Northwest Quilters Guild Quilt Show Part II

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If you missed Part I of the quilt show, you can see it right here.  I have some more quilts to show you today, and then I'll have some more to show you for at least the next day or two.  You know how it is when my camera comes out of its pouch.  There's no stopping it.  

But before I get to the quilts, Smitty wanted me to be sure and show you the keen fort he got for his birthday.

Yep, we really went all out for the little bugger...building him his very own fort right in the living room.  Even Gracie thought it was fun, although she left when I got the camera out.

Right now, he's considering decorating options...a few mouse portraits perhaps.

This morning I went to the Farmer's Market with the kids.  

We were lucky to be there between rain storms, but that didn't make it any warmer.  I can't recall when I've been so cold visiting the Farmer's Market.  We were encouraged to keep moving.

And now for the quilts.  This first quilt is called "Dante's Road Trip".  The quilter made it for her grandson.  It was intended for warmth, but also works as a play mat for him to drive his matchbox cars on.  Cute.

I was thinking it was a complicated pattern, but then realized it's just one block.

This next quilt was made by a quilter after my own heart.  The center cats are from a panel.

I loved the color, quilting, and fabrics.  That variegated thread is great.

Same goes for this next one, made for the quilter's granddaughter who likes lots of color.

I'm realizing that any stippling can be made special by simply adding one design element.

You'll want to read the card that goes with the following quilt.  It reminded me of when I was volunteering with the Art Literacy Group at my boys' school when they were young.  We did a unit on Grandma Moses and as our project, we used fabric squares and permanent color crayons.  The kids all made blocks and each class produced a quilt.  The quilts were then donated to a charitable organization that provided quilts to drug affected babies at the local hospitals.  

This next one is for the dog lovers among you.  Isn't the quilting for the fire hydrants cute?

Here is another one that will be better appreciated if you read the card first.

I was thinking how much she was able to do with this simple BQ pattern by adding in the dancers.

And I loved the detail in these blocks.

These next few quilts caught my eye because the quilting was so special on them.

Love the muted colors in this next one.

There's something about chickens on quilts that I find very charming.  Don't ask why.

And I love the Southwest (which is the name of this quilt), so of course, I loved this quilt made from the quilter's own photograph.

That's all I have for you from the quilt show until tomorrow.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Now I'm off.  We have folks coming for dinner tomorrow, and so I'm cooking and cleaning today.  I have miles to go before I sleep.

17 comments from clever and witty friends:

WoolenSails said...

I think if a kitty had one thing he could have, it would be a box, lol. Lots of wonderful quilts, love the butterfly quilt.


Quilting Babcia said...

Great quilts! Looking forward to the rest of the show. Yep, a corrugated box is a cat's best toy!

Cath said...

Oh, isn't Smitty precious and loving his box. Great pressie mum! I am loving the quilt show through your eyes and because I AM a dog lover, the doggie quilt is my favourite.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Lynne said...

More great variety -- thanks again for sharing!

I have a feeling Smitty is not interested in sharing his fort!

SewCalGal said...

Smitty certainly got a really fun fort for his birthday. Thanks for sharing more photos of the quilt show. Beautiful quilts. I enjoyed "attending" this show virtually!


Brown Family said...

More beautiful quilts. I love the children's name quilt. I have a friend that taught gifted children and she used quilting as a teaching method. THey learned math, history, color and much more. They were donated to the local advocacy center for abused children. To her surprise her most dedicated were an Asian boy and a Hispanic boy!

hafza said...

Looks like Smitty love his box and enjoy his 1st birthday. Love all the beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing!

Lyndsey said...

I pleased Smitty liked his fort. Boxes are Picasso's favourite toy. He loves it whatever the box size so long as he can get in. Those quilts are beautiful. I particularly like the cat and dog ones but I'm a little biased. The quilting great - wished mine looked like that!

Rosa said...

Awesome quilts and Smitty is adorable and fantastic top model!

Kate said...

Smitty looks like he had a really nice birthday. Box Forts are definitely a favorite thing of most 1 year olds.

Love the quilts from the show. Thanks again for sharing.

girlsfour said...

Very good post as usual! Love the word "keen." Reminds me of Leave it to Beaver. I think they used that word alot!! It made me smile when I read that. Cats just love boxes, don't they? Love the little mouse in the picture too. Our one cat Nellie just loves the mouses with the little fur tail thing. The fur disappears immediately.

Love all those quilts too. The quilting is lovely on all those those. What talent!!

The chicken quilt reminds me of Key West, FL. If you haven't been there, there are chickens all over the place running around. Made me want to go back there.

Hopefully you get your house all company-ready quick and easy. It's always so nice to have a tidy house after company and always say I am going to keep it that way.... Wishful thinking! At least for me it is.


Rachel said...

Again, love the eye candy. Love the details on the dancers, how cool is that? Great chickens!

Jacque said...

Purrrrfectly wonderful fort, Smitty...I have one, too! My human changes mine out sometimes, and she thinks I don't notice. I hear her muttering about all of my fur that's collected in the fort, or something like that. Anyways, I do love me a fort and a mouse!
Moses the Studio Cat
Wonderful pictures from the show -- the quilting sure is inspiring!
Jacque (aka Snoodles)

Sheila said...

Perfect little hideaway for your kittie , such a pretty little cat . Thanks for sharing the show with us , so many gorgeous quilts , loved the story about the dancers , special.

desertskyquilts said...

Lovely quilts. I LOVE the quilting on that cat quilt.

quiltzyx said...

Awesome fort Smitty, you lucky cat! zzyzx had brown paper bag forts that lasted until she decided to smoosh them & lay on them instead.

Another wonderful selection from the quilt show. There is some amazing quilting going on these days, isn't there?

Sandra Lye said...

Love the quilts! Thanks for all the pictures.