A Well-Rounded Day

This morning I added the borders to the Blooming Sunflower quilt. I have worked on this almost non-stop since I started it, and I was very glad to finish it up this morning.

I'm going to use that same sunflower batik from the border for the back, and if you look in the lower right corner, you can see the fabric I'm going to use for the binding. 

Already, I had preordained that I would do no more sewing today, but I did take the time to trace out the last two embroidery motifs for the Gardener's Journal quilt. Once I have these stitched up, I'll be able to finish the quilt that I've been working on since December of 2012. This one is the "Annual Garden Show",

and this one is Birds in the Trees.

After that I went outside. Our weather has been so beautiful, and I wanted to get outside and enjoy it. I planted the next round of red leaf lettuce. We're supposed to get some rain over the next couple of days, and so it's a good time to plant it. The planter box is covered with plastic wrap to keep the seeds moist. They form their own little terrarium that way. Last year I planted some in August while we were gone for the weekend, and the weather got so hot that the poor things boiled in their own moisture before we got back to check on them. Lesson learned.

Aside from that, Smitty helped me do some weeding. We were out in the hottest part of the day, and while the temperature isn't that high, it was hot in the sun. 

I wanted to show you the petunias in the hanging pots. We used to pay big bucks for these beautiful pre-planted and pre-grown petunia baskets. Then in a frugal moment one year, I decided to plant them myself from little plants. It only takes a few weeks for them to fill the pot and spill over the sides just like the big boys do. These are the ones I have now.

This is how they looked in mid-April. Not a good picture, but you can see that they have grown significantly in a short period of time.

Also, I checked the plum tree and found it positively loaded with plums. It had bloomed during a week of rain, and so I wasn't sure it got pollinated. I'm very excited about this because last year was its first year to bear a good amount of fruit, and so a repeat performance is a really good sign.

The dianthus are filling their pot now.

And the daylilies are heading up. They should probably be blooming by next week.

Looks like our deer neighbors have been dining on them. Hopefully, they'll leave some for us to enjoy. We've discouraged deer from the flowers in the past by having the Stanbro Men mark the territory (if you know what I mean). Maybe I can convince Mike to take a walk on the wild side tonight.

This year I have marigolds. Last year the squirrels ate them down to bloody stumps. It was very discouraging.

You can thank our trusty guard cat for that. We have squirrels in the yard, but none are living up by the house as they have in previous years.

And he's always on duty, let me tell you.

He's keeping a weather eye out for this guy, who is living down by the trailer.

I've seen him chasing them across the yard, and they cannot out run him. It makes Mike very happy since he's had to be judge, jury, and executioner in previous years when the squirrels tried to take over. I'm just as happy that they're keeping their distance now.

So today's dinner was prepared ahead of time. When Mike gets home, I'll just need to stick it in the oven. I made my ascent of Mt. Laundry today, and now I can relax for the rest of the afternoon. Tomorrow is a swimming day, and I have to pick up a couple of things at the grocery store. Nevertheless, I think I'll have some time to get started sewing the blocks together for the Good Morning quilt. I'm hoping to gift it to someone in August, and so I want to get it finished off and shipped out to a long arm quilter. 

How did your day go?

21 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kaelyn Angelfoot said...

I'm having a problem with some sort of critter chewing the branches and leaves off of my apple sapling. The nice lady at the garden center recommended putting a few mothballs out by the tree and it seems to be working so far. Maybe that would help with your squirrel problem?

Andee said...

Garden is looking great!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Yes, moth balls work pretty well. the deer are so pretty, but can be a menace. I had a nice buck in my veggie garden last year...LOL.

WoolenSails said...

Love the quilt and love the sunflower border, really stunning. You do the most fun stitcheries.


Junebug613 said...

That sunflower came out fantastic! As I was sure it would! I really love the Good Morning quilt. The colors are so cheerful. Awww Smitty! Poor squirrels don't stand a chance!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

The sunflower quilt is just super! You really got your head into the game with that one. Always appreciate the garden and outdoor flower photos. Good job Smitty!!

quiltzyx said...

Your B.S. quilt is a stunner - great job!! I can't believe how fast you did it too. Whooosh!

Cute stitcheries coming too - oh boy!

The lettuces do look yummy. Maybe I'll have a salad for dinner tomorrow with my leftover steak sliced up on it. Oh, wait, it's guild night, no time for dinner...lunch on Friday then, since I don't start work until 12:30. :)

Always like to stroll around your garden. :D

I worked today & got Brittany hooked on the "Talking Kitty Cat" videos on youtube (Stevecash83). hah! Steve, with cats Sylvester & Gibson, and lab, Shelby. I'm up to #30 myself.... My friend Sara took me out to dinner our birthdays, yum.

Lynn - JnL4God said...

Your BS Quilt is looking very pretty. Your yard and flowers are lovely too.

Dana Gaffney said...

Perfect border for the sunflower! I'm running on very little sleep so when I read "So today's dinner" my mind filled in the rest with "was squirrel". I'll be trying to get that out of my head today, LOL.

Doris Rice said...

Your B.S. quilt is fabulous! I love the pixel look. You can sometimes use counted cross stitch patterns to do pixel quilts. I did one time on an easter egg. You can see about it here http://www.quiltingqueenonline.com/2014/01/wake-up-to-kona-cotton-blog-hop.html
I'm battling with the deer also, and I live in town! They are loving my portulaca and gerbera daisies! So far haven't bothered my day lilies, impatiens, or geraniums.

Scrapatches said...

The sunflower is looking even better with the borders. The great outdoors is looking good even with the unwanted help of the deer neighbors. Go, Smitty! ... :) Pat

Tami C said...

I think the fabric that you picked for the border and backing is really lovely! The garden is really beautiful. I really miss my garden.

liniecat said...

smashing sunflowers!!
the petunias are so pretty too

Donna said...

Gorgeous flowers, quilt and kitty cat!

Lou said...

LOVE the sunflower and am about to buy the pattern to be in my need to make pile:)

Christine M said...

How perfect is that border fabric for your sunflower!

LethargicLass said...

new favourite quilt :)

Jacque said...

Hmmm....never knew that about he dear little deer. Will have to see if I can recruit any of my men to try that out. Often we drive up to the house at night and find several standing in the yard, with Kooshie (Great Pyr. mix) standing there as if they are in the middle of an extremely interesting conversation. Chase them away? Not!

Kate said...

Blooming Sunflower turned out beautifully! Love all your "real" flowers too.

ana-ane said...

Me encanta como ha quedado el girasol, las flores de tu jardín están muy bonitas.


beaquilter said...

sunflower looks awesome! and great garden, we have squash and zucchini coming out of our ears now!