Northwest Quilt Guild Quilt Show--Last Day

Don't miss my first birthday pawty and giveaway going on right here!  Today is the last day!

If you missed the previous three days of quilts, you can see all of them by clicking on this link.  I have quite a few more to show you, and so I'll just get right to it.  

I love the quilting on this first one.  In general, any quilting that I think I can do is always on my list of favorites.

The next three quilts are all by the same quilter, and they are all so different! 

That face appears so haunted, it reminded me of my favorite Michelangelo painting, The Final Judgment.  Here is a face from the painting:

So the next one, same quilter, but it evokes such a different feeling.

I love the use of the flattened bottle caps.

This is an interesting challenge.

I love the details in this particular panel.

And may I just say that I love minis.  Someday I want to try one, and I especially love these flying geese.

Check out the quilting in the border.  I love it!  I think she must have used a pigma marker or something similar to make the little dot for the eye of the geese.

And perfectly straight machine stitching.  Sheesh.

The rest of the quilts today are all winners from previous shows.  This first one is possibly my favorite quilt from the whole show.  It is the Portland skyline.  There are six panels, and each is standing looking at the Portland skyline from a different point of view.  Put them all together, and the skyline is recognizable for its individual elements, but it isn't an exact replica of the skyline.  I studied this quilt for perhaps half an hour.

For contrast, here is a picture of the actual skyline.  You can recognize individual buildings, but they aren't exactly in the right order.  

I especially liked this first panel on the left because it shows the radio towers on Council Crest (upper middle), then just below is Oregon Health & Science University, or Pill Hill, as it is affectionately known in Portland.  When I was an employed social worker, I worked in the emergency department there.  Then in the foreground is the Steel Bridge.

This next one was by Helene Knott.  Perhaps you are familiar with her.  Many of these quilts in the "Winners Circle" were hers.

Keep in mind that this quilt is hand quilted.  The stitching is so exquisitely small and perfect, that it looks as if it were done by machine.  Amazing.

That's it!  The show is over.  There were many more quilts at the show, but these are just the ones that caught my eye for some reason.  I hope you have enjoyed them.

Today I have a day at home.  Ordinarily it would be a Curves day, but I'm plum tuckered out from making dinner for guests over the weekend.  Still, the house is clean, and there are leftovers for dinner tonight.  Today I have a slew of worker bees coming in today for various reasons.  My window washer was coming to wash the windows that are currently coated with bird shit (or guano, if you prefer), only he just now called to cancel.  He'll come Wednesday instead.  

Also, our pest control guy is coming to spray for carpenter ants, always a good idea when the weather starts to warm up.  He also sprays for the wasps who like to build their nests under the rim of our hot tub.  Since we hot tub in the buff here, wasps are not welcome.  Also, we're planning to carpet our living room and dining room soon, and so I've had folks coming in to measure and give us a bid.  And aside from those interruptions, I'm sewing.  

I haven't done any sewing in three days, and I am Jonesing for it.  Today I'm going to sew the binding onto the Plain and Simple quilt.  Hopefully, I'll have some time to make some blocks too.  Hooray!  I love Mondays, which I suppose makes me sort of crazy.  As a non-working person, it just means a whole week full of possibilities.  How about you?  Are you a Monday person?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Thank you for sharing the lovely quilt show with us. My days tend to blend one into the other - but I am a morning person, so looking forward to the warm early mornings with coffee on the front porch.

WoolenSails said...

I love seeing the close ups and all the details and quilting. I do love the white piece with the clothesline, that is a nice pice of folk art.


Quilting Babcia said...

Wow! Some gorgeous quilts, especially Teotihuacan! I absolutely am in awe of her hand quilting skills.

Lynne said...

Thanks so much for the quilt show. Those three quilts were so different it was hard to imagine they were by the same person. I love the Portland skyline set of quilts too! And the hand quilting -- get outta here!

My week starts with a three hour quilting class (9:39-12:30) which usually gets me in the mood to sew during the week. I missed it yesterday because URTI is still hanging around! But I did cut, pin and sew the inner border to a flimsy and audition three fabrics for the border -- I even chose one!

Kate said...

All of the quilts from the show have a lot of "wow" factor in the photos, they must have been spectacular in person.

No I'm not a Monday person. I'm still rather partial to Fridays.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Thanks for sharing all that loveliness. I really appreciate your commentary and wondrous pictures.

Unknown said...

Love the Portland scene. Looks like it took a lot of work. A work of art. Sandra

Brown Family said...

Those are impressive quilts!

Cath said...

I so love the flying geese quilt. Thank you for sharing this wonderful quilt show with us.

Dana Gaffney said...

I'm sorry to see this end the quilts have been amazing, thanks.

Nancy in IN said...

I checked amazon for the book Hobo Quilts; many comments said history was great but measurements were off in several blocks. Just a heads up since you have already found. Nice quilts.

otterdaughter said...

Thanks for the show review pictures! I liked that miniature flying geese that I pinned it and spent a good ten minutes staring at the close-ups trying to figure out how those strips of geese were assembled! Looks similar to a 'braid' technique...may have to try it!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Really loved the Aztec hand quilted quilt and the little houses and trains. Thanks for all the quilts over the days.

quiltzyx said...

Beautiful end to the quilt show. The hand-quilted Aztec one was incredible! But I think my favorite of this group is the Flying Geese mini. :D

quiltzyx said...

Beautiful end to the quilt show. The hand-quilted Aztec one was incredible! But I think my favorite of this group is the Flying Geese mini. :D

Lyndsey said...

Thanks for sharing all those lovely quilts. I particularly liked the minis but they are all beautiful. I love the quilted geese.