2012 NewFO Challenge

If you're like me, you haven't been quilting long enough to accumulate a big pile of UFO's.  Either that, or you're endowed with a healthy serving of self-discipline.  (And, honestly, where's the fun in that?) In either case, you're left out of the annual Blog Land UFO challenges.  Well (sniff), not one to be left out, I'm starting up a NewFO Challenge to give you an opportunity to build up your supply of UFO's!  What could make a quilter any happier than that?  Just consider for a moment the state of bliss you'll achieve at all the new fabric you'll have an excuse to buy.  (And I'm all about using excuses to achieve a state of bliss.) 

Here's what you need to do:  Each month, start up at least one new quilt project.  The quilt can be of any size from potholders or mug rugs to king-sized bed quilts.  You do NOT need to complete any project during the year.  All you need to do to participate is start something new during any given month.  On the last day of the month, write a blog post about your new project.  As the year progresses, please update us on your previous months' NewFO projects.  If you don't have a blog, not to worry!  Just post pictures of your work on FlickR or any other image-sharing website, copy the URL, and use that to link-up.

Here's what I will do:  I'll host a linky party on the last day of each month.  You'll have a full week to link-up and then I'll hold a small giveaway for those who have participated.  Winner will be chosen at random.  No need to leave a comment or jump through any other hoops.  Just link-up at the linky party, provide me with a valid email address, and you will be entered to win one of these cute Cloth Quilt Pins.  A new pin will be given away each month. 

Sounds like fun, eh?  So let's get sewing!  Remember, you don't need to finish any projects . . . you only need to start them.  And anything left unfinished at the end of the year can be entered in one of the 2013 UFO Challenges!  It's a Win-Win!

If you want to help publicize this event, you can grab the code for my button at the top of my right side bar.  Thanks for joining in!