A New Day

After my whining about Thing One and Thing Two, we had a much better day yesterday. Smitty was actually able to sit on my lap while Maggie came from under the couch and streeeeeetched out in that classic cat way. His ears were perked forward, but I kept talking to him and stroking him, and he managed to keep his composure. There's some jealousy going on no doubt and his being in the catbird seat of my lap (so to speak) kept him from acting out.

He was helping me work some more on my quilt binding. I've turned two corners now and I'm about halfway around.

Also yesterday, I managed to make the two butterfly blocks for the Quiltmaker's Garden quilt. The instructions were impossibly difficult to follow, but the diagrams helped me figure it out.

Next, I'll start on the five rose blocks circled in the image below. Only three of them will be complete...two of them will be partial, to be finished when the quilt blocks are sewn together.

When I turned off the sewing room lights yesterday, I'd selected these fabrics for my roses. As I look at these, I'm thinking I might select a darker green instead of the one I've chosen here. It looks a little sick in that picture, but it's really more of a lime green with some blue flecks.

Also, I realized as I started working on this yesterday that this section actually has ten blocks. I showed you the rest in yesterday's post, but I didn't notice the cardinal block, circled in the image below. Blogging not only improves your memory, but your powers of observation as well.

I'm not sure how much time I'll have for sewing today since I need to drive into downtown Portland. It's almost an hour each way, and then my appointment will take about an hour, so that pretty much shoots three hours...or a whole afternoon. Because I hate driving in rush hour traffic, I decided to put off my trip to the grocery store until tomorrow. 

Also tomorrow, I have to take Maggie to the vet. She already has all her vaccines, and she's been tested for feline leukemia and FIV, so she's really just going to get a once over by the vet. She was spayed just a week before we adopted her, and although there were no stitches, I'd still like the vet to take a look at her. Friday, I'll walk with Sue in the morning if she's feeling better than she was last week.

All of that to say that the next few days will be busy. I've been kind of a shut-in since the ice storm of last week, and so it's probably good to get out before I turn into a troll.

7 comments from clever and witty friends:

gpc said...

Not that there is anything wrong with Trolls. Says the stay-at-home.

Lyndsey said...

Creative trolls certainly liven the place up by making beautiful things but even a creative troll needs to get out regularly. The butterfly is fun.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

We are finally having a NorEast winter - being an inside troll sounds good to me, especially when you get to play with what is fun.

Meg said...

Have been out of the country since Christmas Day until yesterday, Jan. 13 (I think it was the 13th, a Tuesday nevertheless - have a cat on my lap so of course cannot get up. My dates are a little screwed up - haven't had a need to pay attention to them until now. To be brief, I was on a mission trip to Uganda, Africa since Christmas Day.

Anyway, congrats on Maggie! That's great! My last set of fosters for the season (until spring) included a dilute calico. Had never had one before. They are certainly unique looking cats. Took me quite a while scrolling backwards to find out all of scoop on your new addition. Maggie has certain hit the jackpot with you and Mike. What a great life for a cat at Three Cats Ranch.

When you mentioned changing her name it made me think of the foster kittens we have had. So many of them actually knew their names when they left here (I sorta work on that with them). I think its pretty neat that these 9-11 week-old kittens can learn their names relatively easy. Many of the people who have adopted them have actually kept their names which I of course sort of like. Next to the last little of kittens I fostered had a little guy with fur on his chin that sort of looked like a goatee. I thought Maverick was a neat name for him with that little goatee. When he was adopted the gal said that her husband said the next cat would be named "Mr. Bojangles" - okay I do know the song (don't we all at our ages?) but really?? It seemed like a long name to me. I texted her about month after he was adopted asking how Mr. Bojangles was doing. She replied telling me about him (all great news) and called him Maverick. I have a good idea that he kept his name. (I'm smiling as I type this).

Anyway, enjoyed scrolling through all your posts before I got to how Maggie came to be. You are very creative and I thoroughly love your creative writing.

Looking forward to hearing more about Maggie settling in.

Thanks, Meg

Brown Family said...

what is one more bird? a couple of hours that could be spent with the kitties!

Kate said...

You've made a lot of progress on those blocks. Hopefully your trip to Portland went smoothly and things between Thing 1 and Thing 2 are still improving.

quiltzyx said...

Hope your trip to Portland was relatively un-exciting, traffic-wise. I finally have an appt with the optometrist coming up this week. I am SO looking forward to new prescriptions, as I think it's been at least 5 years since my last Rx. I've always been used to working on the computer with little to no overhead lighting, but the new place is very well lit-up. My ol' eyes are not very happy with that, but nothing I can do about it. Love the job anyway! This past week, we've had 3 mornings with fresh cooked breakfast - scrambled eggs with meat & cheese 2X and Potato & Chorizo tacos 1 morning. Then 3 times home cooked lunches too - chicken with different veggies &/or potatoes. Yum! Lucky we have a couple ladies that love to cook, and we have a full stove-and-oven in the kitchen. (As well as a pannini maker, microwave, coffee maker....and soon my old crock pot will go there to live too)