Sunshine on Saturday

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It is a beautiful day here today...time to get out and do some things that need doing outside. Despite my claims to have been sewing the past few days, I have done none. Of course, I finished up Erik and Mae's little stitchery. I'll be giving it to them this evening, and so I will reveal it to you tomorrow. I have spent some time looking at pictures of blocks and other little things I might make, but I've progressed no further than that. While I have plenty to do in the sewing room, there are those little monthly things that need making, and on those I haven't got a clue. Never fear, however. A new project has never been able to hide from me for very long.

For today, however, I need to feed the poor birds. This morning, I spied a Flicker doing his/her best to eat the last bits of sunflower seeds at the bottom of our tube feeder.

That's not my image...I just wanted you to see what they look like. The poor birds haven't been fed since we left on our trip, and they are looking mighty thin right now. Not really, but I'm imagining their ribs are showing beneath their feathers. We have been very bad bird parents, and I'm going to remedy that today.

Also, things are still growing in the greenhouse despite having been neglected for a full month. I've been a little afraid to go out there, thinking something might grab me as I go through the door. There is good reason to fear too. Take a look at this image of the greenhouse from yesterday. The vents at the top open automatically when the sun shines and the greenhouse warms up. They didn't open at all while it was raining, but when I looked out yesterday afternoon, this is what I saw:

The tomatoes are growing through the vents! You can see why there's reason to be cautious. Mike has committed to helping me whack things back. He'll man the machete, and I'll go inside. Just as an extra precaution, we'll keep the phone handy and dial 9-1...then we'll only have the last "1" to dial in case we need to summon the National Guard. One can never be too careful...that's my motto.

Also, I need to take some things back down to the trailer, and bring some things up that I forgot to take out when we unpacked last week. You'll be happy to know that Mike had a load of gravel delivered on Wednesday. Thursday, he came home from work early and spread it out on the muddy field so that he could drive the truck out there and finish backing the trailer back into its slot. The trailer presently is resting easy in its proper place, and so you can rest easy now too. Sorry for stressing you out about it for the past several days. I'll be you haven't gotten a wink of sleep worrying about it, have you? I know. Me neither.

Finally, I'm finishing up with my newest National Park Pretty Picture Protest image. But first, I need to warn you that there has been nefarious activity on my Facebook page.

Yesterday alone, I shared two links. One was some sort of video I watched and passed along. Later in the day, one of my friends wrote to tell me that she tried to watch it and it turned out to be an ad for a Nevada divorce attorney. Hm. Very strange indeed, since I have not, to my knowledge, started shilling for Nevada divorce attorneys.

Then later, I posted another image that made me LOL. Here...let me see if I can find it again somewhere...looking...looking...looking...Okay, here it is, and honestly, no disrespect intended. I just thought it was hilarious.

Anyway...when I tried to find it later, it had disappeared!!! I'm telling you there's a diabolical scheme at work trying to silence my protest. But I will not be silenced! In fact! (yeah, I should have used a comma, but an exclaimation point was much more dramatic) today I'm staging a sit-in! In other words, I'm sitting down as I'm writing this. Are you sitting down too? If so, then thanks for joining me. The pressure is building, thanks to you. 

So here it is...hang onto your eyeballs.

This image was taken in February, 2008, in Big Bend National Park, Texas. This is the Chisos Mountain Range and the Rio Grande at sunrise. Power to the People!

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

OMGosh....you have made me laugh today.....and I thank you very much.

Also love your new photo! The glasses just set off the color of your eyes....giggle.

Your green house brought me back to The Little Shop of Horrors movie....watch your step.....Something in their might be singing "Feed Me!"

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Thanks for a laugh today!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Like Billie, I was thinking Little House of Horrors - too FUnny!! What a great color palette on the photo today - I see a Bargello on the design wall.

Kate said...

For some strange reason the creature from "The Thing" popped into my mind as I saw your image of the green house. I hope Mike is really good with that machete!

Thanks for the giggles, sinus headaches have hit all three of us today and no one has been in a good mood. That helped.

Lee said...

I was wondering if you had an Attack of the Killer Tomatoes going on there! And of course, I laughed at Behner/Beaner/Boner, oh forget it, what's his name. And then you made me remember that the one and only sit-in I ever took part in was in 1970-71 in a small town not so horribly far from you, where we girls (at the time, we were girls, not women) protested over not being able to wear pants, as in in slacks or jeans, even on cold, wet or snowy days and without having to wear a dress over them. That was the rule, you could wear pants under your dress if it was really cold/wet/snowy. Eventually we were allowed to wear nice, dressy type slacks...it was a small step.

quiltzyx said...

Poooooor birdies! Left to fend for themselves for almost a whole month - sheesh. I'm glad to hear that you've rectified that situation.

Yikes! That is a scary shot of the greenhouse! Good thing Mike has that machete....

Tami C said...

Flickers are such pretty birds! I never realized it. You've got some really rambunctious tomato plants! I would probably be afraid of spiders out there. Glad to hear that Mike finally was able to put the trailer in it's proper place. I really laughed when I saw facebook reflected in your eye!!! That's funny! I'm still sitting! Power to the People!

Lyndsey said...

Oh I love your post, my sides are still hurting from laughing. I hope you tamed the tomato plants, they can be pretty wild when left alone for any time. That bird is so pretty I wish we had them visit our garden.

Dana Gaffney said...

Beautiful bird, I'm glad I didn't know they were starving or I wouldn't have even been able to sleep the one hour I've been getting from worrying about the trailer.
Boehner's name has always made me giggle, toilet humor proves I'm in touch with my teen boy side.

LynCC said...

FUNNY!!! Still laughing at the Boehner pic, but that Big Bend photo is amazingly beautiful.

Barb H said...

Great post today. All of it!

Brown Family said...

Yes, I an joining you by sitting down!