Oh my gosh!  The sun is blinding!  We haven't seen sunshine in at least 42 years.  I might be exaggerating a little.  The sun was shining when we woke up this morning, and it stayed bright all day long.  It's supposed to be nice tomorrow too.

It was cold out until about 2:00 p.m.  It must have been cold last night.  The mountains were beautiful this morning, but you can see the frost on the ground.

After I finished the binding on the Irish quilt this morning, I sat and finished the 8th block in the Day in the Life of Mr. Bear quilt.  There is only one block left, and then I'll be able to start sewing it together.

Finally, the weather warmed up, and we all went outside.  George wishes we didn't have to stop to take pictures every two steps.

Some of the daffodils have opened, but only the white ones with the yellow centers.  The yellow ones with the orange centers are still buttoned up tight.  Maybe tomorrow they'll be more bold.  In any case, I was so excited to see something--anything--blooming that I took lots of pictures of them.

And we have these little tulips too.  They're only about four inches tall.

More daffodils.

The iris are jumping out of the ground.  I just hope we have dry weather when they bloom.  They are fantastic when they bloom, but when it rains too much, the buds just fill up with water and rot without opening.  Bummer.

So once I got over the thrill of seeing some actual flowers blooming, I cleaned all the winter kill and weeds out of my culinary herb bed.  Then I went back inside and iced my aching knees.  I just love getting older, don't you?

3 comments from clever and witty friends:

laurawilson25 said...

I love your flower pictures! We had a beautiful Easter weekend here in Texas and I went with my mother and daughter to a local botanical garden. Such beautiful flowers! Spring is here at last - a little early for us. It makes me nervous about the hot summer to come!

Dana Gaffney said...

Congratulations on seeing the sun, I hope he hangs around for a while, 42 years is just too long :). Beautiful flowers, thanks for the pics, I so love tulips and of course, no chance of growing them here.

hafza said...

Beautiful pictures...thanks for sharing!!