Baking on Friday (Tuesday Edition): Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread

The days just seem to fly by faster and faster all the time.  When I look back over the day, I realize that I've done quite a lot.  Nevertheless, when it gets to be 4:00 and the day has flown by so fast, I wonder how I've spent the time.

Today I did a little bit of embroidery, and then started in on the laundry.  Once I had that going, I started making the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread.  Mike absolutely loves the Sunmaid version of this bread that I buy at the grocery store; and so when I found this recipe on Two Peas & Their Pod, I knew I had to try it.  The recipe was originally published in Dorie Greenspan's book Baking From My Home to Yours.

It is a yeasted bread.  Its first rise takes an hour and a half--precisely the time it takes me to go swimming.  So I mixed that up and got it working on its rise, and then I took off to go to the swimming pool.

I realized with horror that I had never taken my swimsuit and towel out to dry the last time I went swimming, which was over a week ago!  No harm done, however.  I momentarily considered whether having to put on a wet swimsuit was a good enough excuse not to go, but then decided it was not.  I'm glad I went because I made some progress on the length of my workout today.  It always feels good when I can tell I'm making improvement.

When I got home, the bread dough needed to be taken from its bowl and then put in the freezer for half an hour, which was supposed to make it easier to roll.  I've made cinnamon swirl bread before without doing this step.  I'm not sure it made it easier to roll or not, but it is a soft and flexible dough.  Once I had that accomplished, I continued on with my laundry.

When it came out of the freezer, it rolled out easy.  I already had some cinnamon sugar made up from previous cinnamon breads, and I used golden raisins instead of the brown ones.  The brown ones sort of disgust me when I see them in baked goods.  They look like little rabbit oofies to me.  (You always wondered what those were called, didn't you?)  Once you have the dough rolled up, it goes into the loaf pan and has another rise of about 45 minutes before it's ready for the oven.

It turned out great and it made the house smell good.  It has very little fat (only about 1/3 cup) and only 1/4 cup of sugar, plus what you sprinkle on it before rolling it up. It is a nice soft consistency...almost like sandwich bread with just the right amount of cinnamon.  Here's what it looks like after it's cut.

Yum.  It's going to be good toasted and buttered for breakfast in the morning.  This bread took a little time, mainly because it has a long rise time, but it was relatively simple to make.  It would be a good home-made gift of food for Christmas, and I'm sure I'll be making it for someone I know.  I gave you the link to the recipe and tutorial above, but here it is again in case you missed it.

After that, I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing the laundry and sewing.  Yesterday I posted that I had finished the top for the Promises & Borders quilt (which I'm choosing to call "Divine Promises".)

Today I pieced together a back for it using what I had left of the fabrics from the front.  I have just a smidge left of the floral fabric, and a little less than a yard of the yellow and red dot fabric.  Otherwise, I used it all up.

This makes three flimsies that I have waiting to be quilted.  I'm going to have to put myself on a schedule to get them finished.  I figure one quilt per month ought to catch me up.  In addition to the three I have waiting, there are two more in the wings that will be finished up this month or next.  Oy.  Better get going on these.  Are you like that too?  I'm pretty good at getting them to the quilting stage, then I procrastinate terribly about quilting them.  It's hard getting them ready to quilt, and I end up crawling around on hands and knees on my hard wood floors.  Neither my knees nor my hands forgive me easily.  If someone else would do that part, I'd be happy to quilt them.  Any takers?

So with that all done, I started pulling fabrics for the next door in my Doors of Ireland quilt.  This one is up next.  I traced out the main elements onto a sheet of plastic.  Tomorrow, I'll start cutting the pieces and fusing them.  

And then, I made dinner.  So, I'd say that's a pretty good day's accomplishments.  Why does it always feel as if I've done nothing at day's end?


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

That's a full day no matter how I slice it, wow.

Bread looks delectable, Ormond loves yeast bread and I see he's bought a couple packs of it so maybe this ought to be the one we start to try our hand at it... Thanks for the recipe link-twice; you're the greatest, Barb.

I have too many flimsies now that need basting and quilting - what's to do about that ?~! The space and desire to baste is pretty small. The fun part's over and yet I want them done too. Help.

gpc said...

The bread is beautiful and looks delicious! I'd say you had a pretty full day. ANY day that includes exercise would be a full day for me!

Dana Gaffney said...

I do that all the time, feel like I didn't get anything done until I start listing them off in my head.

Wilma Lee said...

That bread looks great! I'm always looking for things to make with my kitchenaid, lol. Wonder if I could use skim milk instead? I have everything else.

Denise :) said...

A very productive day -- Wow!! Your bread looks lovely -- great center swirl!! I can almost smell it! The Promises and Borders flimsy looks lovely and will make a sweet finish! Barbara, your Doors of Ireland piece is fabulous!!! :)

Snoodles said...

Whew! Your list makes me tired. Well, I guess I'm a little tired anyway....just trying not to be mopey, and reading my fav blogs. I know I will get past this, but right now I tear up at anything. Hugs to you! (The bread does look scrumptious!)

Jodi said...

Oooh, looking forward to seeing YOUR door. What a great idea that is!

Diane Wild said...

I would be tempted to eat that bread if it were in my house. I almost licked the monitor LOL. The next Ireland door looks a bit more challenging. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

OhioLori said...

Love your Gorgeous Quilt!! & you have sure been a very busy Lady! Cool!

Had to laugh 'bout the Raisins! When our daughter was maybe 3 years old...I had made Oatmeal Cookies W/Raisins....she refused to eat them. Said "I don't like BUGS in my cookies!" LOL LOL LOL!! She is now 35 yrs. old.....and to this day...will NOT eat a Raisin! :)

Have a Fun & blessed rest of your week! :)

Zizophora said...

Oh my, putting on a wet suit is the ULTIMATE in dedication!! I'm afraid that's where I would draw the line.

The bread is beautiful!

Teresa in Music City said...

Yum!!!! I love cinnamon bread!

I am the same way about getting my quilts quilted. My husband says I am not a "quilter", I am a "topper", because I am good at making tops, but not so good at making those tops into quilts :*D I have a shelf filled with tops that need to be quilted, but I'm thinking I'll send a few of them out. I've got a few too that I'm thinking of basting on my friend's longarm. I understand that works well and I won't have to crawl around on the floor.

LethargicLass said...

I hate basting too... if someone made a business doing that they could make some big money LOL

Linda said...

I'm afraid I fall in the category of a quilt "topper", too. Love piecing, hate quilting. Need to start getting some of these tops out to a longarm quilter...

The raisin bread looks yummy. I think I'd use the brown raisins, though, after soaking them first.


Kate said...

Divine Promises looks great! Congrats on getting the flmisy finished. I usually avoid the procrastination because I don't quilt my own projects (I'm a wimp and I know it!).