September Goals and Progress Report

It's been such a crazy busy month, I'm afraid my August to-do's are looking pretty sad. In the beginning I told myself that if I could finish the quilting and flimsies section, the rest could wait. For that, I'm happy to say, mission accomplished.

Quilting and Flimsies

1. At the tippy-top of my list of priorities in August is to make Sadie's pawtrait. Complete!

2. Also high priority is to quilt the Baby Birds quilt. Complete! It's already flown the coop, on its way to my cousin.

Monthly Challenges


My goal was to get a start on the Summer Holiday quilt from this book by Lynette Anderson. 

Start it, I did. And since completions are not required for the Let's Book It Challenge, I can mark this goal as Complete! although there is still much to do to finish the quilt.

4. Also, I'm keeping up with blocks for the Wheel Estate quilt I've been making as this year's 


No Progress. I kind of put this one off intentionally because I've already made a block in August's colors. I'll catch up somewhere along the line, but I'm waiting until December to see what all the next colors will be, and then I'll decide on a different color for the August block.

5. There's always a block to make for 

Join me on the Block Lotto Blog

Complete! If you don't count the fact that I used the wrong fabrics...and therefore, it doesn't count in the lotto. Oh well. I tried. That's two months in a row that I've tried and failed in the Block Lotto. This block is called a split nine-patch.


6. Only one project from my WIPS list in August because it's going to take some time. Finally, finally, finally, I'm going to make the last section for Wind in the Whiskers. The last section is called "Don't be Koi". No Progress.

So if I can get all of that finished, I'll start on my project for 

If I finish all the sections for Wind in the Whiskers, I get to start on the next McKenna Ryan project I shelled out the big bucks for: And on that Farm. I know...I'm a glutton for punishment. Without looking at it, I'm not sure which block starts off the quilt, and so it's anybody's guess. I just need to get a start on it to earn my bonus points.

Obviously, no bonus points for me.

We're traveling for half of the month of September, and so I'm going to stick with the same projects I had on the list for August with just one addition of a quilt for quilting and one quilt for binding.

Quilting and Flimsies

1. Quilt and Bind the "Written in Thread" wallhanging. This one is small, and so it should be easy to get it finished.

This will be my project for

2. Put a binding on my finished free motion quilting sampler.

Monthly Challenges

Nothing new under the sun here. I'll just continue with the challenges for


Although I haven't selected a project for September yet.


Make a block in whatever September's color choices are.

5. Try to get it right this time with September's block for

Join me on the Block Lotto Blog

6. And nothing new here either. My goal is to finish the last section for Wind in the Whiskers...pictured above.
And if I can get all of that done, I'll use the same project for Bonus Points; in other words, get a start on my newest McKenna Ryan pattern.
There will only be two weeks in the sewing room during September, and so I'll be racing to get it all finished. How about you? What are your goals for this first month of fall?

13 comments from clever and witty friends:

Quiltdivajulie said...

Your FMQ sampler turned out SO well -- Mine is still at the sandwich stage.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think it is more important that you enjoy that vacation.

Karen L. said...

Your cat block is wonderful! I want to try this one of these days but I have so many darn patterns of dogs and cats and other animals that I will probably never get to it. Still, one can hope! And gosh darn it now I want that It's Quilting Cats and Dogs book. As if I need another book .... I seriously do not know how you get all the stuff you do finished. Canning, cooking, quilting. Do you not sleep at all or do you have a cleaner come in to take care of the dirt. Yeah, probably not. You just manage your time well I suppose. Maybe you could post some suggestions here about how others could do half what you do. Just reading your blog tires me out sometimes and I didn't even do anything! Ha!

quiltzyx said...

I have a feeling that even having 2 weeks home this month, you'll still get a lot more done than I do! Good job on all that you finished last month in between filling all those pretty jars of goodies.

gpc said...

Still impressed. I have finally started to work on a few of my UFOs but thank goodness no one is keeping track!

WoolenSails said...

Even on a slow day, you get so much done and so many wonderful pieces.


Janarama said...

Sadie's pawtrait turned out absolutely fabulous! Perfect color choice for the background and the way you used all of the other fabrics for Sadie ... wow.

Dana Gaffney said...

Your Sept is going to be as short as mine so I have no goals except survival, LOL.

Cheryl said...

Love Sadies Pawprint! Enjoy your vacation and visiting your friends. I always admire your organization and work ethic. I'm still recovering from knee replacement/revision surgery so hours spent on PT exercises. I started a Patchabillities pattern for using my Row by Row license plates and hope to complete that. But first I need to finish a flannel monster and make some burp cloths for a baby gift. Also hope to make a cover for the back of hubbys leather chair, to protect it from hair oils. He found the flannel he likes so the biggest hurdle is jumped.

Heidi said...

Hello September! Good Luck with your goals this month, I adore the quilt you have selected for your One Monthly Goal!

Teresa in Music City said...

So excited to see you nearing the end of Whiskers! And I love the farm pattern - wondering if it will be better written? At least you are now an old pro at deciphering Ryan's stuff LOL!!!

Susan said...

I have a feeling that September is YOUR month for Lotto! =) I was going so well until I hit summer and I haven't made July and August blocks. I don't know how September will work out, but I like the block. You are getting a lot done, even if it seems you aren't. I love your Written in Thread quilt, so beautifully done. I also like your quilting sampler. You practiced a lot of variety on there!

Kate said...

A pretty productive month when you add in all the handwork you did, plus all the canning. Limiting your accomplishments to just the quilt play in August just doesn't seem fair.