July NewFO Linky Party and Giveaway

Well, I don't know about you, but the month of July nearly got away from me.  It's the best time of the year here in the Pacific Northwest, which means it's also the busiest time of the year.  There's gardening to be done, cooking to be done, canning to be done, watering to be done, and yes, quilting to be done!  So today we're here to see what you started during the month of July.  Everyone who links up for today's party will be entered to win the July bee needle nanny.

So here's what's new at the Three Cats Ranch for the month of July.  As always, I made a quilt for the July doll quilt swap.

 Doll Quilters

My partner and I decided to stick with the "Stars and Stripes" theme.  Here's what I made:

It's my own design and a quilt-as-you-go technique.  That's a finish, but you don't have to.  The NewFO Challenge is all about what you've started.  No finishes required.

Also, this month, I started the first  block of the Vintage Tin quilt.  This is one of the smaller embroidery motifs and there are many more to go...this size and much larger.  Also, I'm trying out a new product for transferring the embroidery designs.  You can read all about it right here.

Yep, that's a needle nanny at the top of the hoop.  Want one of your own?  You know what to do.

Finally, I started the new project originally on the schedule for July, the strawberry table runner.  I took this one to the quilting and binding stage, but that's as far as I got.

And as an update, on Monday I finished the True Hope quilt top which was my December, 2012 NewFO project.  As my friend Kate says...to finish a lot of quilts, you have to start a lot of quilts.  And that's our goal here at the NewFO Challenge.  Starts.  No finishes required.  

So that's it for me this month.  Now, I'm ready to see what's new at your end.  Here are my easy-to-follow, friendly guidelines.

1.  Please link-up with your newly started projects from July, finished or not.  If you feel like it, show us the progress you've made on any other previously posted NewFO projects. 

2.  Please link back to this post from your blog.  Also, please link to your blog post, not your blog.  To do that, just click on the title of your post to isolate it from the rest of your blog.  Then copy the URL and use that to link up.  Links to entire blogs will be edited or deleted entirely.  Also, this is not a place to advertise your Etsy shop or some other event.  To be clear, you may include references to other events in your post, but there should be something related to your NewFO's as well.  Cats, dogs, birds, fish, alligators, dinosaurs, rats, hamsters, children, and other pets are always welcome.  Links provided for the sole purpose of promoting other events or shopping experiences will be deleted without apology.  (Sorry, but some folks can't seem to resist crashing the party.)

3.  Don't have a blog?  Upload an image to this FlickR group and link to that.  If you have questions about how to do that or about how to link up, please email me.  If you're having trouble posting your image, email it as an attachment, and I will be happy to post it for you.  Also know that it takes a bit for your thumbnail to appear, so don't despair.  It will appear eventually.  You might need to "refresh".

4.  Obviously, I need some way to contact you no matter how you link up.  No email address and no other way to contact you equals no entry in the giveaway.  Email me separately if you need to.

This giveaway ends one week from today.  Winner of the needle nanny will be announced on Wednesday, August 7, 2013!  We will ship anywhere in the universe, so international and interplanetary participants are always welcome!

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Kate said...

Love the Stars and Stripes quilt, it's very patriotic. You made a lot of starts this month, all of which I really like. True Hope looks great, love the simplicity of that quilt and how that background fabric can shine in that lay out.

Thanks for hosting the challenge!

Oddbjørg said...

Lovely starts you have done this month! I hope/guess I find more time for sewing next month :-)

Ray and Jeanne said...

I love your doll quilt! The Vintage Tin quilt is going to be neat. Thanks for sharing. ~Jeanne

Celtic Thistle said...

You always have a great variety of projects on the go Barbara, it tires me out just reading about them :)

Cute needle nanny too.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

So many wonderful projects. You are always so busy.

Linda said...

Hi 'Cat Patches'!
#13 link is mine, a new sewing machine cover! Thanks for sharing!


Mary said...

I Remembered to put a picture of my START this month. Thanks for encouraging us to start new things. Finishes are great, too. I like the table runner with the Strawberries! Have fun quilting it.

Harriett said...

Cute table runner. I'm working on the same embroidery project but much slower.

Teresa in Music City said...

I just made it! I always appreciate your linky party - it never fails to inspire me to start something that would have languished otherwise.

Denise :) said...

Yay! I actually have a NewFO this month! Whoohoo!! I love your strawberry runner -- the color combos are sweet! And your patriotic banner is *perfect*!! Is that something you might possibly share? (Or did you already and I missed it??) :)

Muv said...

Hello Barbara,

Love the doll quilt! I'm treating you to a postage stamp sized portion of mine. The rest of it is secret.


Newbie Jen said...

I really like your stars and stripes quilt.

I'm all linked up too.

Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

Just linked up, thanks! it's always fun to see what everyone else is making!

Lyndsey said...

Great work in July Barbara. Love your new projects, that little table runner is just too cute.

Diane Wild said...

Linked up and ready to start August. Woot-woot. Fun to see everyone's progress.

Dana Gaffney said...

I'm in, you have a lot going on, I'm watching that motorcycle one, it's going to be great.

quiltzyx said...

Even with your mini-trips in July, you still have plenty to show us! I REALLY like your flag DQ. If I had seen that before I made the flag I gave my secret pal, I might have copied yours! (And I forgot to take a pic of mine, sheesh.)

Junebug613 said...

I made it back in this month! I almost caught up with you on the projects this time, almost. Ha ha! The doll quilt is great. I love patriotic stuff.

Anonymous said...

The vintage tin embroidery looks like fun. I've always enjoyed antique car parades (great one in Auburn, IN on Labor Day); as I watch your block finishes, I'll learn about motorcycles too.

Lynn - JnL4God said...

Thanks Barbara for hosting this it's fun to see and share. Lynn

Vivian said...

We both seem to be in a R/W/B mood these days. Love the doll quilt you did!

I read the embroidery transfer post before but need to read it again since I have some embroidery projects I'm hoping to get started before summer's end. Keep those posts coming, I'll need the inspiration!

Lee said...

I guess it's better late than never; sure can be hard to catch up after a near month-long vacation, especially when internet service wasn't 'great'. It's good to be home :)