Ready for My Next Quilt Shop

You know how I rate the quilt shops I visit on a rotary cutter scale?  Well, check this out!

When they are good they are very, very good.

And when they are bad, they are awful.

And everything in between.

And just to show you I'm not messing around, here are my first two conquests:

Tater Patch Quilts.  Rating:  

(Edited to add:  A few commenters have been concerned that this is my only rating of this shop, and that it includes no reasons.  You need only click on the Tater Patch Quilts link to see my original post regarding this quilt shop.)

Willing Hands and its ridiculous hours.  Rating:

Yes, I'm tough.  Man, do I feel powerful now.  My sweety created these for me.  I think he's a keeper, don't you?  After 37 years, I've made up my mind.  He's staying.

And he got the drip system up and running in the greenhouse.

It waters all the tomatoes, and the other vegetables too.

Oh, and cue the scary music:  They're coming!

These are the sauce tomatoes.

But I'm not too proud to make sauce out of any tomato that comes my way.

And they're coming.

I wonder if I should get the water boiling now.


SewCalGal said...

I love your quilt shop rating system. I definitely don't want to spend time shopping at a 1 rotary cutter shop. Fortunately my 1 rotary cutter shop in my area went out of business. I hate to wish that on anyone, but they were really bad!


Junebug613 said...

I like the rating system! I often wonder how some "craft" stores can stay in business when they are only open when us working people can't come! I'm fine with them being closed on Sunday and a weekday, but they should at least be open on Saturdays! That drip system is pretty cool! I'd say your guy is definitely a keeper!

Lee Ann L. said...

I often thought about doing something similar. But, how do you rate them? By what criterias? Everyone has different tastes, preferences and whatnot for what they want in a quilt shop.

Cool usage of the rotary cutters for the rating system!

Jocelyn said...

10 to 4!!! They must have another job to pay the bills ;-) Either that or they are retired and are just running a quilt shop for fun.

Kate said...

Love your rotary cutter rankings, very cool.

The tomatoes look great. Hope they all ripen soon.

Kate Brown said...

I would really like to see more details of how you rate them. It really isnt fair to put up a public post with a rating and no real reasons. I do think the store hours are ridiculous, but what else did the shop have to offer?

Dana Gaffney said...

Now you look all professional with your rotary cutters, no more do we need to just in vision them. Yea! The tomatoes look good, how are the purple ones doing?


Thats incredible.. beautiful.. I would love to visit you

quiltzyx said...

Yep, real rotary cutters for your ratings now, so no mistakes.

A keeper, for sure. I'm glad you didn't rush into anything either.

(And running through my mind, while looking at the greenhouse pics: "Attack of...the Killer Tomatoes!"