What's Up on Wednesday?

There are two updates before I continue with my usual prattle.

First, if you'll recall from Monday's post, I told you that when I attended the guild meeting, the speaker did a talk on Signature Quilts, and I was hoping that Quilting Babcia would come through with a post containing pictures of the quilts.  She did!  You can see her post right here.  And her pictures are simply mah-velous!

Then, in Tuesday's post, I told you about the book of vintage advertisements featuring cats that I received from my friend, Quilting Babcia.

In that post, I showed you an image of an advertisement for New Home Sewing Machines.  Several of you who clearly possess a vast body of knowledge about sewing machines told me that the New Home brand had been bought by Janome.  And a big thank you goes to Betty who provided this link about the brand, which I found very interesting.  I have just one more block coming to me in my Vintage Miniature Sewing Machines BOM.  Wouldn't it be fun if it turned out to be the machine featured on this page?

The title of this post would indicate it was written on Wednesday, but actually, it is Thursday.  That's because I started it Wednesday morning and saved it as a draft.  Thinking that my day would be uncharacteristically fascinating (not), I promised myself to come back later after said fascinating things had occurred and finish up.  Sadly, the fascinating part of the day didn't happen and in my boredom with myself, I totally forgot to finish.

There were no pinatas, but I did get my hair cut, recycled all my plastics, and cashed in a coupon at Penzeys Spices (because I was nearly out of vanilla, and that could bring on the apocalypse).

Then, I bought two more 4-inch ring binders to accommodate my accumulating grandchild-ready patterns (hopefully, two 4-inch binders will hold them all).  Then I returned some shoes to the New Balance store (for the second time), and then went in search of lime extract.  Penzeys Spices let me down in that regard, which was nearly enough to bring on the apocalypse.  You probably felt the earth shudder for a few seconds.  Yes, that was me.

I've invited the kids over on St. Patrick's Day so I can try out a new recipe for Corned Beef and Vegetables.  I'm trying to keep an Irish theme going, so I decided on a green dessert and I needed some lime extract.  I didn't find any, but I did find some lime oil which should work just fine.  It's like extract, only stronger.  Remember those lemon jello cakes our grandmothers used to make?  I'm going to make the same cake only substituting all things lime for the lemon.  Also, I'm going to try these cocktails that I saw on the Party City website called an Irish Brook.

They had quite a few recipes for Irish drinks, most of which included something I knew none of us would care for.  This one had potential.  Here's what it says:  Make the Brook by mixing three parts vodka and two parts green creme de menthe in a clear tumbler. Top with one part club soda. Further decrease the already subtle sweetness by replacing some of the creme de menthe with more vodka and club soda. (Just be warned that the creme de menthe is what gives the drink its gorgeous green hue.)  So on today's agenda is to score some creme de menthe.  I already have the other stuff I need.

So I really don't have a thing to say, but I figured you would be Jonesing for cat pictures.  You are.  Admit it.

Miss Gracie has forgiven Smitty for his rudeness most of the time these days.  She's been caught cleaning his face and bumping noses with him.  Also, for all her complaining, she does nothing to remove herself from situations of Smitty over-exuberance.  And yes, she does have a brown spot in her eye.  It's been there since  she was a kitten.

Mr. Smitty for his part has acquired a taste for birds.  I think it's because he's hunted the mice into extinction.

He's getting ready for his birthday party next month.  He and I have been perusing the fabrics at Feline Drive picking out some fun giveaway prizes.  He's a party animal, that Smitty.

Today I'm continuing with my blockbuster week by going to the grocery store.  I'll be stopping in at the liquor store for the creme de menthe and so that should liven things up some.  I'm hoping they'll have samples.  What are the chances?  After that, there should be some time for sewing on my True Hope quilt.  I'm hoping to finish up the center panel today.

Then tomorrow I'm going to see the orthopedist about my pesky knee.  It's Medical Month March.  I picked  March to do all this stuff because the alliteration was better than Fysician February.  And don't even get me started on Jaundice January.  That doesn't work at all.

Anything exciting going on in your life?

13 comments from clever and witty friends:

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

B. your blog gets more and more fun to read all the time. The pics of the kitties' faces are just stunning. The excitement around here revolves round the little being who has taken my heart--and my sewing time and run off with it. I couldn't be happier, tho. Oxytocin makes the world go around.

Marti said...

LOL, It was Fysician February for me too, but not by choice. Now it's Medical Billing March for me.

I love your cat photos. They look like perfect angels. I know that look though as my cat can have it from time to time too.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love your humor! Ah, sweet kittie faces that need snuggles and kisses.

Colleen said...

Oh I needed a little Smitty this pm!

Colleen said...

Oh I needed a little Smitty this pm!

Lyndsey said...

I love your cartoons especially the four bunnies of the apocalypse and the kitty pics are lovely. You are so good getting on and doing your errands I just shrugged my shoulders and got my machine out instead.

Sherry said...

Your blog is a delightful read no matter what you are up to. Even had to chuckle over Jaundice January!

Rachel said...

I absolutely love that cat advertising book! I will be looking forward to what the actual lst block is! LOL, I have a baby quilt put away for unthought of Grandbaby!Green party at the Ranch!Miss Gracie is a good soul. Hopefully Smitty will refrain from serving birds or rodents at his party. Could have waited for Arthritic April?

Dana Gaffney said...

That drink could kick your butt, I hope you don't have stories about the toilet being green.

quiltzyx said...

Mmmmm those drinks do look tasty! I'll be working for a few hours on Sunday & I have to call my sister Judy to tell her Happy Birthday. Unless things change, the only green I'll partake of will be a Shamrock Shake!

Kate said...

The old advertisements look like fun. What a cool book.

Smitty and Gracie are looking good.

Brown Family said...

I hate it when days are dull or when I plan to do one thing and spend two doing something totally different. Thanks for the kitty fix!


Denise :) said...

Gracie does nothing to remove herself sort of like Leia does nothing to remove herself from the presence of toddlers! Silly cats! Bunny apocalypse. It will happen. Bahaha! :)