Foto Finish: Hot

The optional theme for today's Foto Finish is "Hot".  Here's my entry:

These aren't hot.  Quite the opposite.  They were cool and refreshing, but the day was hot when I visited Rome some years back.  It was so hot that my traveling companion was walking around holding an umbrella to escape the harsh sunshine.  I was so hot that when we stopped for lunch, I ordered gelato and an iced coffee.  When it arrived, nothing ever looked so refreshing.  Oh yes, and see that hand of our waiter?  He was hot too.  And even though this trip was several years ago, I was too damned old, as usual.

For next week's Foto Finish theme:  "Show Us Where You Live"

Foto Finish themes are always optional, and you may feel free to interpret the theme any way you like.  Where you live might be a room, your home, your town, your state, or your country.  Reveal as much or as little as you like about where you live.

Now I'm ready for your "Hot" images.  Here's Mr. Linky:

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5 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kate said...

Ice cream is the best way to cool down without getting wet. Not only is it cool, that version looks like a work of art!

LynCC said...

lol!! Being "too damned old" has its advantages - you're free to appreciate all you want as everybody knows nothing's going to come of it. ;D

Snoodles said...

Ah, iced coffee. My new habit. :)

Maree Rogers said...

I dont like coffee but the gelato would have gone down nicely. I remember it being very hot when we were in Rome about 5 years ago. I have been away for the weekend but will see what I can come up with for this theme.

quiltzyx said...

I just had gelato for the first time just a couple weeks ago! Surely it's a lovely way to beat the heat. :D