MQX West 2012: Sixth Batch

It was my goal to post the last of the quilts today, but there is still one more day's worth.  Obviously, I liked this show because I took a LOT of pictures.  I hope you're enjoying them.

This first one didn't impress me at first glance.  I mean, the ABC's?  And yet, too formal to be a child's quilt. then I started noticing the beautiful quilting and clever embellishing, and it became much more appealing to me.  Be sure to notice the embellishment to denote each letter.  Where did these come from, I wonder.

Here's the back.  Very pretty.  And, how do they get the backs lined up so perfectly when there is design on both sides?

I just loved all the color and the crystals in this next one.

For those of us who pay attention to our stashes...

This next one made me think that a crazy quilt would be a good way to use up my bagful of blues and practice free motion quilting at the same time.  I think the pieces are sewn together with a fancy sewing machine stitch, and so this would be an easy way to do a crazy quilt.  I love the cat in the middle.  What a great learning project.  The center panel could be a way to learn to make quilt blocks from photographs.

I'm a lover of all things ethnically inspired.

Check out the quilted teeth and the iris of her eyes.  

This next quilt was small...around 12 x 15, I'm guessing.

Obviously, I entered into the bird part of the exhibit at this point.

I believe I can get through the last of these tomorrow.  If you're worn out looking at them, then you'll know how I was feeling at the end of the show.

This morning a guy showed up to restretch the carpet, and a crew is coming this afternoon to clean it.  Hooray!  Tomorrow I can start putting it all back.  It can't happen soon enough, I'll tell you that. 

9 comments from clever and witty friends:

Judy1522 said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed the quilt show through your pictures. There are some truly amazing works of art. I don't know if I would have the patience to spend the amount of time on one project as all of the creators of these quilts have.

Kate Brown said...

These are really some beautiful quilts! So crystals and embellishing seems to be the new thing. Dont think I am up for that!

Diane Wild said...

Don't you come away from these show feeling like you don't know anything about quilting? I do. When I look at these beautiful works I know nothing about quilting.

WoolenSails said...

They aren't my cup of tea either, but the quilting is amazing. I do love the birds quilt.


Teresa in Music City said...

I am absolutely awestruck at the amount of quilting these artists do on their quilts! It would take me a year to do that much quilting! And then to add crystals, one by one??? My hat goes off to them, but I don't think that's going to happen to any of my quilts. I enjoy new projects too much to spend that kind of time on just one :*D I did make a quilt with that gorgeous Peacock fabric! My was much smaller and simpler and absolutely crystal-less!

Teresa in Music City said...

PS - I also loved the idea of a crazy quilt to practice your FMQ! Great thinking!!!!

Rachel said...

Still loving the show! Thanks!

quiltzyx said...

Have you seen any quilts in your photos that you don't remember seeing at the show?!? lol That happened to me at the '84 Olympics in LA. My aunt gave my sister Judy & I tickets to the track & field finals & I took so many pictures, I felt like I didn't really see the races until they were developed!
These were 'just' some more amazing works. I do like your idea of using a crazy quilt to practice FMQ.

Dana Gaffney said...

I love the pictures, keep them coming, I'm still waiting for more Ireland. The one cat picture looks a bit like Smitty, will you be putting that on your imaginary list?