Good Day Sewing

Today I was able to make quite a bit of progress in the sewing room.

The June block for the Hello Moon QAL is finished now.

These are all the blocks I have so far, and that means, the blocks for this quilt are half finished!

Also, I added another three rows to the Salt Water Taffy quilt.

It still needs two more rows.  It's a little hard to love this quilt right now.  Fortunately, I made it before using different colors of flannel scraps.  I didn't love it the first time either...until I sewed the blocks together and finished it off.  Now it is one of my coziest quilts ever.  Here are all the blocks I have so far.

It's getting there.  The next time I work on it, I'll have all the blocks finished, and I might just start sewing it together.

Also today, I spent a little time fondling the tomatoes.  It encourages pollination.

And it looks like it's paying off because today, I spied the first tomato!

I hope it's the first of many.  I don't know what variety this is.  When I planted the seeds, I marked the containers.  But then when I transplanted them, I forgot to keep track of who was who.  (Doh!)  And now, I have no idea.  I can only judge by the size and shape of the tomato and its foliage.

Tomorrow, I'm going to sew the borders on the last four Vintage Miniature Sewing Machine blocks, and then that top will be ready to sew together.  Hopefully, I can get on to something else as well, but that is my goal for now.

How was your day today?

8 comments from clever and witty friends:

Teresa in Music City said...

You are really rolling along on your different projects! I'm saving the Hello Moon patterns and putting them in the pocket with the Hello Sun patterns from last year. They are so cute!!! You did a great job with the little cricket :*)

WoolenSails said...

I love your hello moon pieces, wonderful fabric choices.
We are getting a lot of rain, so waiting for the sun and hopefully my plants will perk up again.


Brown Family said...

Hello Moon is very cute. The next quilt looks like it would be easy. I have blooms but no tomatos, yet!


Celtic Thistle said...

Hello Moon is so sweet, looking forward to seeing all of the blocks.

Lyndsey said...

The hello moon is going to be a very cute quilt. You really are on a roll at the moment with all your projects.

Heidi said...

oh, I better get on my June Hello Moon! Your Salt Water Taffy looks amazing - funny how scrappies can start out odd and get better and better as they proceed. Just keep quilting, it really is gorgeous!

quiltzyx said...

I don't recall, but did you completely finish the Sun quilt or is it just a top now? Are the blocks the same size as the Moon ones? Just thinking it might be fun if they are the same size, to make it a 2-sided quilt. Happy, fun blocks!
It's hard some times, when you're used to having a controlled color palette, to like a really scrappy top, isn't it? I think Salt Water Taffy is looking just fine.

Mystery Poisonous Tomatoes, oh my!! Getting their make-up done, no less....

Kate said...

Hello Moon is looking so good. I love the background fabric you used.