Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

The only sewing yesterday was hand-sewing. I had an appointment downtown that pretty much shot the whole afternoon. Also, I've been trying to stick with my goal of getting in 10,000 steps per day. It's a goal I can live with, and so I got on the treadmill a couple of times yesterday trying to get my steps in. While I was icing my knee, I had some time to work on my binding. Three corners are turned now, and I think I might have time to finish up the rest today.

All I have for you in the photography department today are crappy pictures from my cell phone, but I saw something yesterday that I knew you'd enjoy. I had an appointment downtown, and I swear it's been at least a year since I've been downtown. It's been even longer since I've been in this particular downtown building, known as the Jeffrey Building on SW Taylor Street. I'd forgotten that on the ground floor of the Jeffrey Building is the Button Emporium & Ribbonry. Here's a picture of their storefront:

When one is waiting for an appointment in this building, the Button Emporium is an enchanting place to kill some time...and if buttons aren't your thing, the Central Branch of the Multnomah County Library is just across SW Taylor Street to the north. It's a fabulous historical building, upgraded around ten years ago.

But to get back to the buttons...oh my goodness...one could spend hours in here looking at buttons and ribbons. You wouldn't think such a specialty store could stay in business for long, but the Button Emporium first opened its doors in March of 1997. There are buttons for everything there...big buttons...these were perhaps as big as a silver dollar:

On the far wall were buttons in every color of the rainbow...so expansive that it was impossible to capture it all in one image.

To the right of the rainbow wall were specialty buttons galore.

And let's not forget the ribbon. There were hundreds and hundreds of rolls of ribbon.

Of course, I looked for some cat buttons, although I didn't purchase any.

And then...just to be nice...I found these for the doglovers among you.

If you're tired of carrying around that heavy wallet, allow me to show you something in a very expensive button.

I don't very often take pictures off my cell phone, but when I do I find lots of little surprises...mainly, my cats in varying stages of adorableness.

And orneriness.

And there are always lots of memes I've saved from Facebook to text to my pig-loving friend Sue.

So, there's not much to share beyond that. I'm heading out early to do my grocery shopping and then Miss Maggie has an appointment with the vet. It's going to be a bad day in Maggieland. She's only ridden in the car with me once before on the day I brought her home, and let me tell you...that cat has some lungs on her. She howled and yowled as if she were being murdered in her crate.

And with that I'm off...it takes all day to get in 10,000 steps, but I'm determined.

14 comments from clever and witty friends:

Quilting Babcia said...

Good luck with getting her into the crate again!

gpc said...

And I'm impressed. That's a lot of steps. When I was in NOLA it seemed do-able, but here at home I am lucky to get in 6000. You go, girl.

works4me said...

Congratulations on turning corner 3 of the binding, and on 10,000 steps daily.

How you kept your wallet closed in that button store I will never know.

Thank you for the photos of Mr. and Ms. adorable.

When taking my kitties to the vet, I always have the radio on low music and I talk to them, and give scritchies at every stop light. It seems to make the howls a little quieter. At least other drivers don't think I'm killing a cat. Of course, as soon as we turn onto our side street coming home all is quiet and any kitty in the back is on high alert for home. Good luck.

But, get this, the kitties like to snooze in the cat carrier. And when I move it to the hall, whichever kitty needs to go to the vet hops right in. Go figure.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I would have a ball in that button store! You are almost done - one more corner. My furkids are a bit miffed at me because I went away.

crazy quilter said...

Oh my, those pictures of your kitties are great, but of course my favorite is the Cat and the pig! what a face.... I wish I could get in 10,000 steps, I know it would help with some kind of weight loss. Hope the trip to see the Vet was bearable for Ms Maggie, as they say, what doesn't kill you makes your stronger.... Tell her I said! LOL Happy day to you!

Lyndsey said...

Well done at making the third corner, great work. I hope Maggie wasn't too loud on her trip to the vet.

Brown Family said...

Cool! A whole shop of buttons!

SJSM said...

The button emporium is fabulous. I didn't get out without some weight coming out of my wallet. Funny how those little items can so expensive. Love the pictures of the kitties.

My Fitbutt and I can't seem to make 10k a day. It requires at least 2 walks a day to get there. Glad you are seeing 10k. It means you are burning enough calories and doing enough exercise to be on the healthier side of the American lifestyle.

Dana Gaffney said...

I could easily spend time in that store and I don't even use buttons. Those expensive ones are beautiful.

ytsmom said...

The button store looks like fun! I miss the days when fabric stores had the button cases, and you could buy as many or few as you needed.

Kate said...

I love those striped awnings on the store. The buttons are truely awesome. I don't think I could have resisted buying at least a few. Smitty and Maggie really are quite photogenic, you got some great shots.

quiltzyx said...

I'm just starting to take some pictures with my new phone. We'll see how it goes. I do love the ones you have of Smitty & Maggie.
Oh my! Is my mouth watering over those buttons. I have a couple of containers of buttons, even though I don't do garment making. I've used them on a quilt at least once. I just like looking at them!
You are doing so great with your steps! I made it to about 2 miles several days this week - 1.99 miles Friday, lol. But I have taken off some poundage since I've been working again & that's very nice. :)

Linda said...

What gorgeous buttons, and what a picturesque town. :) Love the kitty photos, I never tire of them! Sadly I took off my FitBit because it was pressing on my wrist when I'm on the computer - how pathetic is that?

Valerie Reynolds said...

OMG!! That button factory would be hard to resist buying atleast a few...dozen! LOL!! So glad you shared this unique outing at TUesday ARchives this week...perfect post for our button theme this week.