This morning, I was out of the house bright and early so I could go to the grocery store.  But first, I wanted to have one last Egg McMuffin before I start my diet plan on Monday.

Before I left, however, I went on the Curves website and looked at my meal plan and spent a little more time on the website.  I discovered to my complete delight that I could substitute a hot breakfast for a cold one.  Also, I could substitute a frozen entree, for example, a Lean Cuisine for lunch rather than having to prepare something for myself.  I like to cook, but not for myself, and not for lunch.  When I'm here by myself, I'm much more of a grazer.  But here's the best part:  I discovered that there are quite a few frozen treats, puddings, and candies that I can eat!  Well, shut my mouth!

So the Curves Complete plan consists of three meals and two snacks.  There are certain foods that I can eat all I want to...most vegetables, for instance.  (I know.  Makes you want to sing out loud, doesn't it?) But if I know only one thing about myself, it is this:  I have a wicked sweet tooth.

So here's what I discovered:  For a healthy snack, I can substitute something sweet.  (Because goodness knows, I don't want to be too healthy.)  Here are just a few of my choices:

I can substitute three of these:

or two of these:

or four of these:

There are other choices as well, including pudding cups and certain yogurts, but those are the ones I picked out for now.

Also, there are cookies and chips.  For example, I can have one of these:

Also, there were frozen treats on the plan.  Here's where I can find a substitute for my beloved ice cream.  I can have one of these:

Or one of these:

And there are other choices of frozen treats as well.  My grocery store was fairly limited in what it carries, and so I'll have to do some shopping around.  But really, not too bad.  I spent a LOT of time perusing the sweet things that I'll be able to have.  The challenge will be limiting how much of this stuff I eat.  It will only work if I can stick to the prescribed limit.  I think I can do it.  Since the consequence of cheating will be not having it in the house, it will be a powerful motivator to stay within limits.

I recall something I read when I dieted once in the past.  This woman said she put out five M&M's each morning.  She could eat them all at once, or she could eat them one at a time during the day.  That will be a good rule for me to follow because I have no illusions about my candy consumption.  I will eat it every day.  If I do as she did and lay out my portion for the day, say four Hershey's kisses, I can eat them when I need a sugar fix.  If you aren't a sugar fiend, this may all seem a little silly to you.  If you are, you'll understand completely.

I've focused a lot here on the sweet part of the diet, but honestly, the meals don't seem too bad either.  The first week is fairly restricted, but next week, I'll have more options.  My concern is for poor Mike.  Mike is on board with the diet too, but as a man, he'll need more calories than what I'm allowed.  I've decided to make three portions when I cook.  I'll eat one, and he can eat whatever he wants to.  And, of course, he'll be working during the day, so lunch will be his choice.

When I meet with my Curves coach on Tuesday, I have a few questions for her.  For example, there were certain choices that were not on their list, but still stayed within the fat and calorie limit of the things that were.  I'm guessing I can substitute as long as I stay within the limits, but maybe there's something I don't know.  Without a doubt, there are many things I don't know, but for now, I'll stick to enlightening myself about the Curves plan.

Tomorrow I'm planning to attend the Stitches in Bloom quilt show at the Oregon Garden.

If I have the energy afterward, I might visit a quilt shop.  Today was supposed to be the day to go, but honestly, it's a long drive for me to get to the closest quilt shop.  I decided I could support my local quilt shop just as well tomorrow.

And with that, it's time to do a little sewing.  I'm thinking of starting a new project today.  And speaking of new projects:


The first NewFO linky party and giveaway of 2013 will post a week from today.  Are you ready?  

21 comments from clever and witty friends:

Colleen said...

You make me laugh!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

HA - thinking of the substitutions already! I am not a sweet eater and don't have those kinds of things in the house. I do love salty which is just as bad, so I don't allow those here either.

Cath said...

I absolutely love, love, love those skinny cow icecream sandwiches. YUM! I don't get to substitute any of those choccies on my diet but last week I found a packet of mini reese peanutbutter cups at the supermarket (not seen very often around these parts) and I have a sweet spot for them so I had one or two a day and still lost 900grams for the week.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Lee said...

I have my times of sweets, but tend more towards chips/crackers/salty snacks these days, though a really good berry pie would be my best friend if I had one. OK, worst enemy! Looking forward to the NewFO linky party and showing off what I've been working on in more detail :) Have a *sweet treat* evening!

gpc said...

I sure hate to be the voice of reason -- it is SO not me -- but I'm eating a piece of two of fruit for breakfast (today a clementine and a pear) and don't crave sugar the rest of the day. Might not last forever (I am a MAJOR sugar junkie), but so far so good.

Anonymous said...

It truly is about choices and the idea of putting out the allowed amount with the idea of all at once or one at a time is a good one! It's hardest (for me) knowing I canNOT have it rather than I can have a little/some. The best to you and focusing on something else, such as sewing, always helps!!! Blessings, Doreen

Teresa in Music City said...

Sounds like this might be a plan you will be able to work with and perhaps stick to. I think that is why WW usually works for most people, the substitutions allow them to eat of little of the things they like. So glad your sugar tooth will not starve!!!

And yes, I'm ready for the brand new NewFO linky party for 2013!!!

Quilting Babcia said...

Yes, I was horrified when I stepped on the scale this afternoon. Even allowing for the boot cast and heavy sweater and jeans, something's got to change soon. I'll look forward to seeing your photos of the show tomorrow!

LynCC said...

Dove dark squares are AWESOME. I have 2 or 3 every evening after dinner. Let them warm up a smidge and eat them nice and s l o w . . . They're rich enough to make you feel like you ate a whole piece of cake, and the dark chocolate in them even has antioxidants. :)

Kate said...

I like the way you think. The Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are really good and are filling too! So they are a good choice for that sweet tooth.

Enjoy the quilt show tomorrow.

Angel and Kirby said...

At least you have choices. The Lean Cuisine meals are good. I use to eat those all the time.

Sharyn T said...

Good luck with your curves adventure. Sharyn:)

Dana Gaffney said...

I understand completely. 4 Kisses doesn't seem like much compared to the other things and I have this vision of you chasing Smitty through the house as he bats around your last one. Good luck.

Lynne said...

You seem to have it all worked out as regards treats and rewards! Good luck with it all!

Lyndsey said...

It's great you get to substitute some sweet treats. You're far more likely to stick with it if you can have a little of your sweet things. Good luck. remember we are all here to cheer, help, bully you on if you need it.

Celtic Thistle said...

Sounds like a plan Barbara, have a great Curvy weekend!

Vickie said...

I wish you much luck Barbara. I just noticed Celtic Thistle's picture is of her eating CAKE ! :O

KatieQ said...

I am finding the Curves plan easier to stick to than I thought it would be. Unfortunately, I came down with the flu and could barely move for more than a week. I missed being able to exercise and there was no way I could manage 10,000 steps a day. I did stay on the eating plan and have lost 8.5 pounds since I started on January 7th. Food luck!

girlsfour said...

Go girl on the Curves plan!! You certainly don't look like you need to lose any weight from the pictures I have seen.

Interesting about the sugar and more power to you if you can just have five Hershey Kisses or three Dove candies. I personally am a sugar addict (really) so I totally stay away from sugar. Life is much easier that way.

Anxious to hear how you progress and have fun at the quilt show.


Anonymous said...

Love the idea of having all the sweets on a DIET! Great post. Thanks!

Rachel said...

Plans are looking good! For the record my kids (and their friends) actually will choose Skinny cow over regular frozen treats! Me too, LOL.