White Trees

Today I completed all the blocks for the White Trees quilt.

There are 12 blocks in all.  I completed the other two back in July, then put the project away until now.

And now I'm going to put it aside until next month when I'll sew all the blocks together and add some red bird appliques.

The workers have completed all the work downstairs now, and tomorrow morning a crew will be here to help move the heaviest things back into the room.  That means I'll be spending the day and at least part of the weekend getting reorganized.  I can't wait.  

I've enjoyed the light from my dining room windows while the temporary space has been set up, but I'm anxious to get back to my nice big ping pong table work space where I can spread out.  It looks like I'll be able to get to that NewFO for October after all.

And that reminds me, the NewFO Linky party goes up on Wednesday.  Have you started something new yet?  You still have time.  Participants will have a chance to win this month's quilt pin.

Have I told you that I'm continuing the NewFO Challenge during 2013?  I don't have nearly enough UFO's accumulated yet, and so I feel compelled to continue my quest.  How about you?  Next year's participants will have a chance to win a Needle Nanny each month.  I bought one of these while we were traveling, and I love it!  It has magnet so strong that it practically drags the silverware out of the drawer in the kitchen.  Believe it or not!  ("Not" would be a good choice, but it is a strong magnet.)

I have the cat, of course, but there is a different one for each month.  I have them in my hot little hands now, and I think you're really going to like them.  Sometime in December, I'll post my list of hopeful NewFO projects for 2013...just for fun, of course.  I'll put up a linky party then so you can show off your list too.  You can start thinking about what you might like to start in 2013 and get your list ready to go.  

8 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I really like this pattern - have seen WIPs around blog land of this one and it may just get added to 2013 - yes, I have my list and starting to organize next years NewFOs!

WoolenSails said...

I like that tree quilt, can't wait to see yours. That is a nice needle nanny, love the other designs too, but the taller kitty is my favorite.


Teresa in Music City said...

Count me in!!! The NewFO Party is my favorite party of them all :*) Thanks for choosing to continue it Barbara! Yoohoo - 2013 here we come!!!

quiltzyx said...

The White Trees look terrific - very wintry (wintery?) & graphic.

And Yay! I'm going to have something for the NewFO linky party this time!! Glad you're going to go thru' next year too. :D

gpc said...

Absolutely LOVE those white trees!

Dana Gaffney said...

What? Did I read that right? Now we make a list of the things we want to start and maybe not finish? Should the list be imaginary or written with invisible ink? I'm in whatever, you lead I'll follow because I'm pretty sure it will never be a straight line to somewhere boring.

Barb H said...

I like the White Tree quilt. It'll be terrific with the red accents.

Kate said...

ooh, so pretty. It will really pop with the red birdies.

I'm so glad that you are going to continue the NEWFO Challenge in 2013. I'm finding I get more done the more projects I start. Since I really need to use up stash, this will be a great way to keep me moving in that direction.