Sunshine and Cats

There was rain in our forecast today, but it turned out sunny.  As the day wore on, it was downright warm.  Spring, this is what I'm talkin' about!

I did quite a few things today, but still feel like I need a day to immerse myself in sewing.  The past week has seen sewing in dribs and drabs.

I don't usually sit down to the machine in the morning, but this morning seemed like the only time I would have, and it was.  Now I'm glad I stole that hour away from the housework.  All the applique is finished on the Line Dancing quilt.

This morning I managed to get about half of the top-stitching finished.  And while I had the red thread on the machine, I satin-stitched stripes onto the white shirt.

I'll probably set this aside for a day at least because I need to put the finishing touches on Matthew's quilt, and I need to make a block for the Block Lotto.  Since I can't quilt it until the fabric for the back arrives here (scheduled for Monday), there is no rush to continue on.  I do expect to finish it, however.  


And this seems like as good a time as any to remind you that the linky party for the March NewFO Challenge goes up on Sunday.  Are you ready?

After that, I needed to go do my Curves workout.  And here's the score on my Four Day Curves Extravaganza:


Two days to go.  Will I make it all four days?  Tomorrow will be easy enough because I need to go to the grocery store.  Friday will be the hard day since I don't need to leave the house except for exercise.  I'm cheering myself on.

So after that, I went for my monthly pedicure, which my soul desperately needed after Medical Month March.  I asked for something Easter Eggy.  Here are my little piggies.  What do you think?  Are they Easter Eggy?

I like this place where I've been getting my pedicures.  It's a part of a hotel, and so while she's doing my toes, I can order up lunch, or a glass of wine, or whatever.  It's very luxurious.  

After I got home, the day was so nice that Smitty and I went outside and filled the bird feeders.  Our friend, Mr. Pheasant, was pecking around as I drove off this morning, and I was sorry I hadn't put out any scratch grains for him.

Smitty is always thrilled when someone comes outside with him.  He hasn't lived a full year yet, and so he doesn't understand how much different it will be this summer when we'll run is little tail off.  Today, he showed me that the Daylilies were up.  Always a sure sign of spring.

And he climbed as high in the cherry tree as he dared to show me the buds there.  I give it another couple of weeks (or several warm days) and it will be bursting into bloom.  I wonder if the raccoons will leave any cherries for us this year.

Climbing a tree is both terrifying and exhilarating for Smitty.  Here, he demonstrates the exhilarating part.

And he's learned the fine art of dust bathing, which requires the rare day of dry patio.

It was a nice enough day that even Gracie made an appearance.  Now that's something!  Gracie doesn't often make it onto the blog because she's more often than not fulfilling her destiny as a couch potatoess.  As long as Smitty and I were going to be outside, she decided to join in the fun.

Smitty's long tail is something of a mystery to her.  It's so different from her own relatively short tail.  They are like two men comparing their.....well, you know.

Usually Smitty says something insulting to her, and she huffs off.

So now, Smitty is whining around for his afternoon treat.  Duty calls.  

It was a good day at this end.  How are things at your end?

19 comments from clever and witty friends:

Anonymous said...

Your "Laundry" project is so cute and coming along beautifully! Such fun!!!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the 'eggy' toes, warm outside time - how jealous, but we did get sunshine! I had my computer repaired and still trying to get things re-loaded - just can't seem to get the camera to load, yet - but everything else back in order.

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh isn't it a joy for spring to be peeking around the corner!?! We had a wonderful day filled with sunshine today too. It was chilly still but bright and happy. Hooray!!!

Colleen said...

Love getting my Smitty and Gracie fix!

WoolenSails said...

I love your laundry project, really fun designs.
It is so wonderful to have the sun back and I can see the kitties are loving it.


Jacque said...

Ah, dust bathing....an art form for us kitties...I have a favorite spot in the driveway, and my human doesn't like it a bit when I come back in covered in gravel dust and debris! In fact, she has vacuumed me before, so that she will let me climb back in my favorite chair! The indignity!
Moses the Studio Cat

Lynne said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful day! Our cat likes dust bathing --- then lying on our bed! There'll be no more of that when I finally get the new quilt finished!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

This is adorable!

Brown Family said...

Kirby has started wanting to go out every afternoon. We are unsure how he will react so we limit his time. He has not attempted to climb trees, yet, but has made a run for the hole in the fence! I got videos of him today!


Val Spiers said...

Fun post. A pedicure no less! I loved all the kitty pictures. They are lovely colours. Your appliqué is looking good. The little sleeve stripes are a great idea.

Donana said...

I love your laundry project so much it makes me want to make one. Have you found your tiny clothes pins yet? I spotted some at Michael's a while back perfect for this! I can see you making another with hanging quilts and sheets!
Smitty is cute as ever. Love the polish. I hope today is as good as yesterday!

Kate said...

Those stripes on the hanging T-shirt are just perfect. Great idea. Your Line Dancing quilt is looking really great.

I started my NewFO for March, one block is complete. So I'll be ready for Sunday. I really enjoy the NewFO challenge.

Glad you had a sunny day for a change. We are in for 4 days of cloudy skies and hopefully rain. We certainly need it.

Lyndsey said...

I love your work on the T shirt and can't wait to see what you will do with the bra. Smitty and Gracie look so happy outside and Gracie's coat is so beautifully marked. Went looking for signs of spring in our lace hankerchief sized garden and yes the daffodils are flowering and the buds are getting bigger. There was even sun along with the snow whilst I was driving yesterday.

Dana Gaffney said...

The quilt looks great and adding the details looks fun. I'm always so happy to see Miss Gracie, she's so beautiful and looks so soft, please tell her I said so.

Diane Wild said...

Looked like a wonderful day for a pedi and to be outside. I got the car washed, had coffee with a friend, and another friend stopped by to visit. A very good day. Working on projects today. P.S. You need glitter on your piggys.

Christine M said...

I love all the washing on the line! Your laundry block looks great.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

The laundry line is so cute! Smitty is going to love the nicer weather! I hope he has a great time discovering everything that pops up this Spring.

Dar said...

What a shot of your tooties--really up close and personal!! Yes, they are a bit Eastery in color. Pretty. Also, Smitty and Gracie have the most beautiful coloring. They look so much younger than my two. I love how your laundry quilt is looking. Great idea for the red strips on the shirt.

Rachel said...

Laundry/Line Dance is looking fabulous! Waving to Smitty and Gracie. Must have been really nice weather, LOL.