A Day of Many Miles

No time for sewing today.  It was a day of errands.  It is a rare day when I go into Beaverton, and so I wanted to take advantage of it.  Our little town of Newberg has most everything we need, but for some things, I just have to go in the other direction.  That means traffic, and I would rather stick needles in my eyes than sit in traffic.  And that means when it's 3:30, I start heading for the hills...literally.

So here I am, having done all the things I needed to do in town, except that I forgot to visit the new quilt shop that opened.  No matter, I would have run out of time for the meat and potatoes part of the trip.  I'll save the quilt shop for another day.

It was an Instagram day because I was on the hunt for tomorrow's prompt:  something orange.  I'll show you what I saw.

The day started with my Curves workout.  No real orange here, but I was handed this booklet.  Do you see a quilt here?  Because I sure do.

When I finished my workout, I headed over to the local feed store (I love that our little town has a "feed store") and bought some potting soil.

I was planning to plant my tomato seeds yesterday, but then realized I didn't have any potting soil.  These are the tomatoes I'm going to plant.  The entire garden is going in the greenhouse this year, and so the only other seeds I got were lettuce, basil, and dill.  That will be for this weekend.

After that I came home and helped Smitty upload pictures for his blog post.  He's a pretty good typist, but for some things, a guy just needs some thumbs.  While he was writing his post, I ate my lunch, and then I took off to get my haircut.  

I got a makeover while I was at it, complete with face lift, botox, liposuction, and having my eyeliner tattooed on.  (Think I'm kidding?)  

After that I headed up to JoAnn and got a pile of embroidery floss for the new project I'm going to be starting soon.  I did see some orange there.

Then I went to an office supply store to cash in a rebate check and turn in some more printer cartridges for recycling.  There was lots of orange in there.  What do you think?  Are these orange or yellow?

Now these are definitely orange.

Then I went to the New Balance store.  One of the two pairs of shoes I got there last week is too uncomfortable to wear.  I don't generally return things once I've purchased them, but the shoes were not going to work at all.  They hurt my feet.  I took them back to exchange them, but they didn't have anything suitable in my size.  They're going to order some that I might like.  For now, they gave me a refund, no questions asked.  While I was there, I saw these oranges:

As I was heading to my car, I saw this:

Then I went to the Backyard Bird Shop to get some bird seed.  While I was there, I saw this.

Then it was 3:30, and I started getting weird, nervous, and thirsty.  Besides, I was drinking water all day and I had to...well, you know.

So that was pretty much my day of orange.  When I got home, I asked myself this one question:

"Orange you glad to be home?"

And I was.  The other thing I said as I went through the door was this:  "My kingdom for a bathroom!"

16 comments from clever and witty friends:

Teresa in Music City said...

Wow Yes! I definitely see a quilt in that - what color & movement :*D

I'm sure Smitty was grateful for your help even though he probably didn't say so - after all, cat celebrities are exempt from manners and acknowledgements, and they don't have to do anything except be beautiful and amazing.

And speaking of beautiful and amazing - it looks like you also got some major eye lashes surgically implanted too :*) It's a good thing you were already blonde or you might have been in there a lot longer. I think it's a great look for you LOL!!!

I'd call the pencils yellow, but those markers are definitely a nice bright orange. My favorite is the orange umbrella - so nonchalant resting there. Reminds me of Gene Kelly singing the title song of Singing in the Rain!

Hope you found the bathroom in time :*)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You look mar-ve-lous! Wonderful orange findings. And I have had those 'look out I have to get to the throne' into the house moves too.

Lynne said...

Love your make-over, you look exactly like what's-her-name! lOL

Orange you glad you don't have to do that too often?

Rachel said...

Great oranges! I definitely see a quilt there...that floss picture looked plain yummy!

Judy1522 said...

Was the quilt shop you didn't make it to by any chance the Quilters Corner Store?

Kate said...

Love all your oranges. Sounds like a busy but fun day.

Dana Gaffney said...

I think the next time I go running around I'm going to look for orange, it seems you found lots of amazing color out there.

Ranch Wife said...

LOL! You are always a hoot, but your last line really made me break out in snorting laughter. Probably because I can so relate! Love your yummy pile of floss, and wonder what you are up to next! I'm all for a makeover, but don't even THINK about coming near me with a needle to tattoo anything because I will swat you so hard, it'll make both of our heads spin...and I am a wimp.

Dar said...

You are too funny. Your pictures were great -- and I'm not even an orange person.!

Snoodles said...

I need to know the name and address of whoever did your makeover....I need one too. Haha! Love all the orange!

Lyndsey said...

I love all the orange and I could certainly do with a makeover like that.

The embroidery floss look interesting. I wonder what you are up to this time.....can't wait to see.

Thanks for helping Smitty. I'm reading the posts in reverse order so I'm off to check out his post once I've made a cup of tea. then Picasso and I can snuggle up and catch up with Smitty's news.

Lynda Otvos said...

You are one of the greatest joys in my life, Barbara S. This post reinforces that in a brilliant shade of the unrhymable color. Hope your weekend is all you want it to be, potting soil and all.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a very orange day. Bright orange! Looking forward to seeing what the floss becomes. The makeover is awesome. ;) Share where you went? I think we could all use one of those! Tell me it was cheap, too, please.

Angel and Kirby said...

So many oranges but none to eat! I do see a quilt in the curves Life booklet!

quiltzyx said...

I think the pencils are maybe Chrome Yellow. You sure found a lot of oranges though. And your makeover looks FAB!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Wow! That diet and workout stuff is really working! ; )