Fabulous Friday

It was a beautiful day yesterday at the top of our hill. Sue and I met for oatmeal and then for a walk. When I drove down to our usual meeting place, I drove through the clouds and into the gloom. It was quite a disappointment from the bright sunny day I'd left at home. I suggested to Sue that we walk at the top of the hill. Sometimes the fog rolls up over the hill while I'm watching. Yesterday, it stayed clear, and we had a perfect day for walking. We were above the clouds, which were solid on the north side. On the south side of the ridge, there were some breaks where we could see the green patchwork valley below. Just lovely.

Sue and I were no slouches on our walk. We walked about six miles.

Thursday evening, Mike put the free Fitbit app on my phone. Personally, I'm not much of an app person. There are already so many apps on my phone now that I never opened past downloading them. He likes his though, and so he put it on my phone too. When I got home, I had this helpful and encouraging message from the Fitbit app:

Okay...well forget about trying to win quilting ribbons. Just show me the way to those "Boot badges". I can consider my life well-lived when I've collected them all. It'll be almost as good as girl scout merit badges! Joking aside, I walked more than 16,000 steps yesterday. Impressive, no?

When I got home, my knee was absolutely killing me, and so were my feet. I was wearing new shoes. They didn't give me blisters, but that's the most I can say for them. Anyway, I loaded up on Aleve and sat right down and iced my knee for 20 minutes. I was prepared to ice it again, but the first icing helped. Furthermore, I was so wiped out that I decided to just lie on the couch for a while. I ended up sleeping for about an hour, which was probably the best thing I could have done for my feet. Later in the evening, I added some Tylenol to the mix, as I'd been instructed to do by my orthopedist. I'm happy to report that all of that pain treatment did the trick. By evening, I was no worse for wear. This morning, everything seems intact. You have no idea how happy it makes me to know I can control my knee and foot pain when I do something like this.

So with all of that, I didn't do a lot of quilting yesterday, but I did a few little things. I stitched a galaxy here:

After that I switched off to this thread.

I got this thread from Red Rock Threads. It's Twilight Silver Black #7043 (PS6) Yenmet Metallic Thread. I used that to stitch the planet, Saturn.

and to make some cow-jumping lines, because everyone knows that's what jumping looks like.

Of course, I couldn't really quilt without my little cat making sure I do everything in slow motion.

Wait a minute...did you quilt stripes onto that cat AGAIN?!?

When I got to that point, I decided to switch off to this other thread...it's sort of a white version of the one I showed you up above. This one is Pearlessence White #7003 (AN1) Yenmet Metallic Thread. I'm going to use that one to stitch moon glow around some of the moons.

Here, Mom. Let me help you thread that needle.

About that time, I was ready to quit. I still have more surprises to stitch on the quilt, however. Can you tell I'm having fun with this?

Today we're going to drive over to Silverton, Oregon to drop off my two quilts for the Stitches in Bloom quilt show that starts next weekend. I'm entering the Blooming Sunflower

and the Gardener's Journal.

After that, we're going to see about replacing two pleated shades that somehow mysteriously had their pull cords chewed off. We're replacing them with cordless varieties. That ought to thwart the little bugger.

If there's enough time, I'll get back to my quilting. It's a gray and rainy day. Time to settle in and stay as dry as possible.

16 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kate said...

You've got some fun ideas for you Over the Moon quilt. Hope you found all that you were looking for.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

The Over the Moon is such a fun quilt, it deservess some fun quilting. And you are doing an amazing job, too. I didn't walk nearly as many steps (still too snowy,icy), but I did go out for a walk to soak up some long anticipated sunshine. Even the lazy furballs went out with me, but they were so happy I had a short walk.

WoolenSails said...

That is a beautiful view and nice to be above the fog bank.
Love how those threads look on the quilt.


Marla's Crafts said...

My son gave me a fit it for christmas and I love it . I hope it gets me back to walking again. I talk myself out of walking on cold days to spend in the sewing room. I need to do both. Happy walking.

gpc said...

Okay, this is getting annoying. You already impress the heck out of me with your quilting, but 16,000 steps is AMAZING. I got a fitbit but it was defective so I had to send it back (and not only because it showed me to be a lazy slacker, it also wouldn't hold a charge). I had it for a week and I can see that it would be a great motivator!

Teresa in Music City said...

I've told my husband I'd like a fitbit - meant to ask for one for Christmas. I've gotta start walking some of these potato chips off LOL!!!! So glad you had your Quilting Snoopervisor on duty to help make sure you did everything just exactly right!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

It is wonderful, but I know you couldn't have done it without Mr. Smitty.

quiltzyx said...

Those are some gorgeous threads you're using! I *finally* brought my Janome inside this morning! It's been riding around in the back of my car since I came back from Judy's. AND I loaded the box of guild president's notebooks INTO the car so I can give them to the new Prez. Then I went to a Tupperware brunch - I have been to a Tupperware party in forever & it was fun. We used a little chopper to chop up stuff for omelets which were then cooked in the microwave for a couple minutes - and they were quite good when they came out. If I had any $$ I would have bought some new containers, but oh well. It's expensive stuff, but it does last forever.
Smitty, you did a good job supervising on Friday!

Betty said...

Best of luck with your quilts in the show. They look great! Love the "look" you captured of Smitty checking out your quilting. He's a very entertaining guy!

Michele said...

He certainly isn't going to be happy that he is going to be thwarted with the new shades but too bad.

Dana Gaffney said...

I have an app that counts my steps, it came with my phone. Mine plays a tone and gives me a star when I hit 10,000 steps, no awards though, I think I want awards.

Sherry said...

With that app will get really fit so you can win those ribbons. Anxious to see the rest of the quilting. So glad to see Smitty doing such a good job of quality control. He looked none to happy to see those stripes again. Perhaps you could put a faux cord on the blind just for Smitty.

Jeanie said...

Great scenery shots..... that would inspire me to move! I have a tracker too and yesterday.... I logged in less than 1,000 steps. :( I got involved in a book and spent most of the day on the couch. Gotta make up for it today. Love the progress on the quilt.... lookin' good!

A Nudge said...

Loved the view you showed us. You sure live in a scenic site. Love what you're doing with your moon quilt - I always learn from reading your post. Glad you're able to control the pain from that knee. 16,000 steps - Wow! Since you showed us your progress on Moon quilt, I invite you to link to WIPs Be Gone to share your thread knowledge. Thanks for sharing, Barbara.

Dar said...

You are going to wear out those new shoes if you keep walking 6 miles every day. I don't think I've ever walked that far in one day. Congrats on your boot badge. I use a Fitbit too, but have never seen that message!! lol I love when you get help from your kitty. Those are the cutest pictures. I like the fun you are having quilting your quilt too.

Brown Family said...

I have not tried those threads. You seem to have goof luck with them.