Almost a Finish

Today I thought I might finish the top for the Plain and Simple Amish sampler, but I couldn't get it done.  It is close, however.  I should be able to finish it up tomorrow.  For now, I'm tired of looking at it.  This is where I left off yesterday.

I started today by making the 6th section and sewing it to the left side.

Once that was done, I made the 7th and 8th sections,

and then sewed them to the bottom of what I already had.  The colors in this quilt are so striking, in my humble opinion, and I like the different sizes of the various blocks.

Then I was ready to start sewing the borders on.  This quilt has three borders.  I was going along fine until I discovered an error in the pattern that had me cut the top and bottom borders too short.  That meant I had to remake them, which was frustrating.  It was the second major error I found in this pattern.  Nevertheless, I was able to get the quilt finished through the first border.  

I have a good start on the 2nd border, but I'm not ready to photograph it yet.  It's olive green with red cornerstones.

For now, I'll tell you that I'm planning to bind this quilt in black and I'm planning to use this pretty royal blue on the back.  I'm going to ask my long arm quilter to quilt it in a traditional fashion (lots of feathers, medallions, cross-hatching, Baptist fans, etc.) using black thread.

So with that, I cleaned up the sewing room and quit for the day.

I wanted to show you the fabrics I purchased the other day so that I can start on my January NewFO.  I already had the printed circuit board fabric on the far right, and I picked up the fabrics to complement it on Thursday.

My plan is to use the Taking Turns block by Monica Soloria-Snow.  I can't share the block with you because it is copyrighted, but this is what the quilt will look like.  I'm planning to use the PC board fabric in the largest of the swatches, the grey solid in the medium-size block, and the green in the smallest blocks, with the black as the sashing.  

I'll probably turn the blocks in a repeating pattern too, instead of doing them randomly like this.  I haven't quite made up my mind yet about that.  Also, I haven't made up my mind how large to make the quilt yet.  The blocks are 18 inches square, and so I'm thinking I might do them 4 x 4 or else 4 x 5 with borders.  Obviously, I'm still considering my options.

Also, this particular quilt shop has a great remnant bin that I always rifle through when I'm in there.  I picked up these 1 1/4 yard cuts of these four fabrics for a good price.

So that's about it for me today.  I'm really hoping to get the Plain and Simple quilt finished tomorrow.  Barring anything unforeseen, I should be able to git 'er done.  Then I need to get started on my January doll quilt for the Doll Quilt Swap.

11 comments from clever and witty friends:

Julianne said...

Your Amish quilt is GORGEOUS, I really love it...I would make one big beautiful block for the back too...

Kate said...

The Amish quilt is looking gorgeous! Nice fabric acquistions. I'm on the "no fabric buying wagon" for as long as I can hold on to it!

Lynne said...

Ooo, I like that Taking Turns quilt.

girlsfour said...

Anxious to see the "taking turns" quilt done! I am sort of liking the brighter colors with the white sashings. One of these days I am going to make something similar.

Cute cat pic with the two of them together. In a miraculous moment, our 10-year-old cat licked one of the six-month-old adopted foster kittens. Couldn't believe it. She actually puts up with them far better than I would have ever imagined. She did have kittens before we adopted her and maybe that's why.

Laughed outloud at the Paw McCartney t-shirt! Where did you get it?

Great blogging...again!


evelyn said...

Great colours. I love the Amish quilt. Sometimes when we get frustrated, it is best to walk away. A fresh start will make all the difference.

make.share.give said...

Your Amish quilt is so cool. I love the trip around the world block.
Two questions: Are you gonna applique in the solid rectangles?
I've never seen the stripes in the middle/ red border/ blue cornerstone blocks. What are they called?

Snoodles said...

Bravo! Bravo! Seriously, that is a stunning quilt....looking forward to the "circuit board" one, too. Since part of our business is providing boards and board assemblies to our customers, maybe I should look for that fabric! Who made it?

Angel and Kirby said...

Amish wedding dresses are generally shades of blue. That is what I thought of when I saw the backing fabrics. I really love the bright solid colors.
I hate it when I pay a lot for a pattern or book and it is full of cutting errors! One BOM I am working on is like that. The blocks are supposed to come out 12 1/2 but most of them are not!

THe taking turns quilt will be pretty. A good way to use interesting fabric. I think the new fabrics would be pretty in that pattern, too!

treadlemusic said...

Your Amish quilt is stunning and the quilting patterns will bring it to the next level. Such a perfect palette for some incredible stitching! Your longarmer will have fun! That next quilt will be very nice, also. Always think that black sharpens any pattern!

lroghair/lparks said...

Lovin' the Amish quilt. Can I ask where you got the pattern? Thx.

quiltzyx said...

Which bed is going to get the Amish Sampler? It's looking great.