Northwest Quilt Guild Quilt Show Part I

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It was a beautiful day yesterday and it was also the first day of the Northwest Quilt Guild Quilt Show.  I've been planning to go for months, but somehow I nearly talked myself into staying home yesterday.  In the end, I decided I'd stop off at the South Store Cafe for a bowl of oatmeal and then head on over to the show.  I'm very glad I did because I enjoyed the show (and the oatmeal) very much.  Of course, I took lots and lots and lots of pictures of my favorite quilts, and I'll show them to you over the next couple of days. 

First of all, I have to say that I love the vendors at least as much as I love the quilts, and there were some great vendors on hand yesterday.  I couldn't resist this new pattern called "Portrait of a Quilter".  It includes four different options for the face and hairstyle of the quilter, different slippers including cat slippers, (Padsworth, you would love the ones she's wearing in this image!), wine and chocolate to replace the teapot to her left, and a different pet to her right.  

Cute, huh?  Don't know when I'll make it, but it was too cute to pass up.  (Updated to include the link to the pattern!)

Also, I love the Ten Commandments of Quilting.  Thou shalt not break any of them!

Now here are the quilts that caught my eye.  There are quite a few of these, and I'll do them in batches over the next couple of days.  Also, I'll just keep quiet and let you look unless I have something in particular to say about them.

This next one is called "Cancun in May" and I loved the way this quilter had captured to colors of the tropical waters.

I'm a lover of sea turtles.  You'll see the detail of the quilting in the image that follows.  I thought it was very effectively done, yet simple enough even I could do it!

The next two images show the front and back of the same quilt, respectively.

And I love postage stamp quilts.  One of these days, I'm going to tame my scraps by making one.  These were one-inch squares.

I love these little cornerstones.

There were machine embroidered.  I'd like to make little mini-quilt squares using fabric.

This next quilt was one of my favorites.  It was a simple concept, but very clever.  I'll let you read the story of the quilt first, then show you some details on it.

So that's all I have for you today.  There will be more tomorrow and the next day.

When I got home, I finished quilting and binding my quilt for the April Doll Quilt Swap.  This one will be off to my partner, Diane, in today's mail.

For now, you only get a peak.

Today I'm going to go to Curves, and then to the grocery store.  Anything fun on your agenda today?

18 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the shirt quilt and the use of labels and buttons on the border - great idea! It is raining, c old, sleet - miserable, but good day to sew!

Patrica said...

I love to see pictures from quilt shows in different parts of the country. It amazes me how the style of quilting differs from region to region. Thanks for sharing your visit.

Sher S. said...

That shirt quilt was fabulous and such a lucky couple to get it. Love that she added the labels and buttons, very clever. I love that pattern you found. Could you share who the maker is, would love to have that to make for my sewing room. Love when you share photos of the quilts from quilt shows. Thanks for sharing.

WoolenSails said...

Lots of beautiful quilts, love shows with creative quilts and new ideas and love the pattern you got, that is fun.


quiltzyx said...

I have been drawn to quilts with all squares & rectangles lately. I really like the one with all the different sized squares - I'd like to try something like that one of these days. Also the shirt quilt - great idea for the borders!

Love to go to the quilt shows with you Barbara - my feet never hurt!

Kate said...

Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous quilty eye candy.

Cath said...

the quilts are stunning! I had a chuckle at the Quilting Ten commandments but I especially take the tenth one VERY seriously :)

Brown Family said...

Beautiful Quilts. There was one at the Dallas show made out of men's shirts. The border was the cuffs and the cornerstones were the labels. I need to post these pictures!

I like the Ten Commandments!


Dana Gaffney said...

Thanks for the pictures, I love to see quilt shows especially if they aren't all art quilts, they leave me thinking "I'm not worthy". Happy Birthday Smitty, real birthday or I came home today?

Jacque said...

Oh, I love it when you go to a show, and I get to come along too! LOL
Oh my, that portrait is on my list now...and Padsworth says "Yes!" he does think those slippers are perfect! The Commandments are great, as are the other photos. One day my FMQ will look like that around the turtle - probably after I have been retired for a while. :)
Thanks for sharing; I so enjoy these posts!

Diane Wild said...

Perfect day for a quilt show. With snow and cold around me, that's all a person can do is gaze at beautiful quilts. That's not much of a peek of the doll quilt. I can't send yours until after quilt guild on Thurs. but watch the DQM blog for a peek.

Kate said...

Lots of stuff to look at, but I just love the border on the shirt quilt!

Lynne said...

I always love the great variety of patterns, colours and ideas in a quilt show. Thanks for sharing! I didn't get to attend our "Airing" -- I have been sick for a week. (I did manage to go to the airport to see DD off though)!

kc said...

Ooooooooooooh, I love that In the Garden quilt! Those embroidered cornerstones are adorable & so very clever!

Thanks for sharing your show with us...and the commandments. We passed a quilt shop yesterday, and boy, did I get a funny look when I asked WHY? I'm sure we'll find our way back to it before our visit is over.

Fun stuff today? Well, we went to Luckenbach...who knew it was nothing more than an attitude? Seriously, it is only a dance hall, a bar, a PO & a general store (that only sells tacky souvenir stuff that says Luckenbach. And an outdoor stage area with some picnic table seating. And hogs get priority parking...right up front. Big-a trucks like ours have to park waaaaay out in the field. We stayed for one round of chicken bingo (just like cow-patty bingo), which our friend actually won ($157), and a few songs from The Renken Twins (really not bad, not bad at all), but we had to leave when the smoke got to us...we lasted about 20 minutes. And then we hit a few geocaches & met some wonderful new friends (from Bosnia, no less!) & taught them all about geocaching.

We thought we were done after that, but puppy really needed her ears trimmed, so there was that. Then we were done. :)

Lyndsey said...

Great post. I love that pattern, it should be fun to make. The quilts are fabulous. I particularly liked the first one you showed as it is deceptively simple.

Rachel said...

Great eye candy! I am a particular fan of the pattern and the last quilt ;-)

Sheila said...

Thanks for sharing this great show , I find it so interesting to see what quilters are doing in other areas.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I really love that last quilt with the shirt buttons and tags.