Let's Book It: Sliding in Under the Wire

My goal was to get a start on the Let's Book It Challenge for August, and there was some time today to spend sewing. The project for August was this "Summer Holiday" quilt 

from Lynette Anderson's book:

There were a lot of fabrics to choose for this start, and there's no way I could have selected the propurr ones without help from my furry furriends.

Today my mission was to get a start on the pieced blocks. These are double nine patch blocks, and so there were lots of little squares to cut. Had I followed Lynette Anderson's directions, she would have had me cut 180 little 1 1/2-inch squares. To heck with that. Mine has perhaps less variation in the little nine-patch blocks, but I opted for strip-piecing.

There were 20 of these.

Also, there were 16 of these 3 1/2-inch one-patches.

When all was pieced and sewn together, I had a block that looked like this. 

When I had one block finished, I needed to stop for the day. There are four of these, and I'm hoping to finish the other three tomorrow. And may I just say that it's impossible to get good help these days.

Sleeping on the job again.

So there you go...Let's Book It for August. Now, I'm late to the party, but I think it's still going on over there at Vrooman's Quilts. Off to link-up now.

9 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Well thank you for coming to the party even if late. I would have strip pieced those 9-patches too. Hmm, I have the same help problem - napping on the job site seems to be popular.

Christine M said...

Lucky you had help choosing your fabrics Barbara, even if that was all they did! I agree with Sharon and would have strip pieced too.

Quilting Babcia said...

Looking great, and I may be joining the sleeping furball who keeps guard over the sewing room doorway! A nap can be a wonderful thing - if only there was time.

Debbie said...

It looks great. Who needs that much variation when there are so many projects to do :)

Dana Gaffney said...

Strip piecing is the only to go, once there all put together they look great. Sometimes that kind of help is the best kind, no one to argue with about what they think you should do. Glad you made it to the party :)

gpc said...

What a pretty combination. I have to work on my piecing skills, my latest work is pretty sloppy and I must be getting better since I am noticing it. It's hard to be a quilter without purrrrtners.

quiltzyx said...

180 inch & a half squares? I do NOT think so! Strip piecing is the only way to go. Aren't you happy we all agree with you! :)
Sadie & Smitty did a good job helping you pick out fabrics, even if sleep soon followed!

Brown Family said...

That is an interesting block. I like your colors!

Kate said...

You made a good start on that project. Napping on the job, well I suppose that kitties think that is part of the job.