Kitty Goes to the City

Gracie had a very bad day today.  She had to get crated up and taken to the vet to give up a potty sample.

They called this afternoon to say she hadn't given it up yet, but vee haf our vays in these situations.  They were going to get it a different way.  While it's tempting to think she's all better, it's important to know we've completely cleared up her infection.  We aren't certain how long she had it, and so it could have been a while.  We want to have her completely fixed up so that she'll be good for another 500,000 miles.  Mike is bringing her home as I write this.  She'll have to get an extra helping of kitty treats this evening.

Smitty was quite concerned about this turn of events for Gracie.  He was extra lovey this afternoon.  I told him this is what happens to cats who bring mice into the house.  He must have forgotten, however, because we had to chase one down a little while ago.

I made a little more progress on my Irish door today.  All the pieces are fused into place now, but I still need to do the top-stitching.  To remind you, here is what the original looked like:

And here is my version:

It still looks a pretty simplistic, but I think it will improve with the top-stitching I have planned for it.  I had to smoosh it in (technical term, meaning "squish") a little on the right because of the size I'm planning to trim the blocks.  Also, the door and quoining (thanks for that great word, LynCC!) on the sides didn't fit just right, and so I added the flowers to cover it.

I'm going to add some white satin stitching around the gray windows and also satin stitch for the window panes.  I'll also add some brown satin stitching for the window panes on the door.  I want to stitch some blocks into the quoining and stitch lots of lines onto the roof and off the edge to make the transition little less abrupt.  Also, I want to stitch some lines onto the sidewalk to make sidewalk cracks (to break your mother's back).  Then I'll add some hot fix nailheads for the lock, doorknob and mail slot on the door.  I think I might stitch around the leaves in the shrubbery too.  I'm hoping when I'm all finished it will look more like the original.  The red brick is a little bright, but I'm not going to think about that.  When it's made up into a quilt, I don't think it will matter.

So that's it for me today.  Time to start getting dinner on the table.  Oh yes, I almost forgot.  I went swimming again today and I've worked up to 50 lengths now.  Yay me!  Now if some of that would translate into weight loss I'd really have something to celebrate.  Even though the number on the scale hasn't changed, I do feel thinner, and my jeans are less tight...a very good thing.

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

WoolenSails said...

Poor Gracie, I sure hope she feels better soon.
I love your green door piece and the fussy cuts, you really did a nice job on capturing the feeling of the piece but in your own style.


Teresa in Music City said...

Gracie looks like she thinks she is doomed :*) And poor Smitty looks confused - but do I detect a touch of smugness that he is not the one inside the cage? LOL!!! Your new door design is coming along very nicely! Your planned embellishments sounds perfect. I wouldn't worry about the red brick either - it looks great in your block. Way to go on reaching 50 laps!!! That's some real progress there! Of course you are building muscle which weighs more than fat, so even though the scale may not encourage you, your body knows that it is in much better shape :*)

Snoodles said...

This cottage looks even more lovely than the last...love all of your fabric choices and special cuts that make it so cute.
Hope Gracie is OK...give her a snuggle for us. Love, Moses the Studio Cat

LynCC said...

It's looking great! You're really going to have some amazing pieces with this series.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Do hope Gracie is at least on the mend if not better. I'm sure Smitty has a soft spot for her even is he does tease. Your house blocks are coming just wonderfully - going to be a super memory quilt.

Junebug613 said...

I sure hope miss Gracie is all done with that nasty infection stuff. I think you're doing an excellent job with your Doors of Ireland quilt!!

SewCalGal said...

I also hope Gracie quickly gets better. I know this can be stressful, but sounds like her Dr's (Vet) are doing all the right things. Sending positive thoughts and wishes your way.


Anonymous said...

I think your door is looking great!

Dana Gaffney said...

Poor Gracie, she really doesn't look happy. I still think the mice in the house are gifts for Gracie and you're ruining Smitty's attempts at winning her over.
The block looks great, the red is bright, but I think it looks good and I like the added flowers by the door, it seems to soften the red a bit.

Diane Wild said...

I didn't know Gracie was feeling poorly. Hope she's better. Your door block is looking wonderful and as for those loose jeans, that's the telling point right there. When those they feel loose, you know you're doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Your new door piece is coming along nicely, I'm sure it will be great when done.

Kate said...

Hope Gracie's infection is gone.