Leftover Images from Ireland: Part Eleven

This next set of images was taken on our journey from Galway to Dublin and from our tour around the city of Dublin.  Our hotel was about 25 miles outside of Dublin, and so we took a tour of the city earlier in the day.  The following day, we visited St. Kevin's Monastic Settlement and Avoca Woollen Mills, and I'll show you both of those places tomorrow.  For today, I have pictures of Dublin for you.

This first image is a part of a whiskey distillery we visited before arriving in Dublin.  I can't recall where it was.  I was walking toward these stacked whiskey barrels before someone told me I'd crossed into an area where I wasn't supposed to be.  Darn.  The colors may look a little strange.  The original image is very dark and so I've lightened it up quite a bit and then increased the saturation.  The building looks like it did to my eyes, but the grass and surrounding foliage is too amped up.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't make such drastic changes in color and lighting to an image, but the stone work on the building was very pretty.  This next image will give you a better idea what I saw.

This is just a random cathedral in Dublin.

Double-decker bus.  Why don't we have these in the USA?

These are some windows on a very old building I saw.  Check the image below this one for the dates when this structure was built, and then rebuilt.  I don't know why it had to be rebuilt.  The years don't mean anything to me.  Does anyone know?

If I know my Roman numerals, the building was "erected" in 1820 and then "rebuilt" in 1901.

A Dublin flower vendor.

An Irish mailbox.

When I turned around after photographing the mailbox, I noticed the bark of this tree.  Someone more talented than I am could probably make an art quilt from this.

This was the wrought iron entrance to the library complex, which enticed me to go inside.

I've shown you other images from the library.  Here is some more of the stained glass.  These panels depict Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.  All of the stained glass panels in the library depicted various poets, authors, architects, and artists.

And this fireplace was in one of the hallways of the library . . . as if the library had been someone's home at one time.

The next group of images were all taken at St. Patrick's Cathedral, which was a protestant cathedral . . . something of an anomalie in Ireland.

I've shown you some other images of the beautiful tile work on the floor of the cathedral.  Here are a few more images of that.

This is the Door of Reconciliation, which hangs in the cathedral.  The image that follows tells the story of this door.

(Click on the image to make it larger.)

These are the gardens outside St. Patrick's Cathedral.  In this next image, if you look at the center right, you'll see some brick archways.

These were monuments or shrines to famous Irish authors and poets.

Even the litter cans in Ireland were charming.

That's it for today's grouping.  I have a few more left to show you.  Tomorrow or the next day I'll show you the images from the monastic settlement and the woollen mills.  After that I'll show you some things that I didn't want to see while traveling in Ireland.  Finally, I'll close off the tour by showing you some of my favorite doors from Ireland.  My goal is to make a quilt of the doors eventually . . . soon, before the inspiration fades.

6 comments from clever and witty friends:

WoolenSails said...

Loved your new photos, it was like being there, walking along the streets and going inside of the buildings.


Kate said...

Love the pictures of the cathedrals! The stained glass is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

Junebug613 said...

I really have enjoyed taking this trip with you. I love the mailbox and litter box, but the mailbox is green to boot!! The cathedrals are just stunning.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

We need a few of those door in other places around the world. Voted for your flip flop quilt this morning. Woohoo!

Dana Gaffney said...

Loved the comment "a random cathedral", wish we had those in the U.S., it's beautiful. We have double decker buses in Miami, but the top is open for the sun loving tourists.

quiltzyx said...

I laughed out loud at "random cathedral"! These architectural (sp?) pics are wonderful. And you're right, that tree bark would be a terrific art quilt.

Thanks & thanks again for sharing Ireland with us!