Wet Wednesday

Today was a day at home for me. In exchange for going to Zumba on Monday, I gave myself the day off from exercise today. April has been a busy month, and I haven't had many days to stay at home in my sweats. I've taken to referring to them as my "daytime jammies". Wasn't there a time a generation ago when women had clothing they referred to as "loungewear"? Or am I confusing that with something else?

For example, this pattern from the 1930's:

1930s vintage sewing pattern pajamas loungewear

Love those polkadots!

Okay, so rather than embarrass myself, I decided to Google that term. I came up with this article entitled, "Loungewear, the New Streetwear", written by "Erin B." for Yahoo Voices...a publication I only just now became familiar with. According to Erin B.:

Loungewear is clothing you wear to be comfortable, whether lounging around or not. Loungewear can be fashionable or frumpy. However I prefer the fashionable kind.

Fashionable? Really? Not in my world, Erin B. Sorry. You and I obviously are not going to be best friends. But I digress.

So here's what's up today. It's raining sideways for one thing...definitely a good day to stay in. I did some laundry and then I got to work on my "Let's Book It" project for the month of April. Recall that I am making this quilt:

From this book:

Actually, I started on it yesterday when I did all of the cutting, which involved cutting little tiny pieces, including 168 one-inch squares. The entire quilt is doll quilt sized at 24-1/2 inches square. I cut the pieces for the cats from these fabrics:

I'm using the same white background used in my Rainbow Ladies Scrap quilt. There were quite a few strips left from that quilt, and many of them were already cut to the right width, which made it nice.  It was good to have all the cutting finished ahead of time, and then this morning I started piecing them together. I started with the ears:

Fabric or fur, I love kitty ears.

Then I sewed the cats together.

And then I sewed the center panel together.

When I left off this afternoon, I was starting to sew together the spools for the border. That's where all those one-inch squares come in. I'm making pretty good progress on this quilt, and so I'm hoping to have the top finished within a couple of days...time permitting, as always.

Also, I'm making pretty good progress on my embroidery. There are three stitcheries for the next section of the Gardener's Journal quilt, and I already have the first two finished. They are quite small this time around. Here is the violet wreath:

And the seed packets:

So I'm pausing a little bit in the day here to write this blog post and do some housework. I'm hoping I can get some more done on piecing the spools together this afternoon.

How is your day going?

10 comments from clever and witty friends:

Lyndsey said...

I love that quilt pattern and your choice of fabric is great. I must start on my April NewFO but I've still got marking to finish and I want to get my votes for women top finished as well. Too many projects, too little time. I fancy a jimjam day, lounging and sewing in comfort - just perfect.

carla said...

HI!!!! I love the kitties!!!! Your embroidery is very pretty also!!!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think lounge wear (whether fancy or frumpy) belongs in the home. Your kitties are so cute in the tiny prints.

WoolenSails said...

I got a pattern for pj's, still haven't tried it, lol.
Love the kitties and the fabrics you chose, that is going to be a nice piece.


Brown Family said...

WOW! Look at the tailored tops on that lounge wear! And that tiny waist! That might have been lounge wear way back in the 30's but today is is comfortable tee shirts and elastic waist pants!

Your kitties are cute!

Tami C said...

I agree with the comfortable tee shirts and elastic waist pants! Your little kitty cats are looking really cute and so are your three little stitcheries.

liniecat said...

Now when I think of lounge wear I think of the vintage Hollywood actresses wafting around in voiles and coifured up to the nines but heavens thats never been my choice. Give me jeans and long line tops every time, Im a teen from the 60s me.
Mind you had I the waistline and money maybe I might have been tempted back in them there vampy Hollywood days.
A pal went to Sidney to see her brother and was amazed that folks went shopping in their jamas late at night! I guess its warm enough to do so but still doesnt seem quite appropriate to me lol
She was told its an Aussie practise if your shopping around midnight then its considered fine to wear your jimjams!
Having said that our Asda supermarkets sell pyjama bottoms and tops that both seem to be used as casual wear day to day too, and you frequently see lasses wearing them as they stroll along the streets.
Invariably these lasses are of the larger build so may just prefer wearing loud colours and those elastic waists!
Bless those elastic waists, what a clever invention!

crazy quilter said...

Love the Kitties! How darling they are.... and your embroidery is wonderful, my embroidery skills are a bit lacking. Are you ready for your Longarm Quilting? I have an apointment on Saturday, and have everything ready! I am so excited. Hope yours goes well too.

quiltzyx said...

Yep, I had a lounging day yesterday too. It was a perfect day for it too. I will admit that I have gone out thru' a drive-thru with sweat pants, a pj top with a sweatshirt over it a time or two. But not anywhere that I'd be outside of the car! lol
The stitcheries are so cute - nice job as usual.
That is TOO MANY 1" squares for me! I'm glad it's going together fast for you. :D

Kate said...

Wow, lots of progress in just a couple of days!