inspired by literature. All members read the same book and each member then creates a quilt using the book as inspiration.

You can see more of their work by clicking on the link I've given you there. For this show, these quilts caught my eye. This first quilt won second place in the small quilt category.

This next one is a good book, if you haven't read it.

This next quilt won third place in the small quilt category.

This quilt won third place in the intermediate quilt category.

Tomorrow I'll be getting away from the special exhibit to the "regular" quilts where I saw a couple of quilts that looked very familiar to me.

6 comments from clever and witty friends:

Michelle said...

I saw that Julia Child quilt in Sisters and still can't get over how neat it is.

Quilting Babcia said...

Some outstanding quilts here. There's so much talent among the local quilters there. I especially enjoyed seeing the folk heroes portraits.

Anonymous said...

Love these quilts! I particularly like Winter Wonderland and By the Seaside....both of those really speak to me! Thanks so much for sharing!!
Sandra B

Susie said...

gosh they are all so stunning - thank you for sharing.

beaquilter said...

great quilts, you think you're good or at least an OK quilter and then see works of ART like these, wow!

Brown Family said...

Joyce does beautiful detailed work. The Cover to Cover Book Club is an interesting concept. One of the local guilds did a children's version of this. They all picked a children's book and made a quilt then donated both book and quilt to a children's hospital.