In Full Bloom

This afternoon, I put the final two vertical rows on the Blooming Sunflower quilt.

I'm still going to add borders around it, and of course, it will need quilting. I already know how I'm going to quilt it, which is half the battle, as far as I'm concerned. That will have to wait until Big Bertha is up and running again. 

I spoke with the repair shop yesterday, and they were expecting the new bobbin case "any day". I wasn't really expecting it until sometime this week, and so hopefully, I won't be disappointed. Unless I miss my guess, I think replacing the bobbin case will solve all of her problems. Let's hope so, anyway. If not, back to the shop she goes. Until then, all quilting has ceased. Piecing rules my sewing room right now, and Pfelicity is enjoying being the center of attention. Next up, we'll be sewing together the blocks for the Good Morning quilt.

I have a feeling this one will be headed off to my long-arm quilter. Once I add the borders, I think it's going to end up larger than I want to tackle, even with Big Bertha fully functional.

Things are pretty much back to normal around here with Mike back. Gracie has resumed her rightful place between his legs for her morning brushing.

Smitty thinks brushing is for girls, but he's not above napping in the morning sunshine. He gets warm as toast. This morning I think he got too warm and climbed on top of the china cabinet to escape.

Yesterday afternoon he came blasting through his kitty door with the dirtiest face and dirtiest feet I've ever seen. Obviously he'd been digging for gophers. He paused long enough to have his kitty treats and then collapsed on the kitchen floor. A few minutes later, he was sound asleep, and his day was done.

It was a swimming day for me today, and then I made my weekly trek to the grocery store. I need to go pick some lettuce in the greenhouse and fill the birdfeeders. Tomorrow is a day at home for me. I have a few minor housekeeping tasks to take care of, and I'll probably attempt an ascent of Mt. Laundry. Also, it's time to water the annuals, but other than that, it'll be a sewing day.

Our weather has been lovely, although there is some rain in the forecast for Thursday. These things have a way of fizzling out this time of year, but I wouldn't mind a little bit of rain.

What's going on at your end?

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

beaquilter said...

that quilt came together SO quickly! well done.... and your kitty looks like my kitty :)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the sunflower quilt - well done. Having a comfortable and reliable back up machine is huge sigh of relief. Gracie girl has the queenly state about her. My furries spent most of the night out hunting, so it was a full day of napping.

Kate said...

Blooming Sunflower turned out beautifully!

Hope your bobbin case shows up soon. At least you've been able to keep piecing.

I love that last shot of Smitty. He looks so aggrieved with you. His face clearly says "Really Mom! Put the camera down and you won't get hurt."

quiltzyx said...

Perfecto Sunflower! Hurry home B.B.!

And for Gracie, all's right in her world now. :) Since he didn't bring anyTHING inside to you, I guess Smitty was not successful in his excavations. Lucky you. ;^)

From having more work days this month, due to Kay's vacation, to her deciding NOT to go to Hawaii with her daughter & sil, to working at least 6 days in a row this week...everything is up in the air! I'd better throw a load of laundry in when I get home tonight (about 8:30) or the piles will start falling over on me! Tomorrow is a b'day dinner night after work - yippee!

Vicki W said...

I like that quilt a lot!

Brown Family said...

I hope that bobbin case comes in this week. I know how much you miss Big Bertha.

Dana Gaffney said...

I love the sunflower, when you stand back from it does it all blend?

ana-ane said...

Me gusta mucho como ha quedado tu girasol, tanto que voy a intentar hacer una copia del tuyo.

Los gatitos como siempre felices y disfrutando.

saludos ana-ane

CĂșal es la medida de cada cuadro?


Quilting Babcia said...

I love that sunflower quilt. Don't envy you quilting it though, with all those seams and corners. My machine always balks when it gets to the corners where the multiple layers lurk. Maybe Big Bertha is tougher than my Jenny.

Scrapatches said...

The sunflower is gorgeous. I love sunflowers and sunflower quilts. Your version is definitely up there with best quilty sunflowers that I have seen.

I also like your other work in progress. Nice blocks and layout.

Sorry that your quilting machine is not working. I do all the quilting on smaller quilts on my home machine. I have at least two queen size tops waiting for me to come up with the cash to rent the longarm at my LQS. I am not going to count the number of smaller tops ready for quilting. Right now The feed dog drop mechanism on my home machine is not dropping so I have to do all walking foot quilting, not really that big an issue for me as I love the look and the process of straight line quilting.

Gracie looks so pleased by the brush strokes.

Smitty! I <3 Smitty.

A friend of mine calls it Mt Washmore ... I just call "the never ending laundry" ... ;) Pat

Christine M said...

Your sunflower quilt looks fantastic, Barbara. I love your Good Morning quilt too.

Dar said...

Your blooming sunflower is beautiful. I should make one of those since I was born in Kansas, which makes me a Sunflower baby, right?? Your kitties are just too cute.