Design Wall Monday: April 16, 2012

This was a week for doll quilts.  I finished and mailed the quilt I made for my partner in the Doll Quilters Monthly doll quilt swap.  I mailed this on Wednesday morning, and it made it's way from Oregon to Alabama by Friday morning.  Hooray for the USPS!  By the way, there is a FlickR group now where you can see all the doll quilts that have been made for the Doll Quilters Monthly doll quilt swap.  Join us if you like.  We're always accepting new members. 

The optional theme for this month's quilt was "Three Colors".  It was harder to come up with three colors than I thought it would be.  In the end, I decided on these fabrics.

It seemed a little busy when it was all finished, and so I opted to keep the quilting pretty simple . . . just some straight lines.  And here's how the back looks.  I call this quilt "Mixed Up".

Then I spent most of the rest of the week making the last of the five doll quilts I've been making for my friend Lisa's granddaughters.  This one is for the youngest of the bunch, Allison.  Allison's mother asked for butterflies in red and purple, and this is what I decided to do:

This design was inspired by a quilt I saw in the book entitled, Joined at the Heart, by Ann Moscicki and Linda Wyckoff-Hickey.  I still need to top stitch the butterfly appliques somehow, and decide how to quilt it.  I'm going to use the same floral print I used in the border on the back.  For now, I'm setting it aside to think about it before moving on.

Then I worked on the next set of blocks for my Amish sampler quilt.  These are the hourglass blocks:

I'm not happy that there isn't more contrast in the center block.  I might decide to redo it.

Also, I started working on the BQ2 quilt I'm making using these fabrics:

This is my official April NewFO project, but the two doll quilts are also NewFO's for April.  So far, I'm still working on doing the cutting.  This is at the top of my list for the coming week.  I'm also hoping to get some more done on my Mother Goose baby comforter that I've been re-making for my future grandchild(ren), and I want to do the Free Motion Quilting Challenge this week.  I picked up some tulle at JoAnn  for that purpose.  And, let's see, what else?  Oh yes, I'm hoping to make some more progress on the Winged Dreams quilt that I'm making for my friend, Sue.  

There isn't much else on the agenda this week except sewing and possibly doing some gardening . . . always weather dependent.  

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Sue Daurio said...

LOVE that kitchen fabric, how sweet is that!! The butterfly quilt so pretty.

Rhonda said...

You've been busy. I love the doll quilt. Those little mixers on the quilt are cute. The red flowered fabric you've chosen on your next project is very interesting. That's a fabric I'd definitely purchase... LOL
Take care.

Teresa in Music City said...

As always, you've been very busy! I love the little doll quilt you made for your swap partner. I've been following along and seeing all the sweet little quilts - such fun!!!

Diane Wild said...

Awful cute doll quilt. I love it. I'm curious (remember that hole I live in?) What does BQ2 mean?

Bonnie said...

Me too... BQ2? You've done a lot this week. Nice job. I love the little quilt with the kitchen fabric. Really cute job. And your butterfly quilt is stupendous. The polka dot fabric really works for the bflies bodies.

Chris said...

All great projects. Great fabrics for the BQ2. I have one in red, black, and gold.

Miki Willa said...

The doll quilts are wonderful. I really like the butterfly one. I like the colors you chose for the Amish sampler and the BQ2. You are a busy quilter!

Susie said...

They are all to die for!! The red kitchen fabric has stolen my heart.
Just beautiful!

Susie at Puddle Jumper Creations

Kate said...

Love "all Mixed Up", very fun. The butterflies are very cute too. Good luck with all your project work this month.

One Minnesota Quilter said...

The butterfly quilt is very creative! I'm curious to see the Amish and BQ2 quilts too!

Anonymous said...

Black and white and red all over. =) I really like the butterflies, too.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

What a cute mixer doll quilt. My hand held mixer is red, too.

quiltzyx said...

As usual, so much fun stuff to see on your Design Wall! The mixer fabric in the doll quilt is wonderful :^)
I like them ALL! There are some very lucky recipients out there.