Quilt Shop: The Cotton Patch

This is the second of the two quilt shops I visited on the day I attended the Stitches in Bloom Quilt show.  The Cotton Patch is located in Keizer, Oregon (pronounced Kaiser, like the health care company).  It's just a few minutes away from Greenbaum's Quilted Forest in Salem.  Since it's an hour's drive south for me to visit either, it's nice that I can visit both on the same day.

It would be easy to drive past The Cotton Patch.  The building isn't well-marked, but there is a large sign on the street.  If you're trying to find it, I suggest watching for the sign rather than the address on a building.  The only signage on the building is a stained glass sign hanging inside the door.  It's difficult to see it until you are just walking inside.  Also, if you're more observant than I am, you'll notice a sign taped to the front door that request no photography inside.  Oops.  I didn't notice it until after I left.

So as long as I broke the rules and took pictures, I might as well post them.  The store is neat and roomy inside.

The only other time I've been to this store, they were in the middle of a remodel and things were a little cluttered.  They've certainly improved the look of the store since then.  There is lots and lots and lots of fabric available . . . something for everyone's taste.  They had beautiful batiks, reproduction fabrics, children's fabrics, really, something for everybody.  They also have a nice sale rack in the corner of the store.

I like the special Backing Sale they have on the 30th of each month.  You bring in one completed quilt top and you can purchase backing fabric for it at 25% off.  That's a nice savings if you're having to purchase a large quantity of fabric, and it makes my long drive worth the price of the fuel as well.

They have a nice supply of fat quarters.  See something you like, but don't want to purchase a lot of yardage?  I imagine they'll have it cut into fat quarters for you.  They also have a good supply of books, patterns, and some interesting looking classes.  Check out the link I've provided you for more information about their fabrics and their store.

While I've only visited The Cotton Patch twice, I've had a favorable impression of it both times.  I'm giving it my highest rating at five rotary cutters out of five.

It's definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in the Salem-Keizer area.

3 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kate said...

I visited the Cotton Patch yesterday. Well the one in Tulsa anyway!

quiltzyx said...

Gosh, I'm glad you're a rule breaker! The shop looks wonderful - I can see finding lots of things I might need there...

John Graham said...

Thank you so much for visiting. We take pride in our store displays and pricing. If you're in the area again don't hesitate to stop by to say hi, we love to see what piece your working on.

The Cotton Patch Facebook guy