ALYoF: January Progress Report and Goal Setting

Here we are with a new year and a clean slate! If only the slate of life were so easy to wipe clean. But as the Queen of Good Intentions, I'm ready to try anew. And, ahem, this year, I'm going to hit the Big 6-0, so I'm hoping to make it a really good year.

Here's how I did on December's list:

1. My first priority is to tie and bind the Salt Water Taffy quilt. Complete!

And may I just say that this quilt has proven very popular with the cats of the house.

2. Also, I'd like to quilt and bind the Heart of the Home table runner. Complete!

3. Complete the last block for my "We Are the World" Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt. Complete!

And with that block, complete, I have all of the blocks for this quilt. Now, to piece it into a whole.

4. Make the next blocks for the Debbie Mumm "Mumm's the Word" sampler.  Complete!

5.  Make five more blocks for the Hobo Quilt. Complete! I have ten blocks out of 60 made.

6. Make the sky blocks for the Quiltmaker's Garden quilt. Complete!

7.  Make one more vertical row for the "For the Birds" quilt I started some time ago. As I'm writing this post, all I can say is that this one is in progress.

8. Finish the last blocks for the Hello Moon quilt. Complete! And that completes all of the blocks for this quilt too.


So here's what I'd like to accomplish in January.

1. As my goal for ALYoF, I'd like to quilt and bind the Vintage Miniature Sewing Machines quilt. This was on my list for November, but I wasn't quite ready to tackle it:

This is the quilt I'll be linking up as my goal to complete for January's linky party:

Also on my list for January (in no particular order):

2. Make the flower applique for the Cornflowers table runner:

3. Remake the first block for the Forest Giants quilt. I started this several months ago, and got frustrated with the pattern. I'm still determined to get this off the ground:

4. Make two more blocks for the Yard Art quilt:

5. Make the next blocks for the Pony Express quilt:

6. Make the next door for the Doors of Ireland quilt. This is the next one on my list:

7. Make the next block for the Folk Art Cats quilt. The next one I'm making is the one in the upper right hand corner.

8. Start on Block 2 for the Wind in the Whiskers quilt:

Also on the list, my January NewFO project, which is this "On A Roll" wall hanging:

And, finally, make the first block (blue) for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I've chosen this Dream Machines pattern (available free right here):

So, as usual, I have an impossibly ambitious list. Even if I don't finish everything, having a long list keeps me moving forward. And if I can get it all done, then yay me!

What's on your to-do list for January?


Julianne said...

Hi Barbara! Happy new Year! Can I ask where I can find the pattern for the little ladies blocks? The ones you did for the RSC? I am thinking my grandaughter would love a little lady quilt!

Vicki W said...

Given your December accomplishments I don't think January is too ambitious at all!

Lee said...

I think you managed to be quite accomplished in December and you have a healthy January goal list, no doubt you will meet most, if not all of them. Happy New Year :)

Kate said...

You made great progress in December! The list for January is impressive, you've got some gorgeous projects on it. I'm looking forward to seeing your Sewing Machine blocks come together this next year.

sunny said...

You do have a very ambitious list, but I'm sure you'll do well! Good Luck!

Teresa in Music City said...

Wow! You DO have a lot planned! But you will definitely get more done if you have a plan and a list :) And you did a great job of meeting your goals in December. The Vintage Machines quilt turned out really beautiful. And who wouldn't like Hello Moon? I see you went with the colored fox :)

Anonymous said...

My fave is still Yard Art.....love flamingos!!!!! You have done very well!!!!! The heart runner is so striking. Looking forward to what 2014 will bring!!!! Hugs.....

Sherry said...

Nice list I know you can do it.

Junebug613 said...

Very ambitious and inspiring. I really need to get back in my sewing space! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on all of your projects!

quiltzyx said...

That is an ambitious list for January...but you do always seem to find your way to the end!

I'm going to start on my first finish for my guild UFO challenge, and work more on my sister's braid quilt.

Yay us!

HeatherK @ A Reformed Heath'n said...

Wow, you must have A LOT of time to sew. Beautiful sewing machine quilt!

Lynne said...

You achieved quite a lot in December and that's quite a list for January! Mine's much more modest
- finish one block from sampler quilt (just a little more piecing to go)
- turn 30 blocks into a quilt
- turn 48 blocks into a flimsy
- finish knitting one baby hat
- learn shadow (illusion) knitting
- add to knitted blanket I've designed
- some handwork progress on my hexies

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year - a bit late...I have to Thank You for a good enjoyable laugh each day of your many antics - brings a smile an Ha Ha out loud... Oh those bird house's are just too cute - hoping you get the poles the right size... makes me feel like I am not such a bumbler at times - to know others also do some funny things..
To keep it short -- Thanks for keeping me on the up and up - it's ok to mess things up and then figure it out and fix them..
Have a wonderful day.

Brown Family said...

I always enjoy seeing the progress that others make.

Pam said...

you certainly have a lot going on! I would love to have a peek at your sewing room. :) I know some quilters who only do one quilt at a time.... that doesn't fit for you (or me). Happy New Year!
I am going to do ALYoF for 2014, hopefully I will get some stuff done too! xoxo

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

That 'On A Roll' quilt used to hang on the wall at a long gone LQS. I tried to get the pattern, but, they were out, and, didn't have the name. I never could find it online (always helps to have the name). I've thought for years that I need one hanging in my powder room. Have fun making it.