Time Out Tuesday

With Thanksgiving behind us and a busy week ahead, I decided to take a time out today to do whatever I wanted to do.  Each morning I spend a little time on my current embroidery projects, and this morning was no different.  I'm about half way finished with the latest Vintage Miniature Sewing Machine block.  Then I spent some time writing blog posts that will be published later.  (Enticing, no?)  Finally, I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon sewing.

Here's what I did.  I made the November block for the Block Lotto.

This was a free form cup.  I don't have a lot of experience with these blocks where you just cut wonky, and this one tried to give me trouble.  In the end, I prevailed and here's what I ended up with.  We were to use a black background and any print we wanted for the cup.

That was my last "must do" project for November, and I'm just going to get in under the Block Lotto wire.  

After that, I completed the November block for the Folk Art Cats quilt.  Here it is:

Today I finished the checkerboard border and the two pieced cornerstones on the right.  The ones on the left were already completed from last month.  And here are the two blocks sewn together.

I added whiskers to both cats.  They were marked on the applique pattern, but for some reason, I left them off last month.  Now I'm exciting to do the December block, which is really cute.  The cat is dressed up like Santa.  I already have some of the fabrics picked out.

But before I do that, I have vowed to quilt the Bow Tie Bonanza quilt.  My flimsies are piling up, and I need to knock them back a bit.  In case you've forgotten (which wouldn't be surprising given how long this one has been sitting on the floor), this is the Bow Tie Bonanza quilt.  The blocks were made by the members of the We Bee Learning Block Bee.

The quilting shouldn't be difficult.  I'm kind of going back and forth about it.  I might do a diagonal grid with some squares where the blocks are sewn together, and in the bow tie four-patch areas.  I want to finish this quilt because it's a throw size.  The throw I use in the mornings while I do my embroidery is stuffed with down and it's been losing its feathers for months.  I'm constantly vacuuming up after it.  Messy birds, I'll tell you.  Out with the old, in with the new, I always say.  Besides, it will be nice to have an actual quilt to cover up with in the mornings.  Now if I can keep Mr. Smitty's muddy footprints off of it, I'll be very happy.  That, however, is highly unlikely.  Thank goodness it'll be machine washable.

So tomorrow, Miss Gracie has to go back to the vet yet again for some lab work.  All of us are really hoping that her bladder infection is cleared up.  We are all tired of forcing medicine down her throat.  She seems fine, but that's what I thought the last time.  Still, we're seeing more playing from her.  She even played with Smitty a little bit the other day.  Then after I drop her off, I'm getting my monthly pedicure.  Looking forward to that.

Were you able to get in any sewing or other relaxation today?  It was a good day to loaf.  Now I'm off to make some Minestrone for dinner.  Sounds good on a cold day.

4 comments from clever and witty friends:

Lis said...

I had big plans for sewing tonight and I've ended up trying to pick out fabric for a quilt...all night..

Teresa in Music City said...

You are determined to make me jealous with the folk cats aren't you??? LOL!!! Gorgeous - can't wait for Santa Cat =^..^=

And I had a GREAT day! I just got home from attending a reading & book signing by Barbara Kingsolver!!! I'm working on a post about it now but had to check out the blogs first :*)

Snoodles said...

You do wonky better than I....I'm jealous. LOL I'm loving those folk art cats - the two blocks look awesome together! Can't wait to see Santa Paws. :)

quiltzyx said...

I ran some errands yesterday but no sewing. Today I did sew - a couple trial blocks for the quilt my brother-in-law wants me to do. My sister is having trouble picturing it, so I did up some half-size blocks to give her a better idea. Hmmm, maybe I'll take some pictures & actually write a post about it....