Redding, California

We're 400 miles from home now. It's about 1,200 miles from home to Borrego Springs, where we're headed. The trip so far has been uneventful. We started off with Maggie in her crate and Smitty free to move about the cabin. Smitty always hunkers down between the bed and the wall, and he rides fine there. We put Maggie's crate in the smoothest part of the trailer, over the axles. She did fine as well. 

When we stopped for lunch, we let her out of her crate so that she could get something to eat and "powder her nose". She was not interested in either, but preferred instead to explore. When we were ready to take off again, she was hiding behind the bed, and so that was where she road the rest of the trip. It all worked out fine, which is good, because I hated putting her in her crate.

The most worrisome part of the trip was Siskiyou Pass where, indeed, snow was falling and there was snow on the ground. Nevertheless, the road was clear, and we went through with no problems.

I would have taken a picture of the "Welcome to California" sign when we crossed the border, but there was none. Budget constraints, I imagine. We stopped for diesel in Weed, and we might have had a spectacular view of Mt. Shasta had it not been shrouded in fog.

We stopped for the first night in Redding. Smitty always comes out from his hidey hole and strrrreeeetches, as if he's had the best nap ever. He seems to enjoy traveling, and he's always excited for his catio.

Once the catio was set up, this was all we saw of him for a while.

He was happy. While he was otherwise occupied, Maggie took the opportunity to explore. Take a moment to imagine a cop show on television, and how the police will search a house with their firearms extended in front of them. As they check each room, they'll shout "Clear!" Now insert Maggie for the policeman on the show, and you'll know how she spent her evening.

We thought long and hard about how to provide retreats and safety spots for her. For one thing, she has the same bed and "sheltering towel" that she had in Mike's office at home. This one happens to be under the farthest dining room chair in the corner of the slide-out.

We also purchased this exceedingly expensive little cubbyhole for her. It's similar to the one she had while she was at the shelter. As yet, we've been unable to convince her to use it; thus, it still has tags attached so we can return it if it turns out to be a bust.

It fits between our two reclining chairs under the little fold up end table.

She has to negotiate this hallway to get to the litter box, but she's managed to do that several times without rousing Himself.

She's had plenty of crunchies, and things are going pretty well.

While I was writing this post, she decided to take a turn on the catio, which was actually quite surprising.

She has shown no interest whatsoever in going outside at home, but apparently, the confines of the catio make her feel safe. I imagine it's a little the way I feel when I stand on a high balcony. The railing makes me feel safe, but take the railing away, and there's no way I'd approach the edge.

Smitty knew she was there, but he stayed in his cubby hole, just watching her. He's feeling pretty sleepy now.

 It's hard work keeping the entire family awake all night. Time for a nap. Traditionally, the kitties are restless the first couple of nights before they settle into a routine and stake out their respective territories. This trip is complicated by the fact that they are still getting acquainted. We're feeling optimistic, however, that things are going to be fine.

Today we'll head on down the road with a planned stop in Visalia. We'll reach Borrego Springs tomorrow.

17 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I didn't know the furkids were traveling with you this trip. Glad things are working out - safe travels to all.

Sher S. said...

safe travels for all of you. The kitties seem to be doing fine, I hope it continues. Hope you enjoy your trip, it's an interesting area you are going to. At Calif. Adventure (Disney) they have a ride, Soarin', and they show you Borrego Springs, lots of dry land.

QuiltShopGal said...

Parts of California are going to have high winds this weekend, as a new storm comes thru. Drive safely and consider staying put if the winds are strong.


gpc said...

Sounds like it is all going wonderfully well. Hope it continues! Safe travels to all of you. :)

Lyndsey said...

Great to hear it's going well. The two kitties look very relaxed. Safe travels.

Kate said...

Sounds like your travels are going smoothly. Hope that continues.

Pamela said...

I was wondering if the kitties were coming with you this trip! I'll bet this helps them to bond a bit better, with the closer quarters and all.

Lee said...

From all my travels down that stretch of interstate, I believe you're right about the CA sign. However, as I recall, there IS a sign at the border that says something to the effect of Leaving Oregon, thank you for visiting. What I always notice is the road...Oregon's side is smooth, CA's becomes rougher feeling. Oregon also has mile marker posts so I tend to watch those. Happy that Maggie is doing so well on this adventure; perhaps by the end, she and Smitty will be besties having spent so much time in tighter quarters.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Looks like a fun trip is in order for you two and the kittehs. Hope the weather cooperates with your itinerary.

WoolenSails said...

Look forward to seeing more of your trip, always love your adventures with the kitties. We had one of those small cubbies and they never used it. It looks like she is going to be a camper too.


Betty said...

It seems that Maggie is going to be a good little traveler. Smitty is being so good allowing her in his catio! I wonder if they will sitting in there together before the journey is done.

Dana Gaffney said...

I'm so glad to trip started so uneventful for the furkids, now I'm waiting for the picture of them together in the catio.

gayle said...

I'd been wondering if you were taking the kitties with you, and if so how you were going to manage them. Looks good so far, eh?
Happy trails!

Jenny Ladbrooke said...

Love the idea of taking the cats with you. They do seem to adapt very well and the catio is a new one on me in the UK having never seen one. I remember seeing that embroidery pattern with the caravans, you will have to do it and insert a couple of travelling cats!!

Nita said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the road trip is exactly what they need to settle down with each other. Both are in "neutral" territory, so to speak. Enjoy your holiday!

Motherdragon's Musings said...

Love reading about Smithy and Maggie's travel adventure's. Tank you for sharing. Plus the photos. The snow photos are very welcome it is Hot Hot Hot here. The snow cools me down

Brown Family said...

Glad Maggie got brave enough to come out and try the catico!